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  • sameer_prasad 21w

    Where I wanna be

    You look like all my dreams
    Even the ones I was too afraid to see
    I don't know from where to begin
    But this is where I'll ever wanna be.

  • sameer_prasad 25w

    Call it love /call it lust

    You took a chance, Held on my hands
    Showers of love, we fell from our stands.
    Nothing compares, when I look at your face
    My heart skips a beat, my pain gets erased.

    So baby tell me, am I too far ahead of us?
    A house near the mountains, build with bricks of our trusts.
    So baby tell me, you still see me in the dusk
    Won't let you slip away, call it love or call it lust.

  • sameer_prasad 26w


    Everyday feels like a Monday
    Ever since you left in the morning
    I was a fool to believe you
    Cuz you never kept your promise.

    It could've been better
    You could've been honest.
    Promised to never leave me
    But you wanted to be ironic.

  • sameer_prasad 31w


    I tried to fight it but now i can't
    Burnt in the ashes of what was left
    we never knew that darkness wasn't black
    I see a rainbow and yet I feel wrecked.

  • sameer_prasad 33w

    O k

    The bits and pieces of us lying in the cold,
    Waiting for the rain to wash us away
    Your smile is what's keeping me afloat
    Something tells me that it'll be okay.

  • sameer_prasad 33w


    The way she brushes her hair
    The way her lips move
    The way wind blows and makes her a mess
    Standing afar i could only stare.

  • sameer_prasad 33w

    Love you still

    Love you still
    You Still got my heart
    Walking down the road
    How did we go apart?

    I wanna call you on your phone
    Never say that you're alone
    Cuz you know i love you still
    I still call you home.

  • sameer_prasad 35w


    Stuck in the silence
    Love and it's violence
    Broken hearts do mend with time
    But wasn't love supposed to be timeless?

  • sameer_prasad 35w

    Love is a blessing and we were blessed
    Parted our ways with knives on our chests.
    Stuck between "will it be or will it be not"
    But in order to grow sometimes you gotta rest.

  • sameer_prasad 35w

    Ifs, buts or maybes

    Tryna save everybody, while nobody's Tryna save me
    Isolating myself from this world, still don't wanna go crazy
    Just wanna live my life, hoping you live your best too
    Don't wanna be stuck in Ifs, buts or maybes.