write to connect the dreams of the soul which chirp like a bird in the heavenly nest #astrophile✨

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  • samanshakreen 1d


  • samanshakreen 1d

    I thought love would last forever : I was wrong~

    Two strangers caught by eyes
    In the sunshine by happenstance
    Both to play a role of importance
    Neither of them
    Was allowed to miss a chance
    Gratitude was to flow
    In their veins
    Their blood pronounced
    Love was a major part
    That feeling was like gold
    Core glittered like
    It was the only reason to breath
    Though the phrase tells;
    I was wrong
    I believe love lasts forever
    And it’s as pure as drizzle
    In the mystic morn

  • samanshakreen 2d

    Walt Whitman~

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    Keep your face always towards the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you

  • samanshakreen 2d

    Marilyn Monroe~

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    Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring

  • samanshakreen 2d

    Stephen Chbosky~

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    We accept the love we think we deserve

  • samanshakreen 3d


    Mind has a conflict with the core
    To create a positive change for us
    Though it's capacity to destroy
    Is what is looked upon by thee
    Jubilant creatures are we who thought
    Former is expensive,while the latter is life
    At that very moment
    A hue of warmth
    Rushed through
    Our noble heights
    Now the heart got pleased
    A tender touch
    From the err of existence
    As it got a chore
    To teach us
    So we well know
    What's the difference between
    Right and wrong

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    Mistook mistakes as feelings of displeasure
    Though they got into existence
    As to teach what's the difference between
    Right and wrong

  • samanshakreen 4d

    Our Father in Heaven
    Holy be your name
    Your kingdom come
    Your will be done
    On Earth
    As it is in Heaven
    Give us today
    Our daiy bread
    For give us our sins
    As we forgive
    Those who sin against us
    Do not bring us
    To the test
    But deliver us from evil


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    Stars in the Heaven
    Honour His grace
    We twinkle to ignite
    His unconditional mercy

  • samanshakreen 1w

    The pleasantness of a words sound~

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    "If I were the moon
    I know where to fall down."

  • samanshakreen 2w

    Catch fireflies
    If you find any

  • samanshakreen 2w

    1.Try new things. Find out about the things you love, and do them often

    2.Make time for your family and friends

    3.Dont be afraid to cry or laugh. Be inspired amd inspire others

    4.Get off the mobile and go outside

    5.Sing like no one is listening. Dance like no one is watching

    6.Learn something new everyday and share it with someone. Be passionate about the once you love.

    7.Follow your dreams. Let them take you to new places.

    8.Know your faults - strive to be a little better everyday.

    9.Stop worrying. Start trusting.

    10.Forgive and forget.

    11.Be yourself. Look forward to the future.

    12.Seize the moment.

    13.Travel often. Smile often. Love always.

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    Be Happy♡
    Be Bright✿
    Be You ✪✪