First Quote on April 1,2018 IG : samakhsh I Write When I'm Healing From The Scars On My Soul Cut By An Angel Into Pieces.

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  • samakhsh 13w

    Workplace : The Other Dichotomy

    The skills of a good employee is slow poisoned when the employer backs and pampers an Orchid.

    Now what is an Orchid in Office terms?
    An Orchid, in official terms, is a beautiful female employee, with a thick, fat head and IQ of a wart, but exercises bitchcraft on employers to feed on resources earned by good employees, just like an orchid, which is beautiful, precious yet feed on other plants, as it can't make food on their own.

  • samakhsh 14w

    Serving Penalties For General Welfare

    I used to be ashamed of publishing my failed love life, but then I realized it might help others who are approaching for the same pitfalls.

  • samakhsh 14w


    Okay, so she broke you.
    Regroup. Pick up the pieces.
    Cast a model, market it as a pattern.
    Show you've broken, Pretend you don't care.
    Meet or Greet a new one.
    All this, without a word spoken.
    I'm healing.

  • samakhsh 14w


    It was not a breakup.
    She pushed me away.
    I have no choice but to leave.
    The hardest part being not able to forget her.
    I will leave baggages behind called memories when I am ready.
    Then, I will never look back.

    I'll never look back to sugarcoated greatnesses of how gracefully girls can love, how much sacrifices they make, and the pains they endure.
    Then, I'll never look back again.
    I'll never bow down to opportunistic, conditional and selfish love affair.

  • samakhsh 14w


    The pep talks from friends doesn't help.
    The vlogs preaching lifehacks to overcome melodramatic breakup blues on social networks neither.
    So goes with the liquid shit catered by great thinkers turned novelists.

    If you're bleeding, it's a sign.
    Let the fond memories, now apparently toxic, flow out from your system.
    Then you earned it, now you deserve it.

  • samakhsh 14w


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    When Wants And Needs Collide

    The emotional shopkeeper with patience who sells loyalty and trustworthiness have developed the habitual patience of sadly watching the customers pass by to the fancy supermarket where security and availability is sold at a marked price that befits the idea of buying things that's not saleable.

  • samakhsh 14w

    Romancing A Memory

    The trouble with me is, I keep sending her stupid yet funny things about me to make her laugh through Messenger apps while I weep my soul out doing so.

  • samakhsh 14w

    The Undying Soliloquy

    Tonight we'll both look up in the sky and see that Full Moon.
    I'll know, if and when she sees it.
    I'd frame myself in the time warp when she gazes, wishing the Moon looks back at us.
    The Moon tonight would know, for he knows a strange power called Gravity keeps her in her orbit, that I need time to disconnect, to move forward, to meander through and away from a very strong source of power I've never encountered before..... Love.
    "You'd watch over me, watch me make or break myself, rise or fall, rise and fall, pushing the walls to understand and register that odd feeling in my system, wondering how relentlessly powerful human feelings can be."

  • samakhsh 14w

    The Urge, The Effort, The Wait

    It's not being backdated to "write" a letter, rather than sending an email, especially for the ones who seeks human touch from their distant loved one. It takes everything to sort out and pen down the thoughts, intentions, aspiration and summation of feelings on a couple of A4s in an envelope. It takes everything to post it in a letter box. And.....
    It takes beyond everything......patience, and anticipation to wait earnestly for it, to come, with news, and with smell, and with the look on the papers, and the handwriting, that these were once touched by that loved one.
    It takes guts, and the real mettle to be backdated.

  • samakhsh 14w

    Long Distance Relationship Has A Different Level Of Distance Between.

    She broke up with me.
    Not that we differed from our views.
    We still feel for each other.
    We are sorry for the distance between us, and the pandemic made things even worse.
    We don't even know if we'll actually meet in person, ever.
    Reality hurts.
    Distance hurts.
    Waiting hurts.
    The probable consequences hurts.

    And yet, there are positives.
    We build each other, helped each other rise like Phoenix from a distance.
    We're loved back by someone, finally, from across continents.
    No more did we ever respected, loved, and trusted in our lives but to each other.
    We made each other realize our worth, not to each other, not to our own selves, but to the world.
    It's weird, I've never seen the dependence and trust we have for each other in any person I know.
    We keep sharing our thoughts, knowing if needed moral support, we both know whom to find, and where.
    A breakup will make you realize how important a person was, and is, for you.
    Relationship can cease to exist, Love, however, in eternal, because there's no such thing as True Love, as heavenly feelings doesn't need adjectives to prove anything to anybody.
    It was, and is, Love.....
    Though, from a distance.