Feelings suppressed, Begging to be let out, So I grab a book and begin to pen down

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  • salre_ 91w

    My Lover Doesn't Know Everything

    my secrets are precariously tied in knots
    threads upon threads unraveling linking to friends (?) and not friends
    my secrets that are not so secret
    a chain with each link in different places
    i keep hoping they are forgotten
    but the world delights in spiting me
    i cannot tell you what they are yet, my love
    it rankles that others less deserving know this part of me
    and I feel guilt eating me up
    but too many people know already
    and I want this chapter to start with no mention of them

  • salre_ 110w

    Beware of those who bring the argument of your oppressors to you under the guise of seeing the other side.

    Beware of those who try to engage you in a battle of wits on the subject of your existence and your right to take up space.

    Beware of those on the fence.


  • salre_ 118w


    Sneering, they ask ,What is Africa?
    Africa is the destination of the weary traveller after a long journey.
    Africa is the language of the talking drum calling out to distant lands
    Africa is the steps to the traditional dance performed to appease the gods

    Scrunching their noses with distaste, they ask, What is Africa?
    Africa is the womb that gave rise to this race
    Africa is the coal black colour, the darkened gloss sprinkled on our being
    Africa is the home of giants, of unending resources, of material abundance

    Making a mockery of our struggles, they ask, What is Africa?
    Africa is the spirit that defines us, separates us, shapes us
    Africa is the land that has risen
    Africa is our unending fight

  • salre_ 118w

    A Drop of Pain

    Cynical expressions
    Everlasting depression
    Agnostic dispositions
    Hopeless convictions

  • salre_ 118w

    Ruthlessness is needed on the path to the top. Lock up your heart and do what needs to be done. Just make sure you know where the key is after.

  • salre_ 118w

    When shall we get rid of the cloying scent of destruction
    The lingering shame of corruption
    Sticking to us like okra soup on igbako

    When shall we stop displaying acts of stupidity not befitting us
    Like the rich uncle drunk to a stupor found in the gutter every night

    When shall we stop embarrassing our children
    Causing them to leave us in our squalor

    Do we stand by and watch them leave our farmlands in disrepair
    Going to till the lands of our neighbours instead
    Making their lands bear more crops than ours

    When shall we stop hoarding the crops from our lands
    Making the children on our homestead go hungry

    When shall we stop stealing from ourselves
    Cutting our hands in spite
    Mutilating our body instead

    When shall we give our children a legacy
    Instead of the current one of rancid dreams

    When shall we give my children pride
    A pride that shows in every step they take
    Pride from the status of their land

    When shall we give our people joy

    Why shall we destroy ourselves from within
    Like a house full of termites
    Why shall we divide ourselves
    Instead of putting up a united front without

    Why shall we be jealous of our kinsman's success
    His success is ours; as is his downfall
    To bring down his house
    So ours can rise

    Why shall we demean ourselves
    In the presence of outsiders
    Why do we seek to make enemies of ourselves
    And friends of others

    Why do we leave our houses
    And eat in other dwellings
    Why do we mock our mother's cooking
    For others to laugh behind her back

    Why do we despair of fixing our problems

    What do we gain if we leave our lands fallow
    And cultivate others
    What are we if we leave our houses
    And become servants in another's

    What should we give instead
    Our love, our hearts, our souls
    What should we try instead
    Patience, Perseverance, Pride

    What can we do this moment
    Sound the alarms, the drums
    What can we do else
    Obey her call

    What do you think can be done

    Which land shall we claim
    If not ours
    Which people do we belong to
    If not ours

    Whose house shall I return to
    If not mine
    Whose cries shall I listen to
    If not hers

    How can I turn deaf at her screams
    How can I leave her in distress
    How can we be so blind

    When, why, what, which, whose, how?
    All questions we'll be asked if we delay

  • salre_ 118w

    Sitting on the fence means supporting the wrongs being done

  • salre_ 118w

    I loved you in vain, or so I thought
    And then I loved some other boy
    But you loved me after that
    Why not before, I ask

  • salre_ 118w

    What do I do when I'm the only one left
    Do I turn back time
    Let the world begin anew
    Stop the war
    Do I prevent the struggle that has shaped us
    So there could be peace
    Make the world better
    What do I do

  • salre_ 118w

    Come to me
    And tell me it would only take a moment
    You've been waiting for years
    And he still hasn't returned
    Don't bring your artifacts and books of worship
    I worship myself and you're interrupting