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  • saloni_04 9h

    Whoever is reading this right now, I hope this post brings a big smile on your face! Keep a hope alive within you. Things turn better with time. Much love and strength to all.❤️

    #anxiety #emotion #life #strength #letter #writersnetwork #miraquill

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    Dear Anxiety,

    You were always there for me during my toughest days and at times when I messed up. I don't blame you for my heavy breathing, throbbing beats, stammering voice, mixed emotions and thoughts or confidence getting killed. You are a part of me and I accept you just like every other existing emotion. You live within me not as a 'trigger' but as a 'teacher' who teaches me that sometimes, I need to fear in order to grow and step out from my 'comfort zone'. I'm still walking on that path to meet a good end and I carry you on my shoulders each time I decide to take a step ahead. I fear alot, I think alot and it's you who witnessed me all the time and made me feel alive. It's silly to say this, but thank you! It's you who brings out the best in me.
    Someday, let's meet and have a cup of coffee together and accept our existence. Without you, I can't dare to do great things. Life is thrilling because of you.

    With love,
    Me. A 'so called' writer.


  • saloni_04 2d

    When a blind man falls in love...we never know how they feel. So...I just imagined myself as blind person and inked this. I hope, I get to see honest opinions on this.

    Much love to all.❤️

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    For me, life was an open cage,
    I wanted to fly but I hesitate,
    For my eyes seemed hopeless,
    I sung in the dark, I gulped in loneliness.
    In my life pure black and white,
    Your sunshine aura lit my eyes bright,
    (Some say, sunshine is bright)
    I was unaware about true love,
    Until you stepped in from heaven above.
    Your existence makes me utter words in gush,
    Poor me, I can't even see myself blush,
    When your hands once touched against mine,
    Honestly, I sensed some chills down my spine.
    Your voice travelled down my heart's core,
    Calm as waves nearby a warm seashore,
    I never witnessed the beauty of colours,
    And you painted a rainbow on my black canvas.
    I am blind; so my world is little,
    For I see nothing but life being brittle,
    You enlighten me that love isn't disguise,
    And this isn't a dream; I now realise.
    I fear that my rainbow may suddenly vanish,
    And I will be left with your memories to cherish,
    Life is very difficult for a blind man,
    And you living my misery isn't my plan.
    I am in love with you; Pretty Woman,
    Alas! This blind man found a true human,
    My unlucky eyes can't see your moonlit face,
    But trust me; I feel your beauty
    Even among the earthly race.

    ~ When my soul met yours, I witnessed love.

    23:48 pm
    Oct. 25, 2021.


  • saloni_04 3w


    Blog written on: 7th October, 2021.
    By: A 'not so professional' baker.

    Cake is sweet, and so are you! I thank you for reading this and I hope this blog will help you to learn a recipe and also add a new meaning to your life. So let's start! Aren't you excited? I am excited though. So...ready steady bake!

    Firstly, let's discuss the ingredients.
    You need these...
    ��'The Three King' sprinkles
    1: Choco chips of 'Please'
    2: Confetti of 'Sorry'
    3: Quin of 'Thank you'
    �� Essense of 'Gratitude' (This gives the cake a rich aroma. Yummy!)
    ��A Tin of Kindness. (To bake your cake with love)
    ��Sweet sugar (to embrace your sweet side) and Salty salt (to embrace your salty side) # sugar&salt is life.
    ��Measuring cup+spoon: (To measure the 'gifts of life'.)
    ��The magical spatula (To whisk the batter when life creates lumps)
    �� Ba(king) powder (To help you rise to your true potential)
    ��Cake flower/flour (For that's the main ingredient! Everything is incomplete without this. Just as you are incomplete without a dream)
    ��Egg-ie and Butter-rr (to build a texture from good-b(a)tter-best!)
    ��Butter-ry paper (Needed to bake a 'polished' cake) # cakegoals.
    ��Icin(g) sugar/ melte(d) chocolate / whippin(g) cream and foo(d) colour. (Create your own design for you are the the designer of your cake)

    Every ingredient should be added one by one in a perfect combination and then to bake. It's okay if you messed up. Let's create mistakes for mistakes create new discovery. We never know... you can create your own version of cake! Even if your cake is imperfect, eat atleast a small piece of it to see what went wrong rather than throwing it away in disappointment. If you made it...Awesome! If you didn't...still awesome! There is a word known as 'try'. This word is present in the dictionaries. Please check it out!

    Share the cake with the people you love and will receive love in return. Cakes baked with such ingredients don't increase calories, they increase the good in you. (This cake is ideal for diet concious folks as well.) Oula!

    Enjoy the treat. Sending the readers my sweetness with the least calories. Happy Baking!


    @miss_aurora Thank you for suggesting me a 'DIY' prompt! I hope you will like it.❤️

    #writersnetwork #miraquill #cake #DIY

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  • saloni_04 4w


    My pencil never fears to write,
    For eraser rescues to erase my mistake,
    I rewrite on a blank sheet so bright,
    To reflect on the words I need to bake.

    Sharpener is something I fear,
    It hurts to bloom from my comfort zone,
    But one decision I need to make clear,
    Either to change or be the old own.

    Correction pens make no sense,
    For mistakes with ink can be striked off,
    But sometimes strikes look so immense,
    So I scar it white quite oft.

    Painted my misery with highlighter pen,
    My teardrops faded colours in a jiffy,
    Heart raced at the speed of ×10,
    Emotions cremated my peace in a drifty.

    Some geometrical shapes did I drew,
    With an old marker pen in black,
    The nib lacked grip with ink very few,
    I regret and left the page blank.

    So I drew on the page with pen of glitters,
    For life is not just a maze of pain,
    In wars of the good and the litter,
    Lies a glitter pen to save you in bane.

    ~ Not every misery is meant to hurt you. Some are meant to make you search for that glitter pen.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

    PS: I think I am not in senses. No don't worry, I'm not high. Sometimes I write on games related with emotions and this time... stationary objects! I hope this is worth a read and please give me honest opinions. Also, if you have any topics to suggest, you are welcome to place your opinion. (I had a terrible nervous breakdown since the last month and I was unable to write. I am doing quite well now. I hope you all are doing well.)
    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the ❤️

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  • saloni_04 8w

    Dear Deepiga,
    You have no idea, how special are you! Be it for your writings or be it the whole you. Your ID is named as 'the muted voice'. But you know what? I forgot that muted voices can also create sound waves!(science student here). And that sound wave is seen in your works. Thank you for being here, for being among us. Your presence indeed makes a difference.
    I really love your enthusiastic nature when it comes to appreciation. You were always there to read what I write(though I'm not so impressive yet.) *Chuckles*. And everytime I read you writeups, I this world, people are so talented and talent has no end. I wish to see you achieving more and more, Gem!(genuinely speaking). You are your own version of 'beauty'. Remember that. Keep smiling, keep spreading the beauty of your writings. I adore you!

    Aaj tumhara 'Happy Birthday' hai na? Hehe. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Deepiga! I love cake. Please send some. (Yes, food is life.)

    With love,
    (Your Chipmunk)

    @the_muted_voice Knock Knock! There's a letter for you on your special day! ������❤️

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  • saloni_04 8w

    Game of Confusions

    Mind created several crossword,
    So I chose the alphabets I preferred,
    Solved a rubik's cube for a colour stake,
    Got colour fooled in each move I make.

    Neural pathways on a war of chess,
    I stood as a pawn in this war of mess,
    Made silent moves as a Brainvita marble,
    To master the art of patience in a hurdle.

    Racing thoughts created a sudoku,
    Rows and columns I see with no clue,
    How do I fit numbers from one to nine,
    Why has this puzzle been assigned?

    Solitaire patters of heart and spade,
    Gave rise to anxiety that won't fade,
    I then linked it with diamond and club,
    No win either, so I had to snub.

    Conclusions were disordered anagrams,
    Misplaced around in a huge spam,
    So I try the Schulte table in a tick,
    Ended up creating more chaos in quick.

    Trapped in my thoughts of monopoly,
    I convinced myself to act consciously,
    For I am a coin of the carrom board,
    One flick is enough to show me a road....

    ~ At times to find a way, you need to feel lost.

    - s.s


    I don't know what made me write this, but yes! I did. Yeah yeah, title copy-catted by 'Game of Thrones'. Hehe. I hope that's not called plagiarism. I just tried to write on 'confusions' which we normally face, comparing it with some games which I love. Please give honest opinions about this writeup, okay?
    #writersnetwork #miraquill
    Thank you for ❤️ @writersnetwork

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  • saloni_04 8w

    Life after Death

    A man in his coffin was laid,
    "He was a nice man", all people said,
    He was dressed in a suit of black,
    For all knew, he would never come back.

    Some cried aloud like no other,
    Some chanted with one another,
    Some couldn't believe he is no more,
    Some recalled his memories from the core.

    He carried nothing but his silent breath,
    For this is the ugly truth of death,
    Luxuries and desires abandoned him,
    His graceful looks said goodbye singing a farewell hymn.

    His home is now the ground,
    For he is on a journey for peace to be found,
    He is now a meal for worms and bugs,
    He is now a part of the earthly dust.

    Later started the hashtag session,
    # rip # willbemissed trended like a mission,
    All narrated stories of his kindness,
    With emojis alongside, showing love to the lifeless.

    A person's good will we get to hear,
    Is when he is no more to listen his cheer,
    For when a person breathes,
    All they face is life and it's deeds.

    Sorrow was all around for awhile,
    Later all forgot, for this is called time,
    All had busy lives to continue in ordinary,
    His presence vanished and so did his memory.



    "Kabhi kabhi khud ki acchai sunne ke liye maut ka intezaar karna padh jaata hai." Just wanted to portray through this post that before it's too late, spend some time with your loved one and let them know how much you love them. Life is very unpredictable. Live every moment. We never know who's next.

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  • saloni_04 11w

    Sandeep, Sandy, Rudram, have so many names, just like characters of old mythology! Lucky you. (Hehe...I just wanted to bring a smile on your face.) When I came across your Hindi writings, to be honest....they were beyond beautiful. It shows, how talented and expressive you are! You have a lot of potential and we all know that. Your feedbacks have always been a kickstart for me to improve myself. Thank you for being a part of my writing journey since scratch. Your presence is a blessing, remember that. And yes! You are my favorite person here. *Cheesy smile*.
    I wish you a very Happy Birthday, _______ (which name should I call you by? Fill in the blanks/MCQ/KBC.)
    Options: a-Sandy, b-Rudra, c-Sandeep, d-Rudram. No pipeline. Sorry, lifeline. No phone a friend, no expert advice, no audience jhole. I mean pole. Exceptional option: Your bffs call you 'Laale'/'Laale di Jaan'. This is much better. *ROFL*. My lameness level is 100x!
    A very Happy Birthday, Sandeep! May all your desires come true and keep shining, just like your name. Lekin chahiye. Kab milegi?

    With love,
    Or as you call me 'Jalebi'.

    @rudramm Aaj khush toh bohot hoge tum!����❤️

    @toshuu @unrealheterodox @sanil_thakur What do you guys think about the second paragraph?��

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  • saloni_04 11w

    A Letter to my Favourite Poet.

    Sir George Herbert.

    I am a writer. Obviously, not as great as you. You are a person full of experiences, and I am just a learner trying to find answers from life. The world of poems, stories, letters were something I was unaware about then. In school, I read poems from the textbooks only for the sake of getting good grades rather than trying to understand the beauty being portrayed by them. Today, I realised that this was my mistake. Maybe, I should have focused more on good values rather than good grades. How beautiful is the world of poems! There are emotions overloaded. Poems have the power to make even misery seem beautiful. Writers can ink their imaginations or emotions just the way they want it to be. Poems gave me a big lesson in life that sometimes, it's okay to slow down, look around and realise that you can breath! You are alive and life is still continuing because sometimes, in this world full of rush and competition, we fail to live every moment of life. The world of writing is full of amazing writers who write wonders, and you are one of the signature personalities among them. 'The Pulley' is the most loved poem of mine. When it comes to appreciating your unique perception of life, my appreciation may stand nowhere. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for making me realise that even if I can't express my words verbally, my poems will do that very well. Your presence is loved.

    With love,
    An aspiring writer.


    @shruti_25904 Thank you encouraging me to write on this. I hope you like it. ❤️
    #sletterc #writersnetwork #miraquill

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  • saloni_04 12w

    Dear Rahul,
    Hi, Hello, this the birthday boy? Hehe. Yes! I wonder, if my name would have been Rahul, I would be like, "Rahul, naam toh suna hi hoga." (Me and my lame jokes, hehe.) So finally..I got a chance to speak about you, and that's exciting. As I have been reading every writeups written by you, I realised how talented and smart a person can be! You pour life into your words and that's something the miraquill squad loves about you. You are awesome, and you must know this.
    You are one of them who makes this place feel like home. I thank you for your honest feedbacks and hilarious answers. They matter alot to help me to keep improving in every step. Thank you for being you! This place is known for writers who write wonders, and I must say, you are one of them. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Rahul! May you achieve all your desires and keep inspiring and amazing us with your creative mind. You are blessed, don't forget that. If possible, send some cake.

    With love,
    (Or as you call me, 'SS')

    @rahul_govindan Knock Knock! There's a surprise.��❤️��

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