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  • salma_sadiq 12h

    Has Desires End!

    So we swim to the cavernous of Depths Without any knowledge
    Desire is the Universal language
    The Magic we all create without knowledge
    Desire is divine without Expression
    The"wherever my River goes"unsure answer
    A Confession to confess by soul
    Desire Hurt Healthy Feelings
    Warm your Heart to shine your Sun

    ©Salma Sadiq

  • salma_sadiq 3w

    Is peace possible!

    The Gold we have to dig
    The fragnance of Hearts
    The scent of Love
    The scribbled tales of Magical power
    Constant fear of loosing comfort
    A lump of clay smashed & crushed
    New dawn with a golden array
    Let's hope for serendipity, whimsical & Magical Nature
    Why this Shilly-shallying
    Why this unease
    Why to accept shadows to obstruct destinations
    The parched sprits
    The baked souls

    ©Salma sadiq

  • salma_sadiq 5w

    I know I don't write much now,

    But i hope you remember me

    ©Salma sadiq

  • salma_sadiq 15w

    I am a sick deep swimmer & I precisely don't know where I left myself

    I am waiting since long to wipe out all the hardships

    I want to feel richest soul where who I am will get more easier

    I have lost petals by the reflection of my eyes

    Shame is on sale;It Is Hard To Speak Out...

    ©Salma sadiq

  • salma_sadiq 15w

    Excessively many things were happening at one time
    Windows were collapsing
    Half expectations were arriving
    Reality in the form of honesty got buried deep inside my chest
    I lost moments ealier before they became tales
    There is a wearisome ache
    Fire inside me is burning with my own fuel
    I am numb, dead & breathing at the same time
    My vase misses flowers
    Life is playing cat & mouse where ugly words are running after heart
    I am orchid I need of soil
    Accepting reality is terrifying

    ©Salma sadiq

  • salma_sadiq 16w

    I hate light
    I hate seeing myself
    I hate each prospect
    I hate every voice
    I hate my inside story
    I hate being loved
    I hate company
    I hate being alone
    I hate to open my eyes
    I hate confessions
    I hate friends
    I hate tonight, I hate every night
    I hate things around me
    I hate my eyes choosing me
    I hate my last wound of kindness
    I hate healing, I hate to conquer
    I know everything but I don't know ample
    I have a home yet I stroll where to stick...

    ©Salma sadiq

  • salma_sadiq 17w

    I Am so slightly ready to climb any Ecstatic pile without knowing were to stay & when to leave

    Healing is hard, pretending is easy, & Growing is slow.

    Tarnish inside, hoary outside

    Graveyard of moments in a forgotten stuff

    Parliament of Nostalgia

    Obstacles of yearning in a way of impulse

    I Miss the Nights I sleep...

    ©Salma sadiq

  • salma_sadiq 17w

    I wonder why I can't tint my face with delightness
    I always think what happens when fantasy meets actuality
    What happens when lovers around stop loving

    Heart too old to burn Flak
    Mind too young to quench hostility
    Too bold to speak everything out
    Too shy to speak my mind openly

    Am I criminal of self who is trying to jump in coffer of torn desires...

    ©Salma sadiq

  • salma_sadiq 17w

    I always say yes
    May be there are reasons I know like my breath
    As I grow up my Smile just fades away slowly
    I saw a raw picture of myself at 4'o'clock
    A person very different from me
    Time is so hefty
    I still wonder what made me like this
    I wish someone to leap into my soul to see museum of chained hopes
    I am parasite on my own dead stains, dusting my own old wounds
    Switched myself off & hid in a bag wrapped with desires
    I am burning, but it's me, it's me & it will always be me...

    ©Salma sadiq

  • salma_sadiq 17w

    Someone falls for me everytime I talk.
    Yes, sometimes I become more dramatic just to grab his attention.
    I do all the crazy things with hope that he will love me more.
    I was totally unaware of my worth
    He jumped up & said "You are a world of colourful butterflies"
    Yes, I was in a town of depression
    He brought me back in the universe of strong desires
    I was told to want less
    He whispered in my life the world of lofty promises
    I still wonder how he coloured all the happiness, walked through fire Just to Remind me How Special I Am......

    ©salma sadiq