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  • sajalgauri 38w

    Before you start to judge me, step into my shoes and walk the life I'm living and if you get as far as I am, just maybe you'll see how strong I really am!


  • sajalgauri 38w


    Ek rishta jo khoon se bhi badhkar ho,
    Ek bharosa jo mere paas har pal ho,
    Ek uss yaar ka saath jo itna paak ho,
    Ki ho sirf uski chah ,chahe dost laakh ho!

  • sajalgauri 38w


    It's easy to stand with the crowd,
    But it takes courage to stand alone!
    We make mistakes and then excuses to shroud,
    And that's the point where a failure in us grows!
    So let's take a pledge c'mon straighten your hands,
    It's a humble request , please follow if you can!
    " I'll wake up with positivity,
    Do all my work with integrity,
    Won't spend my time improperly,
    So that at the end my head is held
    high ,proudly!.."

  • sajalgauri 39w

    With a haunting , dreadful life ,
    I was always dead but alive,
    Between people still aside ,never mind!
    I was sobbing, gulping but hide,
    Smiles on face ,crying inside,
    But "I'mma strong girl" I told my mind - I'm fine!
    You take me to another world,
    I'm happy and I love to swirl,
    You make me forget all the worries baby...
    Those late night calls and the promises done,
    The guesses made for the colour of shirts,
    I'm falling even more for you ,maybe!
    Is this love?
    I don't know your name,but oh!
    Is this love?
    Everything in us is same,!

  • sajalgauri 45w

    Sometimes you choose not to share, you cage your feelings only to free the person you have it for!...

  • sajalgauri 46w

    Kaise batati dil ka iraada,
    Tum toh the khudme mujhse zada!
    Agle janam mein agar likha hai saath,
    Toh hogi fir mulaaqaat....
    Jo bhi hai toota rehne do,
    Kehne ko boht kuch hai,
    Par ab jaane do !....

  • sajalgauri 46w

    Mai usko chahti thi, or vo apni chahat ko,
    Mai use maanti thi, or vo uski salaamati ko.
    Hota nahi zroori jo maange vo mil jaae,
    Na jaane kaisi hai ye na-insaafi bina maange har gum mil jaae!
    Jo vaade kare, vo nibha nahi paae.
    Bina zaahir kare un aasuon ko chupaate chale aae!..
    Jahan vaapas na jaane ki kasam thi khaai,
    Har raat unki yaadon mein khud ko paai!...
    Pal pal ghut kar ab to harr khushiyon ke qarz utaar chuki hu,..
    Ae zindagi maaf kr de,...ab mai haar chuki hu,...!

  • sajalgauri 49w

    How do I say something that can't be put into words,
    What sentence do I tell without sounding absurd?
    I am caught in between a smile and a frown!
    I'm not quite up but I'm not quite down.
    So, I won't say anything as you may think I'm insane,...
    You wont understand and I can't explain!!

  • sajalgauri 50w

    Instead of crying and dying for those who left,
    Live beautifully with those who remained!



  • sajalgauri 50w

    I never found someone who could make me feel happy when I felt alone..

    But then I got you.❣️

    And now that you came just do me a favour and stay forever!