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  • saisudhajayasri 1w

    Everybody has their own personal life
    Ur Nobody to interefere in their lives
    Dont think you are the one for them
    You can do anything and everything
    You have that rightsbut not
    U are just......................thats it!

  • saisudhajayasri 1w

    Dont be DEPENDENT on any person in any situation
    INDEPENDENCE improves confidence on yourself
    confidence takes u to the TOP most level

  • saisudhajayasri 7w

    Prasanthamaina prakruthi vathavaranam nunchi vache nishabdham chala hayiga vuntundhi

    Adhe Nishabdham iddhari manushula manasulu nunchi vasthe narakamla vuntundhi

  • saisudhajayasri 12w

    Never give up on something that you cant go a day without thinking about that.

  • saisudhajayasri 19w

    Overthinking doesn't mean they want to be sad...
    Just they feel too much
    And value things,emotions,people and promises..

  • saisudhajayasri 28w

    The world cant help but look spectacular from every angle

  • saisudhajayasri 34w

    One of the hurting thing in any relationship is when our loved ones cant understand meaning behind our silence and reason behind ur anger it hurts because everything cant be explained something it to be felt...

  • saisudhajayasri 37w

    Hope But Never Expect

  • saisudhajayasri 41w

    Hii Guys

    How r u

    Mi heart mi dhaggare vunchukunnaru kadha porapatuna evariki icheykandi tharuvatha heart ki stiches vesukovalsivasthadhi mental ga

    Endhukante mi heart tho valloka aata adeskuntaaru kadha tharuvatha nidhananga ichestharu miku mi heart ni

  • saisudhajayasri 43w

    Dont explain ur emotion to a person who can understand ur emotion

    Emotion has to be felt

    The person who can feel ur emotion dont need an explanation