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  • saif5alam 2w

    There is a problem with our generation. We do not know how to keep promises. There are so many options available that we often forget what love feels like. It is just about temporary connections now. The one that comes so easily when we talk for two-three days. We start appreciating the other one as if he/she is the best person in the world, and we have read the soul. And in this process, we forget about the promises that we have made to someone else.

    This is the thing about human nature. If we can't keep promises, how can we expect to stay in love? Things will go wrong, there will be fights, what will matter at those times is the willingness to stay, the promises to solve the issues. But instead, we prefer to run, we prefer to show everyone that we are cold enough to get over this. We choose to move on, keeping all the love somewhere hidden inside the heart. This is where we fail as a human.

    We were given feelings so that we could share a bond with people. Acting cool, showing everyone that nothing can hurt us is wrong.
    If someone has hurt you, tell them, maybe there will be a solution. This heart was not built to carry so much weight.

    I am over-expressive in many ways. When I am sad, my close ones know that I am sad, they help me in every possible way to get over the sadness. When I am happy, I spread happiness. I can say that I am living this life to its fullest. I am feeling what I need to. Also, I keep my promises.

  • saif5alam 4w

    Chhattisgarh- 4 CRPF jawans killed as colleague opens fire at Sukma camp

    It is a bitter truth that stress and depression are as common these days.

    Let us try to analyze the situation in the armed forces why they took this steps-
    1)A soldier/officer often serves in remote locations, whose names are barely known to a person in the corporate, without electricity or running water for days at end.2)Communicating with the family is a privilege for these gentlemen that gets fulfilled NOT on the daily basis. They deal with their inner turmoil nearly always alone and nobody has a clue.)
    3)The politics involved in upper ranks is not for everyone’s mettle to bear. The often slow progress in a career where even a reprimand is detrimental to future prospects, does take its toll.
    4) Access to counsellors is minimum to nil. You will not find a psychotherapist at 15000 feet or in dense jungles to palliate your stressful sentiments. Either you confide it to your brothers-in-arms or bear it all alone.
    5)If you have an ailing spouse or parents and you are not able to reach out to them for a long time, the frustration will pile up inside your mind in dangerous proportions. This is very risky to you as well as your fellow soldiers.
    6)If you do not share good enough relations with the fellow soldiers around you, you will end up all alone in your mind. Not good!
    7)Sacrificing yourself and your presence in the lives of your loved ones for national duty is not everyone’s forte. Those who join armed force as just another job, easily crumble to its stressful routine.
    8)If there is some official wrongdoing going on against you, you can not take it out in a battle in some court like they do these days for anything. You raise it with your seniors and then pray to God that things will be resolved. The most often chosen course of action is to keep mum and await for your next postings. Everybody looks out for his own interests also. This is obviously quite disagreeable.
    9)If your personal life (including family life) is a mayhem then the severe and rigorous nature of the job in the Armed Forces will add to your problems if you can not keep aside your sentiments while you are on active duty.
    10)if the situation is warlike, then the problem is definitely compounded further.

    I have seen that in the Air Force, counselling sessions are carried out by JCOs for ORs and COs for JCOs. They get to discuss their issues and also recommended to outside help of a psychologist if the problem is too serious but in paramilitary forces or army it's nil.

    I must emphasize that Armed Forces do take care of the family members of the soldiers by providing a secure campus for accomodations, CSD facilities, free medical facility, insurance covers, regular FWC or AFWWA meetings, excursions or outings to scenic places etc. & many other things.

    But the nature of the job is such that one can not expect EVERYONE to surpass the mental challenges it poses.

    One other thing is that families of Air Force & Navy are luckier as nearly all Air Force and Naval stations have good schooling facilities for children and are in fairly developed cities, which is certainly not the case for every Army or paramilitary forces station. Every married soldier is also bothered about the education of his children, which is only natural. They often leave their families at their previous posting station just because of this one particular reason.

    As the work life balance is most difficult to achieve in the Armed Forces, it is not surprising that there are unfortunate suicide cases, appearing more so in the Army and paramilitary forces govt must taken serious action in this situation.

  • saif5alam 4w

    हम ने भी निगाहों से उन्हें छू ही लिया है
    आईने का रुख़ जब वो इधर करते रहे हैं

  • saif5alam 12w

    It's ok if you can't handle anything today.
    Do what you can and know that's enough

  • saif5alam 13w

    रंग ख़ुश्बू और मौसम का बहाना हो गया
    अपनी ही तस्वीर में चेहरा पुराना हो गया

  • saif5alam 13w

    ख़्वाब का रिश्ता हक़ीक़त से न जोड़ा जाए
    आईना है इसे पत्थर से न तोड़ा जाए

  • saif5alam 13w

    I swear I defended your name
    When everyone said you're bad for me .

  • saif5alam 13w

    Have you ever noticed that sometimes
    When you stop making efforts, a relationship or friendship ends? It's because it was never two sided, it was just you, alone.

  • saif5alam 14w

    Dreams grow only if you water them.

  • saif5alam 15w

    "What's the difference?" She asked me "Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?"

    "One is a choice, and one is not."
    I said.