Perhaps one day I will write my own story...

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  • sahnah 21m

    Words breathe hope in lifeless
    Like verse creates magic in hopeless
    And poetries flourish power in a writer.

  • sahnah 3d

    And each poet views the sheet as a battlefield to place cautiously every selected word in a puzzled situation
    to fight against themselves to win
    the reader's heart.

    //but every poet knows verily how
    to shield his/her soul with the quill//

  • sahnah 4d

    brimming colors
    tint poet's agonies

    silken sunshine
    blows sanguine zephyr

    embittered clouds
    pour mischievous raindrops

    warbles melodies
    with blooming trees.

  • sahnah 5d

    I gather many opposite words to create a peaceful verse
    But the silent chaos in your heart will dry the ocean inverse.

    //And who knows the power
    of a poet besides the quill//


  • sahnah 5d

    My weakness lies in my words
    My strength dwells in my verses.

  • sahnah 1w

    To my dear sky

    Last night, my syllables lost their way back intentionally in your wide open arm and my words hid behind those paused clouds which I Iong-awaited to help me scribble a love sonnet while looking through the window at the truth you hold in the dark.

    //I owe you a love poem to
    brighten the whole world//

    Yours forever

  • sahnah 1w

    Dear sky

    I behold you from dawn to dusk and darkness to light when you shelter our days and nights
    I adore you when the blazing sun give you some beautiful tint and the jealous clouds run beneath to hide your light
    I pen you in my poetries and songs to receive the blessings from heaven bright
    I share with you my emollient smile when my heart blooms with delight
    I miss you when my heart weeps and pains in undefined plights
    Oh sky, I crown you the highest to hold the sun, moon and stars in your vast lap where reach my sight.

    An unknown

  • sahnah 1w

    Full of flaws
    still no one
    noticed even once,
    all regards to the feathers
    that grew wide to hide.

  • sahnah 1w

    My syllables are feathers
    My words are embers
    Incomplete are my verses
    without the sun of summer
    and the beauty of winter
    Hapless my poetries betwixt
    spring and autumn keep wander.

    //poetry brightens the beauty
    of seasons//

  • sahnah 1w

    I kept some uncherished
    memories of the past
    autumns with some withered
    leaves to spread some orange
    tint on my metaphors breathing
    in my bleeding stanzas.

    I kept some uncherished
    memories of the past
    summer to quench the bitter
    heat thirst I swallowed when
    the blazing sun burned my

    I kept some uncherished
    memories of the past
    spring behind my blooming
    scars to give birth to some
    new syllables to complete
    my doleful ballads.

    I kept some uncherished
    memories of the past
    winter to chill my blistering
    emotions baking some fake
    hopes in those dead verses.

    //And the seasons never
    come alone//

    #refrain #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for the kind repost ����

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