Sahil Mudasir is a writer, blogger,poet,born in Melhura Shopian J$k.He is an " Indian Book of Records" award winner and author of 2 books.

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  • sahilmudasir 24w

    Will you do me a favour,
    I need not to see you anymore.

  • sahilmudasir 24w

    Throw away your anger, and make me your slave,
    I have collected my nerves to be yours forever.

  • sahilmudasir 24w

    Mad heart be Brave

    All that do I endure and bear
    Is nothing other than an illusion,
    That shall weaken the person in me
    In the eyes of my beloved pals.

    I shall nomore wear my shattered heart
    Upon my tattered and shabby sleeves,
    For there is no alternate left in vain
    To procure them by some death grip or force.

    They say, ' It should cultivate and spring
    Like a fountain, full of conscientious murmurs
    Whispered loudly like the language of heart',
    Where the two souls amalgamate into one.

    Alas! Forsaken is the heart into fragments
    Where chamber of each auricle and ventricle
    Stamped of some nostaligic sentiments
    Breaks down, to appear like a mad brave heart.

  • sahilmudasir 24w

    Happy marriage, Javid Sir

    Sweet muses! Play thy flutes then
    Upon the steeps of Mount helicon
    With the new verve of celebration
    As the day has come, a day of exaltation
    For our beloved caretaker and master
    Who has finally matched his soulmate.

    Extol and emblazon his marriage bed
    By the garlands of flowers and blossoms
    Decorated in the strings of our prayers
    And the expectation of his blissful life.

    In the hope of our hyperbolic vision
    All the sweet Gemsians shall wait impatiently,
    Holding their bosoms inbetween their palms,
    For the day of an unforgetable feast
    Served with love, on the wide plates of silver
    Full of Rista, goshtaba, chicken and what not!

    We wish you happy marriage, sir


  • sahilmudasir 24w

    Two sides of a coin

    The day was like a day,
    Full of sounds reverberating
    And color of heart's desire,
    Inside the campus, there you see
    A pack of well wishers and signs
    Of being oneness like an old man's kin.

    Scarcely, one could alter his sight
    From the turrets of the highest seat
    Of companionship and smile
    Cultivating within the hearts of millions
    And blooming upon the faces of our fellows.

    Let us suppose, where the path leads outside
    From the lanes and lawns of our place,
    There happens, as usual, you depart to reach
    Your final destination of comfort,
    There the tables turn round and the smiles gloom,
    Like those you see an array of advantage
    For being an innocent and unknown being,
    They make a hearty laugh and silent giggle
    Like you are being thought as 'other'
    By the cab driver to embus you from there.

    This way you feel ashamed and escape
    From being noticed and hide your face behind
    Against the sudden glances of your companions,
    And suddenly you realize, the two sides of a same coin!

  • sahilmudasir 26w

    Excerpt from ' The Shadows'

    But remember;
    My tears will bring flood one day.
    Drown you along with them.
    There will be no place for you
    Nor any shelter to escape
    Like they will find you
    In the dark rooms of night
    And let you know
    How one endures in love.

  • sahilmudasir 26w

    I would like to be an all time traveller,

    If you could show me the path to your heart !

  • sahilmudasir 28w


    All that shall end up the wars
    And marks scars of comfort
    Peace, an abstraction in action
    And absence of any division
    In the hearts of souls on the globe,
    Nothing can save us from tempests
    Untill we shall learn how to swim
    Upon the soulless currents of a bay
    where waves of wars perish and sink
    Our hopes into the depths of sea.
    Peace is what teaches us a language of love
    And shall burry the silence of destruction in us.

  • sahilmudasir 33w

    That love which was born
    Into your adorable eyes
    Does no more exist there,
    And burns itself on the pyre
    Of those doubtful glances
    With the hope of rejuvenation.

    Perished will be the heart
    That nourishes the feelings
    Under the umbras of bogus pledges
    And shall acknowlege the worth
    Of being broken into fragments..
    Some text missing


  • sahilmudasir 34w


    Come love, quench my thirst
    And be source of my mirth,
    My heart sheds tears of loss,
    On the departure of daffodils.
    Petals of my heart, colourless ,
    faded as they are
    and left imprints of fear.

    The primroses now grimroses,
    burn my hopes down
    into ashes ,
    before the fall of Autumn.
    My heart leaps up
    and recalls,
    How in bygones,
    we both used to sing,
    the ballads of love.

    So lady, come to me
    and favour thy glance
    and fill my vacant sores
    by thy grace.