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  • sahilgrover 40w


    Little nervous and with hope we walked a path that was unknown.
    Excited and thrilled to welcome the little ones to this world.
    We will soon find out what our parents had done for us.

    That sleepless night and tears of pain
    Goes away when we see your face
    The abundance love and joy
    That a parent rejoices
    Now we know what keeps parents going

    Little sunshine that came to our house
    Has now began to crawl.
    The eyes that were once closed
    Now wants to see everything
    And has big world to explore

    Their tiny hands wants to hold us tight
    And their giggles make everything seems alright
    With your arrival everything has changed
    Life is colorful, blessed and will never be same

    As you complete one year around the sun
    Always remember we love you more than anyone
    It's just an year and the love will grow
    We will cherish each of these moments for sure .
    But let's just celebrate as you have turned one

  • sahilgrover 63w


    I looked at you
    And thought what I have not done for you
    Waited for years to grow you old
    And cherish the fruits that will grow
    But seasons have passed
    And my hope faints
    You are nothing to me but just a tree

    The tree replied with a dull voice
    Oh dear we have spent years together
    I didn't ask anything from you
    Thought it's your love for me that is making you do
    I have given you everything
    Only the fruits I couldn't bore
    It's the burden of your expectations
    that is tearing you down to the core

  • sahilgrover 63w

    Things that you do
    Will follow you back
    It's like a circle
    Called karma designed like that
    It's an equation of good and bad
    You can't get away with
    What you do
    Karma will confront you
    Reward you or demand the price
    Watch your actions as there is time
    Be good and kind

  • sahilgrover 63w

    I started a journey
    But it's long enough
    what can keep me going
    to reach till the end is tough
    Challenge we face
    May bog us down
    Have the courage
    to keep on going
    Is difficult to find
    Only those who brace this
    Can survive
    World has enough for everybody
    But for only those who try


  • sahilgrover 64w

    This is the thirdpoem in childhood series. Does hearing summer vacations put smile on your. Does It brings back nostalgia. Do we now wish that we can get long breaks like this in our life?

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    Childhood memories

    It's the last day of our school
    I am so excited
    There are different thoughts
    on what should I do
    Summer vacations are about to begin
    few months of freedom and fun
    Playing with friends and going to garden
    Long walks with friends is certain
    Visiting my granny's place
    Movies and cartoons put smile on my face
    Burger , french fries candy and chips
    There is no time like this

  • sahilgrover 64w

    This is the second poem in childhood series. Games , swings along with our friends made our day. It was the most precious thing for us at that time. We used to wait when we can go out for play and make excuses so that we can play longer. Do you agree?

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    Childhood memories

    As a kid we used to play many games
    Hopscotch(stapu), seven stones(pitthu) and hide & seek were few
    Some games which we look back now seem really silly
    But at that moment it did not matter really
    Whats important was to be with our friends
    And look for a chance to be with them
    Small things and games brought us joy
    even made up stories was so much fun
    Childhood memories are full of games and swings
    But the memory is incomplete without our friends

  • sahilgrover 64w

    When we were child we used
    to Cry and shout aloud
    Every thing that was in our mind was on our face
    The world was open book
    Where we used to write our stories and name

    Now the things have changed
    We are older and have to pretend to be stronger
    We cry but behind locked doors
    Keeping our miseries hidden inside our own

  • sahilgrover 64w

    Gender bias , inequality or seterotyping happens every where. It can be in simple things which we are not aware and keep doing. Such classic example is of fairy tales where we portray our daughters a picture where we have beautiful girl in misery or her life is incomplete without a man.
    We should tell stories where girls are independent, strong and can do things on their own. Do you agree? Please let us know

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    Fairy Tales

    It's not only in the real word
    we learn to discriminate in fairy tales
    The land should be full of dreams
    But here also to strike a balance we fail

    Have we ever thought
    Why women are shown as timid and extremely beautiful
    Waiting for their men to come for their rescue

    Why cindrella or rupenzal
    have to dazzle
    Why they are defined by their beauty
    who's there prince charming
    and why they are waiting

    Let's narrate a story
    Where men are not defined by their masculinity
    Neither women by their beauty
    A tale build on true character
    that teaches our children to be equal and together

  • sahilgrover 64w

    I wish I could be a cloud
    floating above the ground in blue sky
    for once let everything go by

    Feel the magic of the Sun
    play with the wind for fun
    hear chirping of birds
    tell them stories in my own words

    Sway with the wind with no direction
    free to watch over the world with no limitation

    White as covered with blanket of purity and honesty
    when overflow with emotions
    I rain heavily
    once the downpour happen
    I will retain my white sheath
    holding nothing and unraveling nature's beauty

  • sahilgrover 64w

    Thank You is a simple yet powerful tool to tell others how much they matter to us. Take time in your life to Thank people who directly or indirectly support us. Be our loved ones, soldiers or doctors. Never make an excuse that we forgot because we have lot of work or life pressures.

    We would like to Thank our readers and followers. You are important for us.

    If you are reading appreciate and thanks people around you.

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    Thank You

    Thank you is a two letter word
    That has the power to make someone smile
    brighten up the day and make it worthwhile

    It's just not a word
    But a token of Acceptance and celebration
    For you their contribution is important

    Engulfed in a thick layer of duties and competition
    We often forgot to acknowledge others contribution
    So let us say to people around us
    Thank you for being there
    It means so much to us
    You are special