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  • sahanah 56w

    Why can't we all accept the fact that no one is Perfect..........

  • sahanah 56w

    What happens you start changing yourself to impress someone
    Changing ourself to impress someone is most of common thing we do .......but
    Its fine until you have that person in your life
    But when you lose that person,you will not just regret for trusting that person you will also start regretting for not being yourself.......
    No one is constant in your life be it in relationship or in friendship
    It just you and yourself at the end....
    Every person is unique and everyone is beautiful in their own way
    Learn to love yourself
    Be confident on yourself because flawsome is new awesome.......

  • sahanah 57w

    Similarities between Pimples and Relatives

    Both are irritating
    Both Pops up when it's not needed
    And can only be controlled not cured.
    Suggestion: ignore both


  • sahanah 60w

    An outsider

    Okay, we are outsider like you always call us.
    But Banglore is our second home
    The city which is far away from our home
    The city where we are staying from many years
    The city which gave us friends from all the corners of the India
    The city where we are studying and am sure it will employment us
    The city which gave opportunity to learn many languages and
    to explore different culture
    We like banglore
    Because we accepted someother city as"Our Own"
    All this Machhass dude's were never in our talk
    Filter coffee and Rasam was never our food habits
    We do come from a place which has its own culture,own food habits,own language but
    we stay in hostel we stay in small room,we take auto
    you overcharge knowing the fact Am an outsider
    But we never complained Because we call it as "Our Own City"
    Bangalore is going through the worst but I do have my native which is equally injured
    Being a City of Dreams
    Getting all the attention from corners of World,city which has pub,resturants,luxurious flat and apartments and all the basic needs and requirements where else a town where we hardly find specialized hospital
    Yes it's our birthplace.
    Yes it's our native
    Yes it's our home
    Who need us now
    Tomorrow when the Corona virus is gone
    We will back to Banglore we will love the city "As ours"

  • sahanah 61w

    Everyone has their own story to tell
    Don't get into conclusion or make judgement
    Unless you know their part of the story

  • sahanah 62w

    We can embrace our flaws
    Instead embarrassing them

  • sahanah 63w

    You see a singer
    You see a dancer
    You see a artist
    You see a blogger
    You see a traveller
    You see a photographer
    You see influencer
    What not........Yes social media is absolutely a good platform.
    But ...............No social media is not an good platform most of the time specially during these times of pandemic when people are locked in a room most of us enjoy spending our day by scrolling down but atleast 30% of us go through the situation called #peerpressure and it may leads to depression.
    What we forget is
    It's okay to not to post what we had for breakfast
    It's okay if we don't try 3 ingredients cake #lockdownrecipe
    It okay if we don't post throwback pic
    It's okay if we don't take quarantine challenge
    It's okay if we don't have an hobby
    It's okay if we don't watch Netflix
    It's okay if we don't try #lockdownskincareroutine
    It's okay if we have less followers
    It's okay if we aren't trying #lockdownmakeup look
    It's completely okay if you are wearing pajamas and lying on bed whole day
    But it's not okay if you get into depression and end your life
    Your life is yours.You are owner of it so live as the way you want.
    I you we can fight against anything if we are positive#trustyourself #bepositive#peerpressure

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  • sahanah 71w

    Passion for writing

    I am not the artist who can sketch or paint
    But I can definitely paint the reality by the ink
    And definitely express my soul through writting.
    "A word after a word after a word is power"

  • sahanah 71w

    The best compliment

    Yes you look cute when those teeth don't form an straight line
    It shows Chaos makes everyone unique
    You know you are matured but you haven't lost that innocence when you smile
    You are still an child when you smile
    You will be cruel if you prison them with braces
    You are trying to be an perfect women forgetting imperfection is making you beautiful.

  • sahanah 75w

    I hope everyone are safe and healthy
    Please take care of your mental health during this lockdown:-)