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  • safika 25w

    The heart of mine!

    My heart wanna be
    Calm & silent with amazement.
    My heart wanna be
    The home for the heart who's not home.
    My heart wanna show light
    To the Knight In the night.
    My heart wanna
    smile to the hostile.
    My heart wanna
    Rest for a while.

  • safika 27w

    In this lockdown affirmations is really needed, to keep on going.
    And this is what I'm doing,*affirming*;)
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Me with the crown!

    Building myself!
    Adding pieces,
    Discarding some.
    I'm proud of myself.
    Hold up! Hold up!
    Story is not that easy,as it sounds.
    Some days it's easy like butterflies around.
    Other days it's difficult as me and maths in a battleground.
    Don't ask me who wins?
    It's not that obvious, but it's definitely me with the crown.

  • safika 28w


    I was wandering in the barren land all alone with
    Grieving heart, passiveness, teary eyes longing for something which is self- less.

    Selfless love all I wanted,
    I searched in people,
    But perhaps I was mistaken to find it in a place where it lacks itself.
    Man cannot even hold an object "alone".

    I stopped wandering.
    One step backfired.
    Moved my eyes to everywhere
    Untill it sees "everything".

    Who has created it?
    With so much patience, elegance and love?
    Looked at the beautiful mountain, with clouds floating back and forth.
    Looked at the birds with different patterns in the feathers, know when and where to migrate with each season.
    Looked at the brook, saw everything.
    Looked at me, myself.
    Looked at the fingerprints and I wondered how it differs from everyone else.
    And everything that ever happened to me.
    My whole existence was in awe.

    Inside voice was whispering something that I could hear it very clearly like a glass falls on the floor.
    "No, no it cannot just happen, its the lord of the universe"

    I felt the warmth, that I cannot just explain.
    It was different,
    It was beautiful,
    It overwhelmed my heart, I couldn't just stand anymore,
    I knelt down, prostrating myself to surrender to the one who has given Me everything without asking anything in return.
    And then I realized!
    no one can ever love selflessly
    Except the lord of the universe,
    Who is infinite and beyond.

  • safika 29w

    I wasn't a big fan of rain until I wrote it >.<

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    Rain- rain come again!

    Dear rain,
    You fill my heart with exultation,
    Whizz through arteries to veins , veins to arteries.
    Tears off every page of my secret diary.
    I would be lying if I say that I don't want to see you pouring down.
    Back in the days, I loved you for different reason.
    The Reason may be different, but I still love you.
    Well! That's what matters.
    I love the way you tell me that you are arriving at my doorstep.
    I come out of my room and you touch me, giving me sense of comfort as if you are saying that I'm not alone, you are with me.
    I can feel the touch of you in my loosely tied stranded hairs, in my body, on every bone that remains silent.
    But you know what! each drop of yours make me realize who I am.
    It washes away the earlier days, and slightly come to my side and say " you are a hero, I want to see you win ".
    Your sound make me realize I need no human to feel alive.
    Your shouting brings strength to me.
    And your sweet lil pouring make me feel loved.

  • safika 66w

    Shhh! Wanna sleep.

    Couldn't sleep!
    Lost in imagination in deep.
    Heyyy! Don't find it creep.
    It's just me and my thoughts when nights don't sweep.
    Couldn't sleep!

    Wanna go out,
    And jog for a while.
    But my lil soul inside don't allow.
    Ufff! Caught in between thousands of thoughts
    And stubborn eyelid that wanna bow.
    Couldn't sleep!
    Lemme grab my pen.
    And let those thoughts down.

    Yey.. it's DONE!
    Good night! It's time to sleep.
    Have a sweet dream.

  • safika 71w

    Let's meet in a cafe.

    It's funny,
    Be the real you, you say.
    When I do,
    You condemn me instead.

    It's sad,
    I will be by your side, you say.
    Is it you inside and out, are the only phrase you left.

    O hypocrite,
    What if I act unreal?
    And what if I act a little sane?
    You would be more kinder, which is ascertain.

    You, your nonsense and whatever you say.
    Let's meet in a cafe.

  • safika 75w

    ~Zindagi gulzaar hai

    Wo lamhe bhi guzre gi.
    Wo raate bhi guzre gi.
    Zanab, Yaha ghor daakuwo Ka pehra hai.
    Zara sambhal Kar chalna aage Uber khaber bhi milna hai.

    Wo hasi shamaa bhi aaigy.
    Wo gulzar pal bhi aaigy.
    Mauhtaram, Yaha aaftab Ka zoor chalta hai.
    Taariki ke baad, fir fazr bhi milna hai.

  • safika 77w

    Khusmizaz parinde!

    Galt raste per hum chale,
    Dukh tumhe hua.
    Rona toh mujhe tha,
    Ro tumne Diya.
    Baaton baaton me Tumne pyaar jataya
    Maanne ko tayyar nhi tha.
    Fir bhi batlaya.
    Dosti Ka Woh her ek Panna Yaad dilaya
    Jo humne Milo duur dafnaya tha.
    Kuch khaas thi iss rishte me.
    Pyaar ke alawa, larayi thi iss rishte me.
    Khuda jaane wo konsi parinde Aaye
    Iss Andheri gufe me?
    Jisne pyaar ke sath daat bhi lagai!
    Dil se sawal Aya poochne ko darti thi.
    Ek din Dil khud be khud kehdiya,
    Ye dosti hai mere Yaara
    Baad Uske sukoon aaya.

  • safika 77w

    Broken is beautiful ❤️

    There's a time in people's life.
    When they can't find who's naive.
    They start loosing their own shine.
    Not believing who they might.

    Every truth that they deny.
    Are the ones they must rely.
    The broken pieces, they tryna smile.
    Not knowing broken is still fine.
    Smile, smile, smile and never cry.

    I know,
    I know it's hard to grasp.
    But do you know, what put you in your grief?
    Is not knowing your worth and hoping high.

    Take a moment baccha and think of you once.
    Do you really wanna stay stuck and never try?
    run like Usain bolt,
    and sigh
    And it's getting cold,
    lemme wear some socks;)

  • safika 77w

    Beautiful world??

    I cried, I cried, I cried.
    Till the world knew that I died.
    One day, I stopped.
    Suddenly the world was silent as the cold sky.
    You said, I'm a brat.
    But lemme clear you, I'm.
    Cuz when I was crying, you were murmuring in the background.
    You Said, everything will be alright.
    But laughed aside.

    I wish,
    I could join you, but i was dead for a while.
    Time passed by, now I'm fine.