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  • sadafshahida 2w

    Some dreams require sleepless nights

  • sadafshahida 7w

    Kya bataye kitna badle hai hum
    Kitna gire hai kitna samble hai hum

  • sadafshahida 9w

    Kahan Thea hum Kahan poche
    Hum gere fir uthe toot kar sambal Gaye..

  • sadafshahida 9w

    While traveling on the streets or on the roads full of chaos
    Gaze of poor fascinates me and my heart says alas!
    How much we are bestowed with and we are always bias
    To live you have to earn and millions of calories to burn
    You can't make it until it's like rocks to turn

  • sadafshahida 13w

    At peace in your nap
    And your hands in my hair
    Soothing me gently
    Gossips and talks
    Some of yours some of mine
    And that little teasing,
    No one can replace you
    No matter how much we grow
    We always need a mother

  • sadafshahida 13w

    Girls are taught to be calm
    Not from birth from mother's womb.....

  • sadafshahida 15w

    A valley: of sacrifice

    Everywhere it's surrounded with fear
    Dreadful silence sounds every where
    No one walks no one talks all the roads full of rocks
    Painted with blood all the walls
    Whom it shed no one calls
    Who was on the road is now lost
    He will not return at any cost
    Who so ever tries to be brave
    Is now lying under any grave
    Shouting of people and cries of man
    All this mess snatched his pen
    Innocent children who stumble to walk
    Now is holding his hands with rock

  • sadafshahida 15w

    Kya haal likhu khud ka aaj alfaaz Kam hai
    Thoda dard hai dil mai thodi aankh nam hai....

  • sadafshahida 16w

    Kuch Safar tanha hi mukamal hote hai
    Her Safar Humsafar nahi chahta.....

  • sadafshahida 18w

    Even in the darkness and worldly chaos
    Silence has its own significance which is never loss!
    © sadaf