passionate for music, a novice writter, acting is love.......and a lot more to explore within myself.

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  • sabyaroyalking 130w

    Puchti toh bohot thi woh ki,
    kya mere liye asma se chaand tod kar la paoge tum,

    Humne kaha Woh sab toh thik hai,
    Parr baad mein jo amawaas tum lekar aaogi mere zindagi mein,
    Uski aandkar ko kaise jhelunga mein!!!

  • sabyaroyalking 136w

    A very happy new year to my mirakee family ��������. Hope this year brings you a lot of prosperity and fortune in its way. Be positive and have the zeal to overcome all your fears and constraints. Enjoy one more Collab with my pen friend Hritish rath.

    Ps:- I have written this poem in the way I feel today's surrounding is. Please don't take it negatively.

    @writersnetwork @john_solomon @jumana_silverpearl @asmakhan @monikakapur

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    New year??

    Only the dates will change,
    Not the perspective of looking the world.

    Only the year will change,
    Not the hypocrisy in the minds of people.

    Only the calendars will change,
    Not the persuasion in the hearts.

    Only a decade will come to its end,
    Not the hatred among the masses,

    Only a 31st eve will end,
    Not the jinxed darkness of democracy.

    Only a number series will change,
    Not the level of mephistophelianic deeds.

    Only the way of new year's resolution will change,
    Believe me not the inner you.

    Many more to say...
    But only my words will change,
    Not my feelings.....

    Fake people around u might change,
    Not the lonliness that sticks to your heart.

    The reason your heart will break may change,
    Not your zeal to overcome it.

    The people who promised forever may change,
    Not your beleif in love.

    The people who made you happy may change,
    Not your reasons of happiness.

  • sabyaroyalking 137w

    Finally had a Collab with one of my friend. Hope you all guys like it. Do like and comment. And yess belated merry Christmas ����

    @writersnetwork @iammyownstranger @laughing_maniac30 @john_solomon @jumana_silverpearl

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    Aarz Kiya hai....

    Duniya ke saamne samajhdaar Hoti hai.
    Par Mere saamne bacchi ban jaati hai,
    Log ke saath uska bartaw bura hota hai
    Par Mere saamne to achhi ban jaati hai,
    Naa jane mere liye khud ko kyu badalti rehti hai,
    Shayad meri tarah..
    Wo bhi mujhse pyaar karti hai...

    Bachi toh Woh banegi tumhare samne janaab,
    Kyounki mohabbat mein nusrat bachpana karke hi milti hai.
    Bartaw Bura unhi ke Saath Kiya jata hai jinki leheze mein zardari Hoti hai,
    Unse nhi jinki tehzeeb deewangi ki mohtaz Hoti hai.
    Badlegi toh Woh zarurr Woh tumhare liye huzur,
    Kyounki Chand bhi dharti ki tawajah pane ke liye tabdeel khudko har Baar Karti hai...

  • sabyaroyalking 141w

    A psalm

    Savour the warmth of sun in the daylight,
    As you won't beget that at night.
    Relish the tranquility of moon in the silence of night,
    As you won't convulse that at daylight.

    Cherish the beautiful moments with your loved ones,
    As you won't fetch that from your aversionsists.
    Linger with the protests and anticipations from your rivals,
    As you won't expect that from your based ones.

    Experience the cynicism of illusions in your good times,
    As you won't get to see them during your adversities.
    Revel the sweetness of tiery efforts during your adversities,
    As you won't get to savour them in your good times.

    Enjoy the companion of disguised people in your good times,
    As you won't get to see them during your hard times.
    Endure with the relationship of genuine people in your hard times,
    As you would see them standing apart from you in your good times,
    Letting you enjoy your blissful moments.

  • sabyaroyalking 149w

    Unfulfilled desire

    The etymons of my thoughts, in search for a perfect love;
    The shadows of my dreams, in search for an alluring manifestation;
    The lesion of my heart, in search for an emollient care;
    The quagmire of my expressions, in search for a plethoric harmony;
    The jaunt of my soul, in search for an eternal destination;
    The silhouette of my drowning epitome in search for an infinite desire;
    Ah!! All got astrayed in the jinxed path of eternity;
    Making a traumatic web of unfulfilled desire....

  • sabyaroyalking 153w

    @writersnetwork @laughing_soul @iammusaafiir @john_solomon @jumana_silverpearl

    After a long long time ����❤️❤️

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    Every day I....

    Every day I bleed those words of trajectory,
    To neutralize the memories I had with you.

    Every night I bleed those feelings,
    To lament over the lesion you gave me.

    Every day I try to erase the fount of my heart,
    Where I painted the quagmirish masterpiece of love.

    Every day I try to console my erratic soul,
    To be lonely in the eternal chamber of dark solitude.

    Every day I convince my spell binding hands,
    To be bereft of that dopaminal hug you gave me every day.

    Every day I convince this nature to bury the etymons of my soul,
    Into the abysmal unfathomable depth of earth, so that it would never be able to find my body again.....

  • sabyaroyalking 160w

    @writersnetwork @laughing_soul @iammusaafiir @geraldine_mary @ericwk @clifton @soulwriter @psychosammyr @jeniayn @japsjk

    After a hell long time it really feels soothing to scribble something and post....

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    Upon Whom shall I believe??
    My own eyesight or this camouflaged world around me,
    As, you start believing in someone,he unmasks himself as a deceiver.

    And then some says believe in yourself,
    Who knows if inner self itself is disguised!!!

  • sabyaroyalking 167w


    In the messiah of blocking Insta account and deleting phone numbers for not talking a single day,

    She still met him with a happy face after a week long

  • sabyaroyalking 168w

    @writersnetwork @laughing_soul @iammusaafiir @quotegraphy @zariie @xananthramum @redpaint @ericwk @clifton @soulwriter

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    Finally after a very long time ����❤️❤️

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    The etymons of my thoughts whispered,
    Enough crush!!
    Now it's time to behold her beauty.

    The bole of my glance reflected,
    Enough eye contacts!!
    Now it's time to smile.

    The stems of my dopamine murmured,
    Enough smile!!
    Now it's time to have words.

    The leaves of my romance swayed,
    Enough flirt!!
    Now it's time to date.

    The buds of my relationship bloomed,
    Enough date!!
    Now it's time to love.

    The flower of my true love thrived,
    Enough hold!!
    Now it's time to propose and marry.....

  • sabyaroyalking 174w

    Lost love

    Everyday when I take a sip of coffee,
    It reminds me of your soothing hug that you gave me every fine morning.

    Everyday when I read the facade of daily coloumns,
    It reminds of our sweet chats we had over the bulletin.

    Everyday when I dress up for my daily morning errand,
    It reminds me of the love with which you get my tiffin ready.

    Everyday when I take my car out off the parking,
    It reminds me of your sweet voice from balcony, calling me from behind and wishing a good day.

    Everyday when I attend those strategic meetings in the board,
    It reminds me of your sweet intimidating missed calls, that I often get to see as my notification.

    Everyday when I reach home after having a long tiery day,
    It reminds me of your elegant smile and warmth with which you welcome me back.

    Everyday when I lay back on the seam of mattress,
    It reminds me of your sweet kiss, that you planted on my forehead making me forget all my stress and have a deep soothing slumber.