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  • sabhyarai21 1w

    Stay strong �� #miraquill

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    Some people leave us
    Without saying a word
    It's painful, sad, or awful
    They go but back other
    Person suffers
    They react emotionless expression
    It hurts but
    It's important to move out
    For another person how like
    U soo much

  • sabhyarai21 3w

    #what u think �� # comment

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    Excellence is a permanent
    A life full of limitations,
    Take chances or make mistakes,
    Make your way,
    One thing if you make
    Mistakes it's mean you
    Go right direction
    And over Excellence level
    Always enhance

  • sabhyarai21 4w


    Pareshani sabka life
    Ma aati ha
    Bas yahi dakhna ha
    Ki apni pareshani app solve
    Kassa kerta h
    Life ma bina pareshani
    Ka koi bhi ek minute nahi
    Raha sakta
    Isliya yah na socha
    Iski life kitni achi h

  • sabhyarai21 6w


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    Merna ma or jena ma
    Bas ek ferk ha
    Merna ka baad koi hama
    Yaad ni kerta
    Jena ma hum unko yaad ni
    Too issa acha huma jina hi chahiya
    Be happy....

  • sabhyarai21 7w

    Shelly girl

    She runs away from the house.
    But she thinks to create history.
    If u think she runs away.
    It's your perception
    She takes a needy house because
    She understands how to manage
    Their problem.
    She lives alone but she knows
    Her soul stand on her side
    She starts task
    She manages complication
    And one day she appears in front of
    Parents' house and all neighborhood.
    All neighborhoods appreciate her.
    Shelly girl knows everything all right
    Don't care about others.

  • sabhyarai21 7w

    #spread love #shortlife# life ever come

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    Life is a cycle
    Sometimes u
    Lost something
    To give love to the friends
    The life cycle never comes
    So take your period
    Think what u want.

  • sabhyarai21 8w

    # makhan chor # follow #krishna

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    Khana tum ha makhan
    Pasand ha ..
    Or humko tum
    Khana tumko sararat
    Pasand h ...
    Or hama shararat kerta hua
    Tum Pasand ho ....
    Krishna koi tumsa
    Pyare kerta h .....
    Koi tum ha apna beta
    Bulata h ......
    koi tumha ek dost bulata h.......
    Or koi diwano ki tarah bakti
    Ma magan h........
    Lakin tum ek hi ho
    Or tumhara jassa koi ni ..........

    Wish u a very happy janmashtami too all

  • sabhyarai21 8w

    #women # ��

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    Agar ma chup hu iska
    Matlab yha ni ki ma
    Shant hu ...
    Agar ma hus rahi iska
    Matlab yha ni ki ma kush hu ...
    Agar ma chal rahi iska matlab
    Yha ni ki ma bhag ni sakti
    Bolna sabko aata h
    Lakin kerna Khali mujha ha...

  • sabhyarai21 9w

    # create

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    God creates us..
    We create history
    History never forget
    Follow your passion

  • sabhyarai21 9w

    # collection

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    Collect something new
    Collect something old
    But if u collect something special
    It feels warm
    Collection is a memory
    Which never forget