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  • saakshisomaiya 20w

    I used to dream of someone like you,
    To hold me tight and see me through
    But when I found you,
    I became a believer
    Now I believe that two people are made specially for each other
    When I look at you my heart melts,
    Everyday I love you more and more
    When life gets me down you are always there,
    A good heart like yours is very rare,
    All my worries disappear when you hold me in your arms
    The only fear I have is
    Living my life without someone like you.

  • saakshisomaiya 35w

    When I first saw you
    I was afraid to meet you
    But now that you are here
    I have nothing to fear
    When I first met you
    But now I always feel secured when I am around you
    I was afraid to love you
    But now that I love you
    I'm afraid to lose you
    And I never ever want us to part

  • saakshisomaiya 40w

    Deep in the night,
    When little raindrops touch my skin
    Chills ecstasy runs down my spine
    That's when my soul speaks from within
    And it always find you in my poetry
    I narrate those words to wind
    And all I wish, is to make you mine
    Coz there's something mystical in the air
    Which makes me think that
    Is it the beginning of something new ?
    Or is it just the petrichor casting magic on me?

  • saakshisomaiya 42w

    My everything

    Until you came into my world
    There was nothing but darkness and gloom
    I never believed in magic
    But now I realise my dreams and fantasies
    Engulfed in contentment and satisfaction
    My world was missing the clouds and the sun
    The passion between us is strong,
    Ferocious to those that see
    The feelings that are shared between us
    And the heaven in your arms
    Make me believe that you are always
    Standing by my side and molding me in every way

  • saakshisomaiya 45w

    Not every heart is meant to break yours

    It's ok to take your time
    It's ok to step back and have a proper look
    I know we feel scared coz
    Destiny might repeat the history
    And we think that even this love will shatter us
    But not every person in our life
    Give pain and scars which
    Scare you and make you cry
    It's ok we do not have to rush
    Into the next best relationship
    It's ok to take time coz
    Now when next time we see at our fingertips
    We don't see bruises
    But only interlocked fingers with another soul
    Darling, have faith,
    Not every heart is meant to break yours

  • saakshisomaiya 46w

    Long distance relationship are so much more serious and meaningful. This is the most unique kind of relationship. Where hands don't meet but heart declares they are mine's. In long distance relationship one need to have strong faith and trust in a person. No cuddles, no hugs and no kisses just cute skype dates, love letters and hours of calls. It's hard not being able to be in their arms whenever you want. But those surprise meetings just to see them and spending days together with them, being together is the most memorable, wonderful and romantic thing ever. Fights, teary eyes are a part too. But every 'Do you love me' ends with 'I Do'! . Not everyone get this feeling, not every heart cheers it.

    , @khushiranparia, @mirakee, @khushiidholakiya, @writersnetwork

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    Long distance relationship
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  • saakshisomaiya 46w

    Stop killing!!

    A small cut in our hand
    Can make us cry
    Have we ever wonder how those voiceless creature would have felt
    When they would have cried
    To the deaf world's ear
    So that their voice could be heard but,
    With empty hearts they steal the lives of those in need
    From street, from cage and zoo, the wail
    Of their tortured kin proclaims the sin
    Guiltless, shameless, self-proclaimed
    They hide behind the word "HUMANE"
    It's been happening for so long
    Still we fight to make a stand
    To spread no kill across the land
    Let's join together to take up;
    The cry of these voiceless creature

  • saakshisomaiya 46w

    My cup of coffee

    You are like a fresh cup of warm coffee
    First thing in the beautiful morning
    Which makes me hug you
    The steamy coffee makes me
    Want to get cosy
    And the strong smell of coffee
    Makes me believe that
    No task can challenge me
    If my day begins with you

  • saakshisomaiya 47w

    It's difficult to explain a broken heart how to heal. Time is a great healer. You will learn more about yourself. God always plans better for us and he has reserved a diamond for everyone so he'll make other stones reject you. You will learn that those who matters you the most at some point of time weren't made for you and you definitely deserve someone better. God is about to send you a person who will spoil you with respect, loyalty, honesty and unconditional love.


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    Time will heal wounds, but you need to love those scars

  • saakshisomaiya 47w

    Sweet addiction

    Being near you was
    Like sipping hot coffee
    During chilly winter evenings
    And it made me addicted to you
    Just like deliciousness and the bitterness and the addiction of coffee
    Coz I know you are strong enough
    To hold every broken piece of me
    Being near you just completes me