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  • ryakaleb 5w


    Define your association and have a reason for it.

  • ryakaleb 5w


    Seek wealth through and with all honesty and truth.

  • ryakaleb 5w


    A woman who's both a mother and wife is a blessing.

  • ryakaleb 24w

    Farewell baby

    We will light candles for you,
    But you are light on your own.
    Our hearts are heavy
    Heads and shoulders burdened.
    Death robbed us of a strong queen.
    We don't, nor can we understand this.
    All we can say is;
    Farewell friend.
    Fly high Saara
    You will be greatly missed.
    May your kind soul rest in eternal peace.

  • ryakaleb 31w

    Dark days

    My chest is stuffed.
    My heart is pressed and
    My emotions are not clear.

    All I need is your light, father.

  • ryakaleb 32w

    The power of you

    There's so much power in being you. Never ever drop you for Society's liking, for you'll miss out on so much being you.

    Have a blessed one.

  • ryakaleb 43w

    Little ones

    No individuals are and feel more entitled than the little ones. They'd get up from their chairs to come and sit on your laps.

  • ryakaleb 45w


    The degree or perhaps extent of your action(s) is not a point to argue. Whether you have indeed cheated or attempted to, there's no justification for that. You've disrespected me and that's it.

  • ryakaleb 60w

    Heroes Day- Namibia

    Today, we celebrate the sacrifices and hard work made and put in by our heroes; fallen or still standing.

    We celebrate your selfless love
    Your desire to having a free country
    Your togetherness and cooperation through it all.

    It is your one decision that changed everything for us.
    It is your unity, that got us this far.
    It is your blood and sweat that hold us together and able to celebrate this day.
    Your torture and all the hardships you've gone through, we will bear them for you.

    Thank you for putting us before you.

    Happy Heroes Day Namibia


  • ryakaleb 60w

    Pain isn't permanent

    After bleeding, clotting will take place.

    The pain won't go away , but it will be minimal compared to when you were bleeding.

    Believe that every other painful situation will eventually be bearable.

    Here's to anyone on their lowest and darkest days with absolutely no one giving a helping hand.
    You can get through this and you will.

    Keep well and safe