I am an inclined plane helically wrapped around a cylinder.

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  • rwitwik 205w

    Blue screen

    "Why are you so addicted to your phone?" Mom sniggered.
    "I'm not addicted. I'm just trying to find out how long it takes me to feel dead inside while staring at the blue screen," I sighed.


  • rwitwik 209w

    Some untold stories should remain untold.
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    Shortest love story, ever?


  • rwitwik 214w

    Show love. Spread love.

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    He had laughed at her when she had said, 'If you love someone, make sure to make them feel loved!'
    'You don't need to show love,' was what he always maintained.

    Years later, he cried that she did not 'care' for him anymore.


  • rwitwik 215w

    Some stories are best left untold.
    #untold #lovestories

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    We know we will separate. Like every batch that thinks they will keep in touch, we will shower each other with promises, and hope they are true. But deep down inside our hearts, we will know that we are no different. And we shall be pushed into the deepest crevices of each other's hearts. We never belonged with each other.

    However, the very safely kept once-yellow-rose may have a different story to tell.


  • rwitwik 219w


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    To the fallen

    Dedicated to all those, whom I won't be wishing a 'Happy New Year, 2018',

    I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to you for leaving my side when I needed you the most,. Thank you, for showing your true colours. Thank you, for showing what a big fool, I have been, to believe you. Thank you, for wasting my time and energy. Thank you, for making me stronger by the day.

    Good luck. Peace.


  • rwitwik 238w

    You gotta pay & karma's a bitch!

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    I don't care what lie you conjure about me. I don't care what you say about me.
    As long as I know that you know the truth and that kills you a little bit every time you remember it, I'm fine.

    Call me vindictive, but you know what? I did nothing. You did. Everything damn thing.


  • rwitwik 240w

    You shouldn't be surprised either.

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    Surprise? Hardly!

    Would you be surprised if someone accused you of using them and then pushing them away, where in reality, they used you and you finally gathered the courage to put your foot down?

    I was being used; every inch of me at her service. I couldn't take it anymore. I asked her to stop and wished to move away. All I received in return was the accusation, that I was using her!

    No, nothing surprises me anymore.


  • rwitwik 242w

    Not something that should happen.

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    Just friends

    "I just wanted us to be friends," she pleaded.
    "That's the last thing I wanted us to be," he sighed, with tears in his eyes.


  • rwitwik 245w

    Just because we don't ask doesn't mean we don't care. Sometimes we care more.

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    "You could have at least asked her how she was," his friend asked.

    "I already know," he sighed.


  • rwitwik 245w

    Everybody lies

    Yes. Everyone. Some lie everyday, always; others lie on special occasions. But the truth is everybody will play you at some point or the other. Personally I believe the second type of special-occasion-liars are more dangerous. Because you get used to trusting them, and then you realise the bigger picture... One in which you have been played and left... To bleed to death.