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  • rushforlife 130w

    Whenever you feel
    You lost yourself..... ����‍♀️
    So..... ��‍♀️
    Just get lost in yourself...... ��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️

    Then only you'll find the lost self of yours ..... ��‍♀️��‍♀️


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    Lost ‍♀️


  • rushforlife 131w

    According too our childhood 90's favourite movie ...... KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI ��

    Rahul ��to the cutest silent�� Sardar ji: HUM EK BAAR JEETE HAI, EK BAAR MARTE HAI, SHADI BHI EK BAAR HOTI HAI, aur PYAR BHI EK BAAR HI HOTA HAI ��‍♀️��‍♀️ Seriously
    Is it true??

    If we love someone unconditionally and that someone breaks our heart so, ohhhh to fir kya ��‍♀️ PYAR dusri baar ni ho sekta hai ? ��������

    Sometimes yes sometimes no but if it's yes so don't stop yourself to love someone again ���� 'QKI har koi ek jaisa nahi hota hai qki har koi ek nahi hota hai ' Deep very deep ������ think about it


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    Kya Pyar dusri baar hota hai ‍♀️

  • rushforlife 177w

    When U believe in yourself ��

    So, one day u'll definitely breaks the

    #steriotype of GIRL NEXT DOOR TO .........��‍��

    THE GIRL NEXT HEAVEN ...............��‍♀️


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    Think beyond ‍♀️


  • rushforlife 179w

    Honesty is the best policy everybody say it ......... ��

    But before apply it on other's

    First, Apply it on yourself & always be #honest with your own .......��‍♀️


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    Honesty with self ‍♀️


  • rushforlife 183w


    Sadness is not a COMFORT ZONE.
    Don't let yourself to think that you're not you without your sadness ....... ����
    If it's not you don't find your comfort in not speaking to your friends or not talking about what's important. ��
    You have a World of people who cares about you and who just wants to help you.��‍♀️

    Somewhere, don't��‍♀️ shut yourself away and get used to being alone. You are truly a fighter �� you must need to #Remember how to get yourself out these holes and keep on fighting ........ ��‍♀️


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    Heart ❤


  • rushforlife 184w


    BEING RUPALI ��‍♀️
    BEING ME ��‍♀️
    IS ONE OF THE BEST THING which I have .........��‍♀️
    & that's make #Me different from other's in this ��‍��

    #WORLD................ ��

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    #Me ‍♀️


  • rushforlife 184w

    Sometimes being selfish or why sometimes if you R right so,��‍♀️

    #being Selfish for Right
    It's not #wrong ��

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    Be #You ‍♀️


  • rushforlife 184w


    Coke and Pepsi taste is different really ��

    But i don't think so but I do also lol !
    That's the very confusion I guess some people of my mental level have ����

    So, after that confusion I have in my mind for so many years I'll do not much but ''Thori Thori research '' about it ........ then I'll know��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️

    It happens because coke was invented before the refrigeration so it was designed to drunk warm, while Pepsi was invented after refrigeration so it was designed to drunk cold so, as the result their taste is different ��..... hahahaha ! Lol ����



    It's not an end of this confusion ..........��
    B U T ��‍♀️
    What if n it actually happens if we drunk PEPSI warm and COKE cold their taste is same��‍♀️��


    Now if anybody know it's answer please tell me ��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️

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    Confusion ??


  • rushforlife 184w

    In everyone's life there is a person ��‍��
    Who u think 'YE OR ME CAN BE A FRIEND'S YE TO MERI JESI BHI NAHI HAI' but it happens when u don't expect .
    So in my life my best friend is that person who I never ever think ,she become this much important part of my life k I can't think any single think without her and my day is also incomplete 'JB TAK ME TUMKO PERASHAN NAA KARU' ����

    Sincerely, there's nothing as sweet as having a friend you can trust and give your allegiance to. And what's as soothing and satisfying as the feeling you get having a friend who is ready to give you every support you will ever need, whether you ask for it or not? When you have such a friend, you are very confident to call them a friend indeed - or best friend forever so i proudly say that I have that one friend n I am glad to have u in my life.

    And I must say You're a perfect combination of mumma, sibling, friend, and baby. Just having you around is enough motivation to do all I plan. You are the best thing that happened to me, my lovely friend.

    And this one also dedicated too all the friends who have their best friends��������

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    Best friend


  • rushforlife 184w

    It's not about what you doing
    Or what other's wants you to do it, that's why you do it.

    It's all about you and yours own willingness
    You wants to do it or not so do what you want not other's ����

    Now a day's everybody's wants to live there life's in their own why but why people don't understand the way they wants to live their life's other people also wants to live their life in that way too Naa!

    So, I don't know why people can't understands that simple thing what's wrong with them , if they think about theirself it's totally okiee but what if they also think about others too not lot but atleast less little bit .

    That's why we have too choose what we want not what other wants from us .

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    Hope of everything ‍