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  • rupe59 2w

    New Year

    Poems that don't find writing
    Distances that do not discover middle path
    Hard work that never understands passion
    Conversation that does not find time
    Risk that fears courage
    Life that does not find self love
    To all, I wish this new opportunity !

    Happy New Year !


  • rupe59 15w


    The stars shine in the silent night sky
    Like old friends who know all my tricks

    Pulling out from my bag of remorse
    I choose a traumatic anecdote to reminisce

    As I immerse myself in guilt
    They continue to smile down on me

    I transport back to the present as I look up
    Twinkling to remind me of the lost perspective


  • rupe59 20w


    In the layers I peel off
    Dissent evaporates
    And there goes the disdain
    For the theatrics
    Inching towards my purpose
    Supreme to all that sells
    Move over the cheap thrills
    As my resolve blinds them
    Always unwavering
    Even if to walk all over you.


  • rupe59 27w


    Within confines of a room
    Two souls sit apart
    Silenced by their past
    Conversations now crisp
    Get completed by old baggage
    Bonds broken without a noise


  • rupe59 32w


    With the thought
    Where you at ?
    Linger on a reply to decode.
    Dont plan for the next !


  • rupe59 42w

    Seemingly adrift
    I still sway
    To beats that thrive within
    Oblivious to the noise


  • rupe59 50w

    Old Journal

    Like mirrors to past
    It lay scribbled away
    Wishful thinking of a life
    Reduced confidently into pages
    And shoved with lyrics of that song

    Of dreams and memories
    Some making my skin crawl
    Some irking like a shard of glass
    Still stuck under layers of pretence
    But whose familiarity is warm

    Still rolling with laughter
    I promise that person I shall never be
    Look who turned up but the person herself
    Reading the old journal now
    And promises she could not keep


  • rupe59 52w


    Always with checklists
    And, list of to-dos
    Life made you dance to it's tunes, regardless
    Didn't it ?


  • rupe59 52w


    Life finds itself new
    More often in adversities
    For dejection breeds succumbing
    Not to the imminent tragedy
    But possible resurrection
    Like a rising phoenix.


  • rupe59 57w


    I wish for NOs to be as succinct as our YESs !

    Don't they shape our lives, equally ?