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  • runawayartistx 157w

    Black and Light

    Looming in darkness leads to sleep in the daytime
    Lurking sadness lends its horror day and night
    Day and night fright, horror sneaks in the light..Sir horror stalks me alright
    he wont let me be..denies me clear sight..Remove these shackles of horror and bring me where all is bright
    the dark noose must be severed
    I dont want to sleep forever

  • runawayartistx 157w

    Damaged Goods

    A blank page
    A blank face
    A blank stare
    A blank space
    Yet without a trace
    There's already too much there
    A mix of rawness
    Rubbed bare
    A life so unfair
    Gave into sin in despair
    Now I look hell in the face when it snares

  • runawayartistx 159w

    Twenty Nineteen

    The very first morning on the day of yet another new year. Two-thousand nineteen. I feel it necessary to note something to myself, see , because I've never started a new year in the condition I am currently in. Simply put, I could have very easily not made it to see this new year. For whatever reason, I survived a freak accident that woud have killed any human being. So, where do I go from here? Still processing much information, trying to wrap my head around the whole scenario, it is hard to say. What I do know for sure, is that I believe I need to make it a daily practice to remind myself that this second is precious, along with so many other things that many take for granted. I want to celebrate so many things, though my depression and my severe chemical imbalances in my brain make it SO difficult. I must dive into the deepest parts of my psyche to find a way to bring harmony to the surface. I must believe this is possible.

  • runawayartistx 161w

    Kind souls..

    Hey everyone!^^^^^.Can I please get some followers? ^^^^I love to write, but just got out of the hospital after a freak accident trying to save an animal from a high roof and I almost died, so I lost alot of time to produce material. I am lucky to be alive. Most people would have died falling that far straight down onto bricks.

  • runawayartistx 161w

    "Here, There, Everywhere"

    "dont ask me how i feel because i dont know
    I dont know how to act or what feelings to show
    so mixed up in so many ways
    lost with myself lost in a daze

    Guide me somewhere
    guide me away
    from the lingering illness
    cold rainy and gray

    Dont give up on real love
    and never youself
    be closest to yourself always
    I know that is where I want to be
    everywhere I go
    with all that I see.
    See it all knowing that I loved myself…"
    12-22-18 ELIZABETH MARIA

  • runawayartistx 161w

    "The end, The beginning"

    And in my sober pain
    Awakens streaming thoughts
    Inside my broken, once bleeding skull
    So many waking dreams-they feel so real
    The feelings they bring are deep with despair
    Where do they come from
    Besides my damaged left side skull crack
    Paired with the obvious trauma of
    near death experience
    Then.. The obvious question
    why my heart beats still

  • runawayartistx 200w

    Thoughts Inside a U.S courtroom

    Functionary with the badge
    glorified drive through window worker
    No Doubt-the ones in shackles beneath us want to shout
    Shout at the injustice
    Shout to be HEARD
    Half of them will be tortured and burned
    Money talks, those men walk
    Poor foes fall through paperwork cracks,get attacked
    glued tight in the system guaranteed to always bring 'em back
    Everyone makes mistakes
    Everyone doens't get caught
    Even if a 'bigfish' is, noone gives it a thought
    No Responsibility for accountability
    Soaking in their lies and greed
    Filthy bastards stinking of their power need!

  • runawayartistx 202w

    Drama Queen

    Grown women acting like little fucking girls
    How dare you come at me like you rule the world?
    Petty cellphone texts-coward-condescending context
    You miserable bitch, EVERYONE sees through you, you witch!
    What the hell is your deal? Your whole being is anything but real!
    Shit talker gossip stalker
    Gorgeous house, husband, & financially no reason to pout
    Karma is a bitch, and I hope she calls you out
    -frustrated waitress 2018

  • runawayartistx 204w


    Look but can you see? Do you know me…What I can do?
    The soul of every sin, and where you've been - Yes I know you so well!
    Hide behind your lies, to your surprise, I dwell here too
    It's I who moves your tongue, from when you're young, until I drag you to hell
    Now I have you-hold you tight..
    Maybe just as well
    I took you when you fell
    And this is eternity
    Maybe close your eyes
    Whatever gets you by
    But this is eternity
    So scream your throat raw, but after all, you should have known
    For what in this world's free? Invest in me, I'll let you play a while
    Kill fuck and inject, but don't forget, the seeds you've sown
    And now your bill is due, I come for you, and you'll stay in my world
    Now I have you - there's no light!
    Maybe just as well
    I took you when you fell
    And this is eternity
    Try Maybe close your eyes
    Whatever gets you by
    But this is eternity
    -lyj 2018