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  • rumaysah 5d

    Suicide is trying to escape reality only to meet with your worst nightmare.

  • rumaysah 3w

    A one-sided system,
    Corrupt weakened armed forces,
    Youth languish in persistent erosive social crimes,
    I'm still loyal and not a betrayal.

  • rumaysah 4w

    I'm still on the fence as regards the potency of ‘venting’ as a therapy for mental issues.

    As far as I know, negativity has never been a possible means of combating negativity. I know you'd preach the it-can-only-be-experienced sermon to me, and we've never been in the same shits or will ever be. But, I know what words do to the mind. Whether spoken or written. It's not the fact that they were spoken or written that's the problem. It's the whole process of conceiving them that is. And obviously, you wouldn't have a problem conceiving it because the mind's been filled with negativity already, so you just gave it a voice.

    Lol. You gave it a voice. You amplified it. Because one way of making your mind conscious to something is saying it repeatedly. Why do you think we make positive affirmations and say all those all those motivational stuff to ourselves? It's to simply bring our minds to the plane when it can begin to think naturally, in that direction. That way our consciousness revolves around it, and with time, it plays out as our reality.

    Maybe someone should volunteer to explain to me because I really don't get it. Bro, you're hurting yourself the more! If you don't have anyone around to hush you or feed your mind with positivity, you might end up being worse than before you started.

    And by feeding your mind with positivity I don't mean lying to yourself. Yeah, it's okay to feel bad, mentally. But, unless the type of venting I once suggested in a post, venting isn't a outlet. To me, though.

    You could go out with friends. See interesting movies. Play your best games. Listen to positive music. And if you feel like you need to talk, talk to someone who's got well enough positivity to subdue the negativity in you.

    Don't just talk for talking sake. Take because you need help. And if you need help, you'd know that you need a listener, and you'd know as well, who your listener should be. Or you don't know delicate stuff like venting should be done with so much intentionality?


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    As humans, by default, we're naturally prone to being negative than positive. And I think, that has a something to do with our love for ‘vents’. I think.

  • rumaysah 4w

    tell me about the stars
    in your eyes,
    and why they gleam
    so brightly,
    like beautiful fireflies in
    my heart's garden.

    tell me about the beauty
    in your smiles—
    like glowing emerald in the dark,
    like the sunflower at dawn;
    your smile when I first called your name.

    hand in hand,
    side by side,
    down this aisle we'd walk.
    till this heart is made mine,
    and mine, yours.

    always and forever.

  • rumaysah 4w

    Death, the grand adventure.

    It's easy for us youngings to think that, when the years stretch out ahead of us. We feel immortal, like we have all the time in the world.

    There are times when Death is not an adventure, but an escape from a life descended too far into hell. Any hell.

    Death draws closer everyday. I can feel it...

    Sometimes, I'm so afraid, my heart pounds. Other times, I feel perfectly at peace. It's not like there's much I can do to stop its arrival, anyway. There's no escaping. I'm on a train going full speed ahead.

    The unknown is disturbing; it's beautiful and exciting to know the promises, but the uncertainty remains. What would it be like to die?

    Will I suffer terribly? Scream and cry for death to take me? Maybe, I'd go to sleep in my bed one night and wake up somewhere else come morning.

    Wouldn't that be nice? To die in my sleep, unaware of what's happening.

    Yet, I know that kind of death is not for me. I sense it...

    Maybe the increasing pain is a warning that my death isn't going to be so easy. I have a feeling God is going to make me face the Grim Reaper head-on.

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    Death, the inevitable.

  • rumaysah 4w

    Stop button

    The night feels as light as a brownie.
    My phone's in my hand and it's shouting.
    I've got to listen. Pay it attention.
    ℎ .
    I might go insane.

    When I had the cage.
    And you had a pistol
    pointed to my head
    And you kinda wished you
    could drive me to the edge.
    But I crawled out instead.

    (Stop button)


    The night feels as fragile as fresh loaves of bread.
    The high's still at half price, I'll sell you some hell.
    Blended with cold rainbows, stars and wishing wells.
    I'd give you a dream, like the Peddler could sell.

    ℎ' .
    Catch winds and die thrice.
    And the third time's the charm.
    You'd find you a Heaven
    with wings on your arms.
    Or find you the devil
    who just wants a clear view
    of all that you wish for
    so he'd bring them to life.

    (Stop button)


  • rumaysah 4w

    I love you


    So, I was taking a walk
    and it crossed my mind
    that I love you.
    I love you.
    Must have thought it a thousand times.

    You turn my lights on,
    like lights out
    on rednights

    Your beauty ties me down
    to the ground
    and I can't fight.

    To watch
    I have to let this play.

    To surf,
    I need the rainy days.
    So I can call you with the windows open,
    and ask if you can feel the rain.


  • rumaysah 4w

    My life's enthusiasm is
    slipping through like sands
    to the base of a hourglass.
    I dance with smiles
    in the furnace of life,
    skin unscathed,
    but my soul marred and charred.

  • rumaysah 4w

    We're just teens who is going through lot lately. We feel insecure and believe we look like a mess. We feel hopeless all the time. No one is there to help at the time you needed it, keep asking why we're being treated this way but no reply.

    We don't know what hurts but it hurts, this moment is the hardest and we keep believing it's a phase that has no end. We carelessly fall in love, get attached and then broken. Then we push people away knowing the out come, knowing that we'd hurt them once again, so we choose to stay alone. We make decisions due to our state of mind but we know it wouldn't be easy.

    You met a saviour but also left like others and we turned our back from others, Why? Because we're hurt. When your hands are tied and you're tired, you seek for acceptance but you find none, you're shattered and feel horrible, maybe you have issues because you seem not to understand anymore.

    Suicide thought visits everytime you are down.

    "Stop Pretending" some who doesn't understand make fun of our situation.

    We became an angry person, why? Because what we've been done we never deserved any. We pray to God with our arms open, hope He will save us from this one day.

    We wished we died or created as animals, funny? Not at all.This shouldn't be, sometimes we caused all of these because we let them hurt us, we gave them permission to and brought ourselves so low all because they gave us attention when we think we needed it the most but little did you know that, your weakness is a weapon they will later use against you.

    People come into our lives, make us happy and then leave. Leaving us to find out what we did wrong, whearas, we aren't at fault. But I learnt that people come and people go. One just need to deal with it and avoid being entitled to someone all the time because it would cost alot to end the game.

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    Everything will be okay.

  • rumaysah 4w

    I have two versions.

    I will either be a silly, childish, kind and talkative soul who will keep on irritating you or,

    Just a silent, arrogant, rude and boring person who doesn't interact at all.

    So, basically, which version you get depends on the kind of bond we share.