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  • rumanrulesneverend 1w

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    Not every sheet stain indicates love, some are getting forced to bleed. some as love most as lust. how the humanity has died in the human as if the end of this world is not so far. we say the death gives peace, but what of those innocent souls who die right after a rough touch. before this innocent Colleen screams, soul started burning in itself. even after hugging the death, they won't worth of the victims never gets fair play. society knows well how to contrary the victims and questioning her, they would defame her rather standing beside her being a backbone.

    A five year old girl bleeding the lust, pain before she bleeds of menstruation. before she learns what is human she lost faith in humanity, before she realize how powerful a woman can be she lost her dignity, before the tongue taste childhood candies he left merciless death on a soul. before she starts speaking probably he choked her neck with his lust.
    tonight thought of knitting my childhood memories in a thread of happiness in a fairy tale dream and wants to share with my friends and was excited for grandma stories which she was going to tell about how a woman changes this world as a paradise. but grandma never told the story of a bad male, that the human has no fear of God. she never taught me a self defence she always teaches me how a woman can be a heart of her men. but why parents won't tell a story of self defence why always princess tale stories. it's beautiful to adorn your daughter's life, but its blissful to make your daughter strong. this cosmos is not that safe, as we think. make your daughter dream beautiful as well make her strong like the roots.

    may be they didn't know on the judgement day they'll gonna hang between the land and the seven skies. may this universe didn't know how to justify, but your crime that you committed was already filed in an almighty's court. they can't escape from there sinners.

    why won't they understand. if their hormones are getting imbalance then why won't they get married and have Chaste with their soul mate. why they kill the innocent souls for lust. why this lust in human makes em blind that they won't even think of an age of a victim. how come they even think of touching a girl without her concordance.

    A teenager the state of being immature, but have the sense to feel the positivity and the safe people's around, she's strong enough the pain of the cramps she suffer for every month. she can fight with the world alone. what she need is (trust, no judgement, neither raise any interrogation on character) before acknowledging the truth, she is terrified of her own society, she's a female that's not always meant of her fault if she got hunted by the lust. she needs the society to stand with the righteous person, support the innocent souls. stop always blaming "She"

    a seventeen year old girl may not be a mature girl, but she knows well what rectify. yesterday, after college off i went nearby park to spend a time with my own self cause i lost a cheerful part of mine. we used to spend a lot of time together. when it was about to twilight was missing my best friend, even more as time passing by, who has passed away a week ago cause she became a victim of lust, of the three beasts, she bleeds of sexual coercion and killed by em brutally. perhaps she is dead, but her soul screams for justice. and still she hasn't got it. the beasts are free from punishment cause the government maybe they wanna give em a chance to breath again why they won't kill em on the spot.

    mamma always said a women should hide the feminine napkins we should tolerate the cramps we shouldn't talk to the guys, but she never said that before you think you are a girl just remember you give a birth to the male as well you should, you can have to be strong to fight with em she never said to raise the voice against violence and a crime of a male she always taught for sufferance. she never said you are a girl you've to fight with the whole world alone. cause she said no matter whose fault it is, the fingers are pointed only at the girl. raising the voice against violence will only mutilate the girl.

    society matters for em not justices neither their daughters. don't know how many girls who became the victims and died of suffocation, which make them numb that their voices for justice will not be raised, it will be a disgrace to our own spirit. and don't know how many girls and their families would have been buried, raising the voice for justice.

    when i felt deeply how the dusk, eat the dawn. hits me harder. but the nature was the proof after every dark night they was a blessed morning, what we should do is shouldn't lose the hope till the death knocks the door.

    An adult a twenty nine year old independent woman who got a victim of a stalker in her own office by her employee it is not necessary to touch, a grubby look is enough, to make a woman worrisome. the lust beasts are everywhere on the earth just like a curse. they torture mentality and they behave physically they won't give up until they leave her in a pain of Bloodlust. it's not that possible to keep control of anxiety every time, sometimes it's more harder to behave normal. it's more desperate to handle ourselves because we suffer every moment and a deadline around us. and some responsibility over on the shoulders, which won't let to quit the job. but that's not meant to stop yourself to take a stand. and there we and ourselves are equally sinful, who do not raise a voice against the wrong and the violence. are the same sinners, the one who commits oppression and the one who tolerates are both equally crooked.

    don't give em a other change to look at you, before that kill em with your voice of silence. my husband always used to tell me that a woman shouldn't feel weak like "she can't stand alone", she can't raise her voice against violence. every feminine has the right to raise her voice. the one who suppresses their own voice even after staying on the right path is guilty and deserved punishment. and he always admonished me that, not every male is a man, some are more than a cacodemon (the curse that they have brought upon themselves in the form of a human).

    but remember a woman gives birth, but she never raises her son as a lust, it's all upon him/her to choose the way of living, they get themselves into the hell as well their families suffer for lifetime.
    so don't blame the parents, neither thy solicitude.

    even after getting buried, the darkness of the grave won't let the serene reset in the innocence screaming souls.
    the death should be natural and peaceful shouldn't be painful either lustful.

    stand for yourself before you want the society to stand for you. a righteous person.

  • rumanrulesneverend 4w

    He painted my soul with the hues of the rainbow
    and penned my graveyard with the ink of the sunshine
    that the gloomy has never entered underneath of my grave yet!
    And he fed my body with his poetries of good deeds
    which rhyme as forgiveness of my sins

    died in 90's still breathing in his breath

  • rumanrulesneverend 4w

    Seven skies scream clouds shed tears on midnight,
    when my poetry rhyme on me, on every starless night
    rather paints him with hues of my pain

  • rumanrulesneverend 4w

    I can't be a complete poetry until he writes lies on me

  • rumanrulesneverend 4w

    the love we
    painted on our

    i die,
    burn me
    in your poetic

    those love's
    tangled which
    rhyme on

  • rumanrulesneverend 5w

    i was
    my last breath
    in his arms. he said.
    in our next life you'll be
    a poetry and i'll be an ink.
    when i get buried in the grave.
    he said. the ashes of yours will
    gonna turn into a paper and my
    shed tears like a metaphor

  • rumanrulesneverend 6w

    I won't let my soul burn in your poetries until my ink dies writing on you

  • rumanrulesneverend 6w

    I can't put you into words, you are more than a complete poetry

  • rumanrulesneverend 6w

    death poetries
    on me with his love
    bleeding ink, on a sheet
    of my body. when my soul
    shriek his name from the sepulchre,
    he gets burned himself, when a hope
    gets an end of my comeback

  • rumanrulesneverend 7w

    If my soul lost its existence, then find me in his poetries