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  • ruhi_fatima 9w

    28/9/2021 ( launch day of

    From getting selected on june 24, 2021 to sign an agreement on Aug 4, 2021 and delivering our first order on 28/9/2021,

    The journey of begins (platform that aims to provide home cooked food for those who crave for home food but can't get it due to living in hostels or staying away from home for work and also provided an opportunity for homechefs who wants to earn right from there home ).

    We are open for orders now

    Just visit us at

  • ruhi_fatima 12w

    The beauty of his eyes is at extremity
    The charm of his face is at infinity

  • ruhi_fatima 26w

    Every time I look at some people and realize:
    Wo chahe sar se payr tak kyun naa badal jaayein
    Lekin unki fitrat sau baar tauba kabhi nhi badalti

  • ruhi_fatima 27w

    Kisi se humdardi aakhiri gunaah thi
    Abh usse bhi tauba

  • ruhi_fatima 28w

    Woh jo meri har zubaan se nikley baat ko khwahish samajkar pooray kartha tha uskey akheeri khwahish bhe main poori naah karpaayi

  • ruhi_fatima 31w

    I pray you to be happy again,with the deepest cut healing in your heart

  • ruhi_fatima 37w

    I wish i just forget some of the particular days in my life

  • ruhi_fatima 38w

    She tried her best to hide her love
    But someone took his name
    "She blushed ,everything revealed".

  • ruhi_fatima 39w

    Kisi ne sach kaha hai khudaya koi kisi ka nhi
    Tere siwa❤

  • ruhi_fatima 44w

    Aankhaon ko tera chehra miljaaye
    Toh bechaini me bhi sukoon miljaaye
    Khwabaon me teri yaadein agar naa ho
    Toh teri khwahish me hum tadapte mil jaayye