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  • rud_ra 10w

    My heart shatter to bits
    Whenever i imagine u with someone else...!!!

    Nd may be thts d reason why i overthink
    Nd create prblm that don't even exist ...!!!!

    Yss i do feel jealous,
    Seeing u with someone else
    broke something inside me
    Nd It really hurts ...!!!!

    I know i am bad at expressing things
    But that doesn't mean my feelings aren't genuine
    Believe me itzz purely genuine.....!!!

    I wish there was some way
    I could make u see how much u matter to me...!!!

    If only you get to know
    how much my heart Beats for you
    Then you will know
    your thrall over my heart.....!!!!

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    मै तुम्हे चांद केह दूं
    ये मुमकिन तो है ...

    लोग तुम्हे रात भर देखें
    ये मुझे गवारा नहीं ।

  • rud_ra 11w

    I try not to miss uh
    But in d end i still do ❤️

    No words can explain
    The way i am missing uh ❣️

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    Two types of me :

    1) I wanna talk to u
    2) I don't wanna bother u

  • rud_ra 12w

    You don't know
    How lovely you are ,
    You with your
    Cheeky half - smile
    The way you touch ur hair
    Your soft finger tips

    Nd those eyes
    Oh those intoxicating eyes
    They drawn me in ,
    Then slowly let me go .

    I don't know if i want to go .

  • rud_ra 13w

    That moment when the person u secretly love,
    Loves someone else !!!

    Seeing the one u love Loving someone else
    Is a different kindda pain . It feels like u r being
    Stabbed nd left to bleed until u die .
    That feeling when u always wanted to express
    Ur feelings to them , but u couldn't ....u couldn't bcz u r
    Too afraid of its consequences....nd all u r doing is watching them with someone else a dead man
    Who is hopelessly in love....u have already tried to forget her nd move on ...but everytime u attempt it gets more nd more worse ...nd u r having hopes that somehow one day u would express ur love to them nd they'd accept it .deep inside u know itzz gonna happen only in ur dream but ....������
    What else can u do !!!!

    Nd itzz quite obvious, If they have a better option than you then why would they choose you

    Nd also u can't force someone to love u back...!!!

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    पुरी कायनात उसे चाहने में लगी थी
    और हमें लगा कि हम कुछ अलग करने चले है !!!

  • rud_ra 14w

    I hardly message someone on my own ,
    But when i do , itz either of two reasons:

    1. Itz something very important
    2. Itz d person who is most important

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    I texted u to have conversations,
    Not d collection of hmm , kk , Acha , Haha , Gn etc etc...

    I will write you in d blank pages of my diary
    Nd then read u page by page to see
    where i failed to know u better nd impress u .

  • rud_ra 16w

    I'm the type of person who :

    Who can climb mountain for u ,
    If u ever walk a mile with me .

    Who can cross oceans to meet u ,
    If u ever put an effort to be with me .

    Who can fight with entire world for u ,
    If u ever help me in an argument.

    Who can be d strongest pillar of ur life ,
    If u ever support me in my trouble.

    Who will never let u down ,
    If u ever trust me .

    Who can do everything for u ,
    If u ever do something for me .

    Who can stay with u forever ,
    If u ever value my existence.

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    I'm d type of person who Never tell anyone
    what's there in my heart .

    But i want u to understand me
    Without saying anything

  • rud_ra 19w

    Never beg someone to be in ur life
    if u text , visit nd still get ignored .
    Walk away itz called self respect
    - Steve Wentworth

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    4 reasons why stopped texting
    people that i once texted everyday :

    1. They changed
    2. They make me feel ignored
    3. They talk rudely now
    4 . They only start a conversation
    If i text them first .

    Be with someone who says
    Let's fix this
    Insted of letting you leave

  • rud_ra 21w

    Not all men are dogs ,all of us don't rape , we get judged on street too , for our clothes nd physique

    We too get cheated , bad grlz ruin our lives too , nd we can't even cry , as macho us can't be a softy too.

    Sorry for d creeps , but some are gentleman too,
    When we show social courtesies, some judge us desperate too.

    Not stone hearted , we men break down bad too,
    We too need love nd care , we need those reassuring hugs too .

  • rud_ra 21w

    It's not easy to be a man
    He is asked to forgive
    d ones who hurt him
    He is asked to move on when
    He is cheated
    He is expected to sacrifice
    His worthiest dreams
    He is not permitted to show
    His emotions nor his frustration

    Even his achievements r ignored
    His abilities suppressed
    His honesty is given
    A name of stupidity

    His dedication is mistaken
    For stubbornness
    Shyness becomes arrogance
    Defending become cowardness
    Nd appreciation from others
    ends in childhood

    #happy international men's day

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    Being male is a matter of birth
    Being a man is a matter of age
    But being a gentleman is a matter of choice

  • rud_ra 21w

    M pyaar tumse karta hun
    Lekin batane se darta hun

    Dur khade hokar dekhta hun
    Lekin paas aane se darta hun

    Tum dost mujhe maante ho
    Par pyaar m tumse karta hu

    Kaheen tumhe kho na dun
    Isliye zara batane se darta hun

    Par sach bataun to Beintehaa
    mohabbat M sirf tumse hi karta hun ...