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  • ruchika_sharma 159w

    Life story

    During the beautiful journey of life,
    some are growing by crossing the bridges of beautiful memories.
    some still flowing in the river of memories.
    some trying to grow with holding those memories.
    But at the end of this journey, only those wins who doesn't drown in this river and Cross that bridge peacefully.


  • ruchika_sharma 159w

    बड़ी शिद्दत से कोशिश करती हूं कि मेरे अल्फाजो में तेरा ज़िक्र ना हो,
    पर क्या करू, मेरी कलम उतनी ही शिद्दत से तुझसे मोहबब्त करती है।


  • ruchika_sharma 161w


    I want to fly high.


  • ruchika_sharma 163w


    कुछ पल की रोशनी थी, बाकि तो सब अंधेरा था।


  • ruchika_sharma 165w

    Here is another one and perfect one.
    @worddreamer06 thank you for this piece.

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    I sit alone observing you from a distance.

    The way you smile,

    The way you stand,

    The way winter gives you chills and you snug your hands in your pockets.

    The way your hair moves along with the wind,

    The way you look at things.

    I keep looking at you in your eyes,

    But when you move your head in my direction,

    I avert my gaze to meaningless things around me.

    Every inch of you is poetically beautiful.

  • ruchika_sharma 165w

    Here is another one. I just loved it.
    Hope you guys keep showering some love here for us.
    @cynba_writes thank you so much for writing a beautiful piece.

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    The day we first met
    How could I ever forget,
    The boy who swore,
    he won't ever love any other
    Fall in love with her again and again
    The morning messages @7
    The college meeting point @11
    The gesture through the eyes
    That no one else did ever understand
    The secrets we had and the food money we shared.
    The little things about each other, we always cared
    Everything was so damn special
    Except for one thing,
    Even though everything was real
    The fate had other eyes to see
    Because according to you,
    There was nothing more than a friendship ever between you and me.
    And so I still talk to you everyday
    With a new memory to hold, care and share
    But as a friend
    Because now Every inch of me belongs to you
    And every inch of you belongs to him

  • ruchika_sharma 165w

    Words are healer for me. In these city lights, words are my best friend.
    Well! Found something new.

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    Every inch of me
    Has it's own flaws
    And glow of shine
    But none of of us are perfect
    without these flaws.
    The flaws are a part of us,
    Understand them and not neglect them.
    Work on them.
    Because it's our flaws
    Which strives us towards perfection.


  • ruchika_sharma 165w

    तेरी यादों के साथ हो जाएंगे ख़तम!


  • ruchika_sharma 167w

    In the lap of love,
    Two shattered stars gazing eachother.

    Crisp weather with roaring minds,
    Holding hands with pain and wine.

    Bachelorette night,
    She becomes someone's wife.

    Adorable friend of her,
    Watching strain inside her.

    Kisses, hugs and manymore,
    'Cause will be no sunshine anymore.

    Bleeding tears in his absence,
    Soaked by his presence.

    Yet so far, yet so close,
    'Cause no one wants to go.

    Destiny set them apart,
    Eternal love fulfilled the forbidden paths.

    His and Her heartache at height,
    'Cause its our "LAST NIGHT"

    By- Ruchika Sharma

    Hope you like it guys

    @sagacious_miss @chandankushwaha @darkerthanblack
    @ritika_writes_ @drsasmitawrites_ @ruchiabhisikta12 @ritesh8222 @massumthoughts @shreeraj

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    His and Her heartache at height,
    'cause its our LAST NIGHT.

    (Read in caption)

  • ruchika_sharma 169w


    आ भी जाओ अब कितना इंतजार काराओगे........