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  • ruby_sun 2w

    Let me go

    I've been getting used to of waking up alone
    Was kinda habitual of calling you mine
    Tell everyone I'm happier since you left
    But I still think of you everytime

    When the lights go down I forget what's real
    The pain numbs till reality hits me hard
    Pretending to be happy everyday
    I kinda wish you knew how you ripped my heart

    I deny myself to love you but my heart is wayward
    I can't let my feeling subside
    You broke it and now you'll never see
    How hurt I am after you left me behind.

    I fell for you too deep, I really did
    And now I wish we had never met before
    Not because I still love you with everything
    But because you let me go.

  • ruby_sun 2w

    Okay, but not really okay

    This feeling of stinging pain,
    Stinging pain overwhelming my mind.
    My mind telling me to let go
    Let go of all the hurt I hold on so tight.

    It was almost like a fairytale,
    A fairytale with a happy ending.
    Happy ending with nothing but a hollow,
    A hollow where light's way is still amending.

    I've walked the line, among the shadows
    The shadows of nothing but mere ghosts of my desire.
    My desire to be me, it's forgotten
    It's forgotten, now that I've set myself on fire.

    I remember the time I said, I'd do everything for you
    For you I'll become perfect and deserving
    And deserving enough to fit into your moulds
    Your moulds, I don't fit in there. Now I find myself swerving.

    Would you be happy if I fit in?
    Fit in, no matter how much it hurts me.
    Hurts me like hell, I'm pained, I bleed with no wounds
    No wounds but wounds of soul, and they deepen as sadness flees.

  • ruby_sun 2w

    Waldorf Apple Story

    Long time back the world had just one apple tree,
    A seedling with small roots and no branches, just a baby.

    One night, while watching the sky and admiring the stars.
    He wished to touch them, so he stretched his fragile arms.

    Everyday he tried, but failed miserably,
    His branches kept stretching till he became a great apple tree.

    Sadness came over for he still failed to reach the stars,
    He cried in the endless nights so dark.

    A star fairy passing by, heard his sobs and came near
    She asked him if he was crying out of fear.

    He replied, "Oh, star fairy, I want to touch the stars up there,
    But I dont know how cause I'm way down here!"

    Smiling, the star fairy said, "I will bring you back a star,
    But it will be awhile cause the stars live too far. "

    The star fairy flew back to the sky, days became months,
    The tree left in wonder, awaited for her return.

    In spring, he grew blossoms-pink and beautiful leaves,
    The blossoms turned white after the summer reached.

    He noticed the flowers turn into fruits tiny,
    In fall they became apples, big and shiny.

    He forgot of the stars for which he had cried,
    He was happy with the grown adornments he held with pride.

    One night the fairy returned with a basket full of stars,
    "Oh your branches hold apples! So how would you hold these? "; she asked.

    "Oh, thank you, Star Fairy, " the tree exclaimed,
    "but I don't want the stars now, I want my apples to remain. "

    Star fairy thought and then said, "I will give each apple a star deeply hidden,
    Every time someone cuts open an apple, they'll find a star within!"

    And with that, on every apple her wand she hovered,
    To this day, every apple has a star buried for you to discover.

  • ruby_sun 2w


    Besties till the end of time,
    Ghosties after life,
    Accomplice to one another,
    Crazy like each other,
    A bond like no other...

  • ruby_sun 2w

    My life's tragedies, are comedies for others

  • ruby_sun 2w

    A speck in the galaxy, part of a constellation.
    Unique and solitary, yet connected in the congregation.

  • ruby_sun 2w

    I own a canvas in unique shape and texture,
    'Tis nothing else but my heart.
    Waiting for someone to come by and create a masterpiece ,
    Unaware of the fact that "someone" could've been *me* from the start...

  • ruby_sun 2w

    The Little Paris Bookshop
    The City Of Marvels
    Moby Dick
    Pride and Prejudice
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    Harry Potter series
    And btw #she is #me

    #travel #miraquill #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #wod#miraquill @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Fell in love with the City of Love, explored Paris when she turned 18
    Saw Barcelona turn into a modern city from a mere labyrinthine.
    In the vast stretch of blue her ship set up on motion
    High and low in search of a massive whale in the ocean
    Hertfordshire, is her favorite place to be,
    Owning an estate there is her dream.
    Sings praises of Narnia she opens her cupboard often,
    Waits everyday for the magic portal to open
    Sorted in Ravenclaw, when she was called upon Hogwart's doors
    Even fought against "YOU KNOW WHO's" evil force
    You see, she has never been on a flight but still her life is full of advents,
    Cause she travelled a long way through every book, every chapter's end...

  • ruby_sun 2w

    One thing we all learn at some point, is that no matter where you are:
    Love, hatred, kindness, good, evil...
    All the emotions feel the same everywhere.
    And people, despite of speaking different tongues and having different appearances, are all the same.
    Same flesh, same bones, same blood.
    We love, we make mistakes, we learn. Each of us living our own story.
    Entwined to one another in some way or the other.

  • ruby_sun 2w

    If only

    Our truth written by fate,
    Was learned by us when we were too late.
    We had quit our destiny, when together we could have been unscathed.
    Farewell, we bade.
    If only, just a little longer we had stayed.
    If only we had held onto each other a little longer that day,
    Alas! we let it fade...