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  • rozella 13w


    From the moment I met you
    Nothing is in my head except you...
    From dawn till dusk
    You keep haunting my thoughts...
    Even in dreams
    You keep coming!

    I smile insanely
    Looking at that DP...
    At that sunkissed face
    And that soulful eyes
    Glancing at me, so adorably.

    Though the time flies by
    With the day and night changing by...
    I couldn't take you off me
    My you filled thoughts
    That runs in me

    No matter where I am
    No matter how busy I am
    A second I become unoccupied!
    And there, my mind wonder on
    How you do?!

    Unconditional and eternally
    I love you my version, so deeply
    We may not be a forever
    But you'll be the only one in my heart ever

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    Lost in you!

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  • rozella 19w

    Our frequent availability for someone is not valued
    till the day of our permanent absence comes!

  • rozella 26w

    What hurt you
    the most??
    They asked.

    Finally realizing I
    was just a page
    in the life of the
    one who meant the
    world to me,
    I replied.

  • rozella 27w

    When someone is mine.
    I share that one with no one!!
    And the thought of having to share that one with anyone...
    Shatters my heart completely!!

  • rozella 27w

    At times when you really need someone...
    You have no one.
    And when you don't want anyone...
    There will be so many!!


  • rozella 27w

    Temporary people we meet in life teach us so many lessons ...
    But we always look into the scars they left within us !!!

  • rozella 30w

    Mostly #temp
    ||Just tried something||

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    Since the day I met you..
    I loved you like no other...
    But the word distance always
    made me afraid...
    afraid of losing my love for you..
    But darl,
    loving you from a long distance
    actually strengthened my love for you♡

  • rozella 32w

    There were too many problems around...
    but your words always brought
    a smile in me.
    The broken me never failed to fall in love
    with your utmost care♡
    but little did I know that
    it was all a part of formality! .

  • rozella 33w

    Not physically alone!...
    But mentally...
    I find no one in sight!!!

  • rozella 34w

    I'm definetely not the same happy person once I was...
    And I DON'T wish to become fine again��.

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    I'm in love with the darkness and loneliness...
    Though once it was hard to accept...
    Later I found it the BEST♡