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  • roza_leen 2h

    Lost soul

    I was lost in my memories until I saw my lost soul in a dark violent mystry

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    Gimme topics

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    Gimme topics?

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    I look at u and see the rest of my life in front of my eye u go away !

    The deliciousness of you is 'loveable'

    The taste of you is 'enjoyable'!

    My heart melts out when I see you

    Dear chocolate~

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    I get likes but no followers

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    People say true friend always hold hands!

    But there is no need to hold hands Coz their hands are already attached
    and always be their

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    Gimme me topics

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    Should I quit?

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    Boy are never
    friends we are forever

  • roza_leen 6w

    The hidden detective agency ️‍♀️

    Continued by

    She answered "when are u coming"
    He answered "now, cut the call
    She answered "fine, but but
    He answered "bye Alex
    "Beep bop"
    I'm so excited cried Alex maybe today is gonna be a magical day. But where Is the detective agency!

    Ting tong the bell rang
    mom cried "Alex open the door!"
    Mom I am.....
    Mom cried I said open the door maybe it's your brother
    Alex said fine mom
    She opened the door
    There were 3 strangers standing and wearing black suits

    They asked are u Alex?

    Alex answer "umm yeah"

    Alex answered "how do u know me?

    One of the Stanger said "Aiden is arrested is he your brother ? He asked curiously!!

    Alex= what!! she shouted
    Her mom was in the room
    When she heard Alex shouting she came out of the room and was standing with Alex

    Her mom answered = my son is arrested! Why? What? where?

    The stranger said he was in our detection area!

    Mom answered "what is that"

    Stranger said "it is a place where we detectives stay"

    Alex asked = excuse me but wait can u show me where is it?

    Stranger said "sure, but u should bring your parents with you

    Mom said "my husband is in the office"

    Stranger said "call him and we need your name and your mobile number"

    Mom said "okay she said but why do u need my number?

    Stranger said "I need it before we go in detection area
    Mom said = umm okay, my number is 654*******
    Stranger said = and make sure that your son doesn't do this again
    Alex said= sir, my brother is with us in the house he is the restroom so he didn't do anything
    Stranger said=hopefully we forgive y'all it's okay

    Alex said=tysm!
    Mom said "I will make sure nothing happens!
    Stranger said "is he still in the restroom?"
    Alex said =yes, I'll call u when he gets out and my dad is coming

    Stranger said" okay,

    There was another ting tong
    Mom!! It's brother
    Mom cried out brother!!?
    U said he is in the restroom
    Alex said mom that was a lie to save him
    Mom said aha it's okay

    Alex opened the door
    Hi Alex what's up
    Mom said Aiden where were you?
    Aiden said I was with kina,Leah, and jake
    We were in Leah's house
    Mom said why didn't u tell me that?
    Alex answered mom I told u that in the night u don't remember!
    Mom said "nvm but we have to call dad and we have to go somewhere
    Aiden said where?
    Alex said "detection area!"
    Aiden said what!????!!!
    Mom said "yes!"

    Beep bop beep beep
    The phone rang.
    Mom picked the call

    Aron come home
    Why Ariel?
    Come on u have too
    Okay comming
    Beep beep
    Phone cuted