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  • royalwriter 2w

    What is love ?

    Love is when two people touch each other's soul.
    Love is honesty and trust.
    Love is helping one another.
    Love is mutual respect.
    Love means that differences can be worked out.
    Love is reaching your dreams together.
    Love is the connection of two hearts.
    ........yours and mine!

  • royalwriter 61w


    Ek din hum aapse itne
    Door ho jaayenge ki
    Aasmaan ke in taaro
    Mein kahi kho jaayenga
    Aaj meri parwaah
    Nahi aapko... Par
    Dekhna ek din hadh se
    Jyaada hum aapko yaad

  • royalwriter 61w

    By unknown writer

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    Rone se kisiko paaya
    Nhi jaaya jaata
    Khone se kisiko
    Bhulaaya nhi Jaata
    Waqt sabko milta hain
    Zindagi badalne ke
    Par zindagi nahin
    Milti waqt badalne ke

  • royalwriter 71w

    Happy New Year 2021

    May the New Year bring only
    Happiness and joy to you and
    Your beautiful family.
    Happy New Year!

  • royalwriter 73w

    Merry Christmas

    May the spirit of Christmas
    Bring you and your family
    Hope, love, and happiness.
    Merry Christmas.

  • royalwriter 79w

    Happy Diwali

    May this festival of lights
    Brightens your life and brings
    Happiness, joy and prosperity
    For you and your family
    Happy Diwali

  • royalwriter 83w

    Happy Durga Puja

    May your journey to your dream
    Destination never be interrupted;
    And even a smallest hurdle be
    Removed by DurgatiNashini Maa Durga.
    Happy Durga Puja❗

  • royalwriter 86w


    लाख गुलाब लगा लो
    तुम अपने आँगन में,
    जीवन में खुश्बू तो
    के आने से ही होगी....

  • royalwriter 86w

    "Feelings are
    Just visitors,
    Let them come
    And go. "

  • royalwriter 86w

    Jis Relationship Mai
    Bahut Sara Pagalpan Ho,
    Woh Relationship Kabhi Fake
    Nahi Ho Sakta