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  • royalty12 1d

    I know I have gone for so long again. I have had some back times but I promise to make up for everything.

    Royalty cares❤❤

    #love #life #thoughts #wod

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    When you fall in defeat
    Rise again and dust yourself,
    Begin to walk again,
    If that's all it takes,
    No matter what danger life poses,
    There's something better at the end.

  • royalty12 1d

    Live every moment grateful

    #mirakee #thoughts #life #wod

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    Today is the tomorrow we'd said would come,
    Yesterday is the present we'd always live to remember,
    Tomorrow is the future we'd soon reach.

  • royalty12 6w

    I love me!������

    #life #thoughts #sod #pod

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    My Life

    My life is an adventure
    I would want to take
    Again and again,

    My life is an experience
    I would want to relive,
    Again and again,

    My life is a testimony
    I would want to share,
    Again and again,

    My life is a name
    I would want to say,
    Again and again,

    My life is a story,
    I would read a thousand times.

  • royalty12 7w

    Hey guys! I know I have been away for so long and maybe no one cares or no one misses me or someone is silently judging. I am sorry, anyways. I have lost much during this time, I just don't feel myself and even if I want to write down an inspiration, I just don't feel my pen. My phone isn't very good and I hope for a better one as my birthday present (March 5). I have had a lot of busy moments, the preceding weeks and I wouldn't involve anyone in my down moment. Here I am back again and I think that's what really matters.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #writersbay #thoughts #wod #pod #life #poetry

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    Experiences make people

  • royalty12 10w

    Just know it!
    Hold it like a watchword
    #tailrhyme #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Life is a race
    We need to taste,
    With our shoes well laced,
    Like on a marathon lane.

  • royalty12 10w


    Life is beautiful,
    Living is amazing,

    It's beauty all round,
    From its up to its down,

    It's adventure galore
    From the worst to the best moments,

    Life is wonderful,
    Living is amazing,

    Every step farther
    Is another thrill of excitement,

    Every lesson learnt
    Is another experience gained,

    Life is beautiful,
    Living is worthy,
    Whatever it is.

  • royalty12 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Hollow

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    A hollow wind

  • royalty12 13w

    You're beautiful,
    You're unique,
    Don't mind whatever
    They say you are,
    Or what flaw
    They claim to see,
    Even if it's true,
    It'd soon become a praise,

    You're who you're,
    There's no other body
    Just like you,
    Don't ever let
    Their talks influence
    Who you are,
    Even if they are right,
    You had soon get past it,

    Keep on love,
    Don't relent,
    The world would come
    To admire your uniqueness
    And appreciate your being.

  • royalty12 15w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Ebb

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    The ebb of life forever takes away our bad memories.

  • royalty12 15w

    Happy new year everyone, welcome to 2021. It's certainly gonna be a wonderful year for everyone, very certainly.
    To achieve this goal of a successful and better 2021, there are things to do. To everyone that wishes to make this year a better year, there are things to do. You don't just wake to a better 2021.
    So, we would go over these things randomly.
    1. Learn: learn from the mistakes of 2020, the failures, the setbacks and successes and aim to make them even better. Close the loopholes, return to the right roads and be a better person.
    2. Set levers, make goals: To achieve success and eternal joy in this year, you've to make goals, long termed, short termed, Make goals, a plan to run with for the rest of the year.
    3. Action: act on whatever plans you have made. Make sure you act towards it and work towards it. Don't sit and say 2021 will be a wonderful year for me when you are not making any effort towards making it really. Be wise.
    4. Determination: Be determined to be the best 2020 stopped you from being, in whatever area at all. By making goals and acting on them as earlier said. Keep striving for the best. Don't be too desperate, be determined, I say.
    5. Be happy: Life isn't a bed of roses folks say, that is just as true. There would always be setbacks, pain times, trouble storms, but with everything be happy, because in happiness the way naturally comes. Be happy and optimistic.
    6. Stick with God: In whatever you do and however you do it, stick with God - your God, whoever you worship or hold unto. Don't lose hope in the power of your God, whoever you are Muslim, Christian, whatever you are. Keep being connected to your God.
    These are the few I can write now. 2021 is going to be your best year if you put these things and more to practice.
    Happy new year again������

    #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork #poetry #poemsforever #thoughts #life #wod #sod #pod #seed

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    A beautiful house requires a beautiful plan and a beautiful hand.