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  • roxana91 9h

    Wrong direction

    Every road I've walked
    Has taken me in the wrong direction ...
    Too far from you, close to mistaken.

    Every word I said created misunderstandings,
    Your ears didn't want to listen to me.
    Your mind didn't want
    To understand my reasons.

    You took every smile like a bad joke,
    You took every look like a sunset
    Without sunrise and hugs.

    Every song I sing brings back
    Memories of someone before,
    With whom you laughed,
    With whom you drank juice
    And with whom you
    Walked through the park at 1 p.m.

    It won't be the same without you,
    But I'm used to the loneliness of my room.
    Every road I've walked
    Has taken me in the wrong direction ...
    Too far from you, close to mistaken.

  • roxana91 10h

    Without tears

    The night falls on my bones,
    I move my eyes,
    But I can't shed my broken tears
    To someone new now.

    I have frozen breath,
    I hate to keep looking for it,
    But not to find it where it belongs -
    Next to my blood, skin and lips.

    The night gathers my thoughts in my mind,
    Mixing my pride with what is already flowing
    Through the green veins,
    Through my gray desires.
    Through the fire.

    The night drowns me in sleep,
    I breathe enough to move
    My lungs and fears.
    I wait for the morning
    Some good news...
    Falling in love without bleeding.
    Falling in love without tears.

  • roxana91 11h

    Your red mouth

    The sun looks good in the mirror,
    I get lost in your red mouth.
    My feelings ask me to tell you
    Beautiful stories about them.
    This world keeps us at a distance,
    But God brings us close every time.

    Spring melted the snow,
    The trees blossomed alone,
    The leaves turned green,
    The day is longer and brighter,
    With hot temperatures
    And cold wine on the terrace.

    Yesterday left us together,
    Smiling when we can't find the right words,
    Finding a good connection that can get us
    Out of monotony, sadness, tears and disgust.

  • roxana91 19h

    Last smoke

    The sadness disappeared
    When you hugged me tight, dear.
    My heart was glued to your lips
    When you kissed me, when you bit my lip.

    Your words made sense to me,
    I could hear your thoughts
    Even when your mind, my thoughts
    And our eyes could not speak properly.

    One last smoke,
    One first cigarette.
    The first feeling I had, the first:
    "I'm really sorry and I'm scared."

    I don't know in which direction my life runs,
    I don't know which street to take.
    I don't know why I wear this name,
    I don't fit into their world... without you.

    Other arms are cold,
    Other mouths are dry.
    You get stuck in my past,
    I don't even know if you
    Still remember me the way I do.

  • roxana91 19h

    My blood and feelings

    I give voice to my thoughts,
    I give eyes to my heart.
    I leave the fears to my fingers.
    I let a stranger taste my blood and feelings.

    The wind walks my hair through the grass,
    Through the small rain of my life.
    In the hands of others,
    To not remember you again.

    I give life to my death,
    I give the truth of my lies.
    I keep my light in the night.
    I give love to the one who does not
    Understand the rules of my laugh.

    I set fire to time,
    I set time to memories.
    I came back from 0.
    To be happy without
    Somebody special near me.

  • roxana91 1d

    I don't want you

    I make you cry without wanting to,
    But I don't want you anymore.
    I'm sorry, girl.

    We can be good friends,
    We can talk by phone sometimes,
    But you don't ask me to come back.
    I don't have that condition in my heart.

    Your heart is cold to me,
    My veins are too hot.
    Don't come near me,
    Don't say sweet words to me.

    Don't hope for things
    That can never be accomplished.
    I can't be in your arms, girl!
    Please forgive me.

    I'm sorry, I don't deserve your tears.
    I'm sure you'll find someone
    Who will love you the way you deserve,
    And will treat you with respect.
    Goodbye for now.

  • roxana91 1d

    I think of you

    Memories cross my mind,
    You, the only one I've kept from the past.
    I think of you sometimes ...
    I hope at least you're fine. I'm half dead.

    I would ask you to come back,
    But it is impossible now.
    I have to get used to your shadow
    That passes like a sword
    From my veins through my stomach.

    But I'll smile, but I'll keep my lips busy
    With another mouth.
    But I'll dance to the songs you liked the most,
    Without being sad, angry or broke.

    I will be strong,
    I will keep you with me...
    Even if I can't see you there,
    Even if you can't have feelings for me.

    I will write you letters,
    I will write you about you
    With the sweetest words and emotions.
    If you want to come back,
    Just come back and stay here.
    Be my world!

  • roxana91 1d

    My whole heart

    You, the one who takes
    All my worries with one touch.
    You, the one who makes me smile
    Even when it's dark inside my breath.

    You, the one who kisses me sweeter
    Even when you know...
    They all look at us with hatred,
    But you love me more.

    You, the one who makes my heart beat
    At the same rate as your heart.
    You, the one who makes my life a pure poem,
    Writing my lyrics with smiles,
    Forgiveness and soft touches over my feelings.

    You, the one who never gives up on me
    Even if we argue sometimes.
    You the one who doesn't ask me for anything,
    You deserve my whole heart... everything!

  • roxana91 2d

    I make time

    I make time to forget about you
    For a few more seconds, for a few breaths,
    For a few drinks, for a few outings
    With my friends.

    I make time to think
    About the plans I made myself.
    I read your message but I don't want
    To answer you now.
    Give me some space.

    I make time to write poems,
    But I don't make time to send them to you.
    I make time for a hot shower, for a sugar-free tea,
    I made time for myself - to set my heart free.

  • roxana91 3d

    Our hearts

    Our hearts are broken
    But they still beat together.
    Our lips kissed liars
    But they still tell the truth to each other.

    Our eyes are felt even when the eyes blink.
    When I miss you, I start to sigh,
    Feeling my soul heavy and sick.

    You can hold my arm in your arms,
    You can catch my thoughts in your desire.
    You can tell me everything you think,
    I already loved you when you started
    Liking me back.

    I smile just to reach your smile,
    I like when you tell me by my name
    Because that's how
    I am sure I can use your name... being mine!