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  • rosewood33 4d


    For the most part mainly I love you but your always so insecure? Which I find attractive. But sometimes I rather watch you dance instead of sing. Sometimes I want you to be with me on the outskirts of life around us. I’m very much Intune with your flaws. So this time change and watch me brawl over you baby.

  • rosewood33 4w

    Fire wraps me up in its closest embrace. I only want to taste your lips if their laced with truths. I got only one heart and yet I want to give it to you. So remember me at my worst cause my best is only yet to come.

  • rosewood33 6w

    Faces pretend to care when all you do is not stare. Everything happens for a reason. And it kills me to listen. Eyes are caught to decide the truth. The secret society drives your demise. Anything can happen only if you lie to yourself, to sleep. Awaken the bright future you might actually gain a friend. Who isn’t the trouble the devil might send. Perfect isn’t around only if you make a sweet soft sound.

  • rosewood33 7w

    Cold heart

    Burns through the cold. Shivers in the dark. Clomps of dew on the grass you sat on forever ago and knew this wasn’t all up to you. Rivers in between us tastes like delight. Forever isn’t enough if it means I can’t stare into those riveting eyes. Everything tells a different story. So behind the scenes is what it really means to be alive, even that is just surviving. I’ll never let go of you cause I’ll be thriving.

  • rosewood33 9w

    (Love in my eyes)

    Living together in a holding embrace. Sinking in deeper into the ocean never out of place. Thoughts of you putting a pretty smile on my face. If anyone knows me it would be you alone. Flowing through me is the love that overtakes anything. Last but not least I’ll never let you go. I’ll show you everything in me. So you see what really is happening from beneath.

  • rosewood33 12w

    Dizzy spells pretending to sleep drowning in consuming voices. Watching for the night and the day. Softly someone stares at me slowly killing me. Racing towards time to catch up with the rest of the world. Remembering to much but still knowing being myself is what will always last forever. Never will I ever be ashamed even if things don’t turn out good in the end. Protecting my heart is nothing new to me. Saving what matters most in my life is important to keep.

  • rosewood33 14w

    Who are you you say?
    What do you want?
    Do you care I’m even beside you?
    Is there something you needed more than me.
    Something that can satisfy you to your peak.
    Winning and loosing you never were to pick a side.
    You had to go another way by yourself to find your own freedom even through all the hell.
    You carried yourself through a time of betrayal bitter sweet tears that made you last.
    Afterall you recovered you began to hear your name someone called so sweetly or was it to simply drive you insane?

  • rosewood33 23w

    Remember yourself

    Flying overhead looking down below. At the ruins know one will ever find to know. On the brink of danger she will discover a secret hidden place. The flickering lights of a burning flame would never go dead in the rain. She grew her heart in soul in this dance of freedom. Giving more than she took since light was driving her to seek a reason past any amount of pain. Following the sweetness of every breath she took the girl mastered the art of happiness without distain.

  • rosewood33 24w

    The answer is waiting no use in deliberating. If you saw what I saw you’d think your going crazy. The demons are walking. I can’t be afraid of their mocking. So time and time again. I see what lies below the surface. It’s written in the stars the patterns we shape ourselves through. I notice so much goes unsolved. Wanting nothing but the truth but still it’s a act of great patience to feel what’s real in you.

  • rosewood33 25w

    “Trust my own voice”

    So there it is again nagging me in my own head. Yet out of every slam from every word that was ever said. I spoke so swiftly to the negativity that used to cause me dread. I get a fresh perspective it’s not easy being human. Nothing is perfect which can only make more sense. I can’t ponder on everything that fights me that wants me to give up and simply fret. Listening to my own voice trusting my own words and knowing my soul isn’t trapped in between but rather free in all it’s being. Is releasing to just be yourself even if your a cast away to everyone else. I will always linger on my essence creating love for the void I call the whole in my chest. Since cause now it doesn’t matter what fear treads near me day by day. I only hold onto the songs of my life I sing so blatantly instead.