this heart isn't open to anyone except these words that define it

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  • rosella 91w

    "I've got a weak heart,
    And so the walls built high,
    Don't walk in if you only wish to leave"


  • rosella 92w

    "Have you ever felt the pain,
    When your tears don't fall,
    Yet your heart silently breaks"


  • rosella 93w

    Can I be your moon?

    I don't need your love,
    I know you'd rather give it to her,
    I don't need your time,
    I know you'd rather waste it on her

    I keep behind the doors,
    Watching you watch her,
    Your heart beating for her,
    Your eyes twinkling in love,
    Lying on the roses,
    You must have forgotten the thorns

    So can I be your moon,
    Lighting the sky when it gets dark and hard to cope,
    Can I be your moon,
    Bestowing love on the dead roots,
    Can I be your moon,
    Healing your other side thats left unspoken to,
    So can I just be your moon?


  • rosella 93w

    "Being lost in yourself is better than to be lost in the darkness"
    © Rosella

  • rosella 93w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Blame

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    "Lost in the sea, the blame is always on me"

  • rosella 93w

    "Everytime the sky cries,
    The Earth smiles,
    I often wonder,
    One needs to sacrifice for the other to survive"

  • rosella 131w

    Beinteha mohabbat karne ki himmat rakhte hai hum,
    Janab aashiqui main doobne ki himakat karte hai hum,
    Ishq wo lal rang hai,
    Jisme rangne ki chah rakhte hai hum

  • rosella 196w

    "Misfortune comes without obeying fate"

  • rosella 203w

    "Bieng perfect is tough
    But, perfection has its own flaws"

  • rosella 211w

    I'm like a canary locked in a cage
    My soul yearns to escape
    Unlike my heart
    It finds its happiness n sweet memories in here
    Far away from the dark world that awaits outside