my pen goes with a flow of my thoughts...✒️ : heredity if random thoughts ����

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  • roopa7 3w

    Slay points

    ⭐Depression is not anything classy.
    ⭐Apologising or forgiving will not degrade your dignity.
    ⭐A day spent with your family is never wasted.
    ⭐Don’t flex your possessions. Nothing is permanent.

  • roopa7 4w

    Subtle truth❤️

    We was in 1st or 2nd grade as I remember...

    Would you believe that we met for such a short time and barely got a word but still liked..?
    From my childhood what fascinated me the most were those two beautiful eyes it tells all the secrets they never tell lies! because of this reason ..I started to begun her like more and more...

    Same old quietness...!! But with more charming , prettier and cute little face...

    You won't believe we talk more than 2 hours and talked everything... time flies off...when I started talking with you..

    I have stopped notice everything when our conversation initiates

    It's hard to find someone who was 100%sweet and infinite innocence.....


    Our story beguns with childhood friendship and ended up with an UNBREAKABLE Bond ❤️❤️

    P.S:A short story of my frnd

  • roopa7 5w

    I never confess my feelings...even u know me 100%...
    Let the things just keep it with yourself...!!

    Even so, you have to try to be open to make sure that the girl understands how you feel and what intentions you have...!!
    people will treat as a lier,cheater...and what not..!!!!
    Feeling like the kind of bond had broken..
    Giving me some betrayal memories...

    P.S: Keep the things in PRIVATE until it becomes Permanent!!!

  • roopa7 5w

    Slay point

    Remember: You are going to die anyway. So chill out and spend some good time before you go six feet under the ground..
    P.S : I’m mature enough to understand “it doesn’t make any sense, i don’t need to prove my love through status”.

  • roopa7 5w

    Minute of ❤️

    This is my love nd affection!!
    A breath in the nest of ur life
    We will go across new skies and different places.
    Come with me,dear
    All day and night
    Shall I stay awake..
    May I survive for you between all these eras..
    Today is just a moment ...!
    Come here and fill my heart..
    Shall I be your soul...
    Will you bare your soul..
    Will you hold me off!

  • roopa7 6w


    If a person has lots of choice ...but still love the same passion as before(or same people)...of course !not only me..even you too attracted...
    Because ...A loyal person will be magnetize anyone!! ❣️

  • roopa7 6w

    see you soon!!

    I met as you a stranger..
    Thoughts you spread has sweet odour...!!
    Lovely smile...!!
    You lost me when I stopped asking questions ...and u stop noticed ..!!

    P.s :I wanna go back and hug my younger self so bad....

  • roopa7 6w


    "you changed"...yeah you hurt me, remember?

    P.s:Out of everything I lost, I miss myself the most


  • roopa7 6w

    Storing my

    Someone makes memories for me !!!
    Then I need to store in precious way !!!
    Right ??

    I will track and keep the memories within my articles ..❤️️

  • roopa7 7w

    That 3 lines

    ❤️Don't mix your thoughts will hurt u ..when you're in mess !choose one..
    Don't mix your emotions will destroy you soul ...pick the best rather than worst!
    ❤️ Don't flirt with you're heart will knot you're obession !!!!

    Keep hustling ☺️