lost soul in this beautiful world.. trying to find out the most BEAUTIFUL soul in ME�� insta :- rooh_lost_soul

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  • rooh_lost_soul 76w

    Today they might Extinct.
    Tomorrow for sure it will be YOU.



  • rooh_lost_soul 76w

    तेरे बिना कोई नहीं,
    जो मुझे मुझसे ज्यादा समझता
    जो मेरी बातों को गौर से सुनता
    और एक पल को भी मुझसे नज़रे न हटाता
    हाँ तुम भीड़ में शायद मेरी ओर देखते भी नही
    मगर झुकी नज़रो से मुस्कुराते हुए करीब से गुज़रते जरूर।

    तेरे बिना कोई नहीं
    जिसकी मोहब्बत में मैंने इबादत देखी थी
    और वो पवित्र सी चाहत भी, जिसने कभी
    लबों से अपने, मेरा नाम तक न लिया ।
    बहुत अधूरी हूँ, यूँ तुम्हारे चले जाने से
    काश तुमसे पहले रुख़सती मेरी होती, तो
    शायद तुम समझ पाते ,कि बिन तुम्हारे
    मैं आज भी बहुत अकेली हूँ..
    तुम्हारे अनकहे वादों से अब भी बंधी हूँ
    शायद इसलिए तुम्हें चाहकर भी भूली नहीं हूँ ।
    मेरी किसी कहानी किस्से शायरियों में तुम नही हो
    तुम्हारा एहसास सिर्फ मेरा है, और तुम सिर्फ मेरे हो....

    पर हाँ तेरा बिना कोई नहीं
    जो मेरे आँखों मे आने वाले अश्क़ से पहले
    उस वज़ह को ही मुझ तलक आने न दे।
    और एक पल को भी मुझसे ख़ुद को इस तरह तो दूर जाने न दे ....

  • rooh_lost_soul 97w

    His thoughts belong to her
    His memories belong to her

    His conditions won't belong to her
    His attitude won't belong to her

    She won't belong anymore to him

    She won't accept suffocated
    Surroundings of him

    Her unconditional serene love
    is still belongs to him.

  • rooh_lost_soul 98w

    Tears hides when they saw you smiling... Without me .


  • rooh_lost_soul 109w


    Let's dance on the
    Rhythm of life . Where
    My silence is your voice
    Your smile is my choice.

    My thoughts is your advise
    Your love is My lifetime prize .

    My simplicity is your precise
    Your messy look is my nice .

    Let's dance on the
    Rhythm of life,
    With you it was fine
    Without it is refine.

  • rooh_lost_soul 112w

    Corona changed not just mine
    But everyone's life .
    Truly agree this weaken our economy
    As well left us too financially weak.

    However I learnt to live with positivity
    Able to focus more on my creativity .
    This pandemic changed our Ability
    Not in a wrong side but towards purity .

    Everyone, everywhere is cursing this corona
    I too pray this will end soon and
    we all come out from unbearable trauma.

    Though I noticed few things which
    Make me feel good.
    Pollutions on our earth just got
    Drastically reduced.

    I can see the beautiful sky without burning my eyes.
    I can breathe the most clean air & feel the vibes.
    I can hear chirping of birds
    As they were asking food & care from us .

    I can listen the music of serene silence
    No honks, no noises coming from my doors.
    I can count how we saved from things
    Which were not even required for long.

    We started spending on our needs and
    Surprisingly we all cutdowns our greeds.
    I can see the unity in our homes &
    in our country as we all became one big family .

    Feeling proud when we all are aware & followed.
    Social distancing is what we all have to obey
    Wearing mask is important to keep movie away.

    Every coin has two sides.
    This corona scared me too
    Till the time I was in fear, instead of
    Following what our government decides.

    Later I realised and spread awareness
    Through my words to ignite other minds.
    The best lesson I learnt in life,
    No one can beat you until you won't give up.
    I was in a fear of loosing my loved one's
    Now my motive is to keep them safe &
    Make them strong.

    Though financially we are getting weak & weaker
    However we are happy as we all are safe and we all are together .

    A humble request to all my knowns & unknowns
    Please Stay positive along with your loved one's.

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  • rooh_lost_soul 112w

    Purest love I've ever received
    Always be the one whom i believed
    Present of mine is beautiful coz of his care
    A Man whom i love forever for being my father.


  • rooh_lost_soul 112w

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  • rooh_lost_soul 112w

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  • rooh_lost_soul 112w


    Soul defines itself how deep & Alone She feels .

    My Soul is
    Ocean of
    Love .