After many years living in hell I am still living in hell. Enjoy ��

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  • ronvdm777 28w

    Pulled Away

    The last thing I want to see
    Is your hand reaching out for me as the waves pull me from the shore.

    Sept 2020

  • ronvdm777 32w

    The Beyond (Haiku)

    Can you see my love
    beyond the hell we live in
    to the joy ahead?
    Sept 2020

  • ronvdm777 32w


    Time is the slaughterer of us all. Time shows no favours. Time hears no sobbing and is not moved by our tears.

    Once strong now weak we long to be in our prime and young again but time continues to drag us down.

    Thin white skin with veins and arteries glowing from within. Brown spots that in our youth never did exist.

    Grey and old broken down and lost to a world of those who do not see us because we are too old.

    Time takes us to the grave and still it does not end as it devours our bodies until all that we are is dry skin and broken bones.

    Sept 2020

  • ronvdm777 32w


    Close your lips
    Taste not my tears
    For I have lost my
    Trust in you.
    Broken hearts
    Tipped the scale
    But we were not
    Strong enough.
    Once lovers now
    Not. Shards of
    Glass upon the
    Ground cut deep.
    This for you that
    For me. We just
    Need to get this
    Damn thing done.
    Sept 2020

  • ronvdm777 32w

    My Insanity

    Upon my soul.
    Thoughts lost
    To Eternity.
    Tears that
    Never changed
    My mood.
    As I live in
    Sept 2020

  • ronvdm777 32w

    The Truth

    I walk along this
    barren ground
    As I drag my
    dying feet.
    Pus pours from
    the open wounds
    That brought me
    to this place.
    So much pain so
    little love I wonder
    if it’s my fault.
    It doesn’t matter
    now because the
    grave has taken me.
    And I will never
    know the truth.
    Sept 2020

  • ronvdm777 32w

    Mother's Cherry Pie

    Mother Mary
    Took my cherry
    And put it in a pie.
    When God saw
    What she had done
    It made Him
    Want to cry.
    So he took
    My cherry from
    The pie but then
    He said I’d have
    To lie.
    So I asked Him
    Why oh why
    Is it that I
    Should lie?
    He looked at me
    And then He
    Sighed because
    My Virgin Mother
    Loves the cherries
    In her pie.
    Sept 2020

  • ronvdm777 32w

    God religion

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    The Saviour

    With all of His deceit
    He poured the world
    Upon the sky like
    Water at His feet.
    No lack of color, race
    Or creed could stop
    Him from digging
    Deep beneath.
    As the dead rose
    From all around Him
    With maggots
    On their sleeves.
    This may not be the
    God that humanity
    Had hoped that He
    Would be.
    Sept 2020

  • ronvdm777 32w

    The Forgotten

    You pour out with
    the others into
    the bullets of the
    enemy bap bap bap
    When it hits you
    in the head you
    will never know.

    You don’t exist you
    Are a memory now.
    Those who died
    before you had
    slightly fewer
    minutes before
    they became
    memories too.

    April 2020

  • ronvdm777 33w

    I Did It . . .

    I set a goal one year ago to write at least 365 poems during the next year, which ends on August 31st, and I achieved that goal.  Thanks to all those that have read my poems.