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  • ronittt 172w

    Teddy bear day

    Wanna say on teddy bear day teddies are cute old or new but nothing is as sweet and lovely as you ❤️✌️

  • ronittt 172w

    chocolate day

    Friendship is like chewing gum its tastes only in the beginning but love is like a chocolate it tastes till it ends✌️❤️

  • ronittt 172w

    Propose day

    Love is like a cloud
    Love is like a dream
    Love is one word and
    Everything in between
    Love is fairytale come
    True . Beacuse i found
    Love when i found you ❤️

  • ronittt 172w


  • ronittt 172w

    No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness

  • ronittt 172w

    Don't be so quick to judge you never know when you might just find yourself walking in that person shoes✌️

  • ronittt 172w


    Life is an echo

    What you send out
    Come back

    What you sow
    You reap

    What you give
    You get

    What you see in others
    Exists in you

    Do not judge
    So you will not judged

    Radiate and give love
    And love comes back to you. ❤️✌️

  • ronittt 172w

    ✌️ classic

    Block me from Instagram today and get ready to search me on Google

  • ronittt 172w

    Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

  • ronittt 172w

    By unknown writer

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    Be so happy that when others look they become happy too