34yo writer. South Carolina native.

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  • rodriquezantonio 5w


    Wiping tears from my eyes, 
    You're no where in sight.
    My peace, stolen.
    Proverbial thief in the night.
    Off living your best life.
    I'm here contemplating what to do with our lives.
    My mind struggling.
    Am I willing to stay in this one man fight?
    Constantly trying to revive something already dead.
    Insane, right?
    I'm my head, I'm done.
    Walking away.
    No real need for closure.
    Typical you, come back, tug on my heart strings then pull me closer.
    Tears still in my eyes.
    I'm wiping away this temporary high.
    You get us to this point, then apologize.
    We're up and down.
    Smiles to frowns.
    Never-ending merry-go-round.
    This is our revolving door
    This constant state of insanity.

  • rodriquezantonio 10w

    "My Whiskey"

    For years, you were my whiskey.
    The only thing I'd drink to.
    Existing only to breathe you in.
    I wouldn't trade the taste of you, for anything.
    You made me feel things.
    Then, something went missing...
    The bottle ran empty.
    I began to sober up, see things clearly.
    You made me feel things.
    Then, didn't return the feeling.
    You were my whiskey.
    A taste that I'll miss more than anything.
    So smooth, you almost cost me.
    So, I'm giving you up to try better things.
    But I'll never forget the taste, of my whiskey"

  • rodriquezantonio 10w


    Pretty hurt.
    Smile peeled back, like the joker.
    Aged scars aren't supposed to hurt.
    Pretty damaged.
    Flawless label, on dented can.
    Pretty Strong.
    Hoarding excess baggage.
    The weight of my heartache, so heavy.
    All of this I carry, with my two hands.
    Pretty unstable.
    Trying to push forward.
    Balancing, the struggle.
    Pretty hurts.
    Still I manage a smile,
    heartbroken inside.
    Keeping up the perfect facade.

  • rodriquezantonio 15w

    Having trouble committing.
    Although my mind wants to pursue something,
    It can be quite misleading.
    The past taught me.
    Yet, still haunts me.
    Never again putting my heart into things.
    My heart is quite deceiving.
    Afraid of getting too close.
    Reel them in.
    PTSD sets in.
    Then, I let them go.
    Catch and Release,
    But I'm only fishing for the attention.
    No one else is deserving of my best.
    They would only take it for granted.
    Leaving me confused and damaged.
    Then riding off into the sunset.
    I'm having trouble committing.
    Does that mean I have unfinished business?
    Or am I holding onto something for no reason?

  • rodriquezantonio 24w

    For my dearest friend who wants the love of his life to know....
    #Love #mirakee #original #poetrycommunity

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    I Wait For You

    7 thousand, 3 hundred days.
    A total of two decades.
    Counting days as I wait.
    Some days I wait for you to call.
    Others, I wait for you to show up at my door.
    Always that shoulder when you need it most.
    Comforting you in and out of relationships as you move forward.
    To be honest,
    I'm waiting for you to want me.
    For me to be your one and only.
    To be that shoulder when I'm in need.
    I'm waiting for you to finally see me and how things between us could be.
    I wonder if you even realize these things.
    Wonder if you know how deep I am in my feelings.
    That I care so much and I've waited for you, for so long.
    I wait for you even when at times it feels that I shouldn't but, I've held on.
    I'll continue to wait because my love for you is so strong, just don't leave me waiting too long.

  • rodriquezantonio 29w


    Feet pounding the fiery pavement.
    Fighting the blistering heat.
    No shade, the sun is quite punishing.
    Peeling me out of my thin skin.
    Baring my soul for the world to see.
    Heart tethered to the soles of my feet.
    Chasing the old me.
    Chasing a dream of what should've been.
    Sweat pouring, energy nearly depleted.
    Just running.
    Wild & chasing something I'd imagined.
    Disappointment awaits, chasing this fantasy.
    Passing the one who probably deserves me.
    Too selfish to notice, I'm too busy chasing someone who doesn't love me.

  • rodriquezantonio 31w


    I could be having a good day,
    then here comes heartache.
    Tip toeing around,
    Creeping through my smile.
    Wreaking havoc, stirring a frown.
    I'm the king of my own demise.
    My crown tilted, slowly falling down.
    Losing grip on reality.
    Dangling at the edge of a insanity.
    Clinging to hope by a fingertip.
    Trying kill what's left of my mental sobriety.
    Momentarily slipping into obscurity.
    Waiting for this storm to pass over me.
    The aftermath, I'm defeated.
    My mental crumbled.
    Lost all hope now waiting until the next one.
    I was having a good day.

  • rodriquezantonio 35w


    After the storm, the sun peers through my window, rubbing against my pale skin.
    The light glistens over the entire room.
    Illuminating the darkest corners.
    The world seems silent despite, the screams from the night before.
    Now, calm and I'm able to see the damage I've done.
    I'm now without burden.
    No longer attached.
    This is my rebirth but a sudden change.
    Feeling a little doubt and a bit of remorse.
    The aftermath was all my fault but I'm not the one who triggered the hurt.
    I think I'll go for a ride.
    I want to feel the gentle breeze roll across my face as I drive.
    I want to watch the waves crash into the ocean.
    Want to soak my hands and feet into the water.
    Want to submerge any leftover emotion.
    With tears of joy I cried, knowing I be closer to the one I hurt.
    Further and further melting into the tide.
    I walk, sinking lower and lower, I died.

  • rodriquezantonio 36w

    My Beauty is only an illusion.
    A total distraction
    from my internal confusion.

  • rodriquezantonio 37w


    I wasted my love.
    Spilled just a little too much.
    All that's left is an empty cup.
    Nothing left for myself.
    Nothing to give to anyone else.
    Wasted it on who I thought was mr. right.
    I had it all wrong.
    Spilled every drop and now it's gone.
    You wasted my love.
    Took it, then said it wasn't enough.
    Didn't give me back much in return.
    Poured mine out then drank from someone else's cup.
    I'm wasted.
    I decided to replace love with liquor in my cup instead.