XXIII “Here to Impact and not to Impress.” ®

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  • rodney 1w

    3rd April, 2021.
    5:16 p.m.

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    Had to change myself,
    Just to fit in your shelf.

    It was a day,
    Alike any other.

    It was summoned to change my life,
    Unlike any other day.

    It came wreaking in to reform and refurbish my rise,

    As I stood there watching like a sports fanatic watching a game,
    Life took leaps and shattered fields in player's names.

    I stood there like any other man,

    Like a blind man trying to use his new stick to navigate his ways.

    I had none of these,
    I just had too many saying, “It's just a phase.”

    Too many to count,
    That they forgot that I was the one who needed help.

    While I crawled through my darkest days,

    I'm reminded of my life,
    Being better than the one's living in search of success.

    For happiness is mine, if I had to weigh them in a scale.

    Forever is too much time,

    For I was born this way,
    You know I did not expect for you to stay.

    But when I was desperate for your advice,
    I only got negligence which was overwhelmed by your absence.

    In the end,
    We all have to pick ourselves up,

    For whoever is clear in their conscience,
    Are better left in the composure of their silence.

    For words only instigate what's never meant to be said.
    For truth cuts deeper than all my silences that you've misunderstood.

    For truth cuts deeper than all my silences that you've misunderstood.


  • rodney 1w

    2nd April, 2021.
    8:56 p.m.

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    When it happens,
    I'll bring you to life in my poems.

    Make it really happen.

    I can manifest what I need,
    And, make it really happen.

    Love is the only way you can summon,
    What's destined to happen.

    As long as I hold you close to my heart and,
    As long as I treasure the love that's supposed to ripen—

    I'll never make amends.

    I'll sit back and have it play the sequence.

    As long as your heart is mine to beam in,

    I'll remain in my solitude and,
    Pray in.

    For Lord knows about the love my heart keeps screaming.

    For Lord knows, I'm just human,

    When I love and love,
    Hiding behind the insistent window curtains.

    For Lord knows, my love for you is patient and,
    It lasts for a lifetime.

    For Lord knows, I love you in my dreams and existence.

    For I love you darling, days in and out of tempestuous oceans.

    Hydrophobic heart loves you without water intruding my devotion.

    For heights nor depths, can't intercede my heart for your calling;

    Neither air nor fire can corrupt or filter its essence.

    I love you so much, my one ardent presence.


  • rodney 2w

    1st April, 2021.
    7:00 a.m.

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    For I feel the loss, just the same.
    As for the time, it passed away.

    And, just like that it was April 1st again.
    Just like that, I had passed 5 years without calling your name.

    My heart hurts just the same,

    My anguish brings back the same grief clothed in lion's mane.

    Life goes, time never healed my life.

    Maybe, I'm as hopeless as the death spites on human emotions.

    Or maybe, I'm just a man who lost too much to count what remains.

    For wherever you are, whatsoever you've become.

    I'll cherish your love that's left behind.

    For I know that death is a certainty for everyone that ever lived.

    For I was cut, just before I could live mine.

    In the prime of my youth,
    I lost you.

    In the desperate phase of my life,
    I lost you.

    However, the man I'll become will always bring honour to your name,

    Now and forever,
    For my promise to you will always be that which I abide.


  • rodney 2w

    31st March, 2021.
    11:08 p.m.

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    Amicable mirrors.

    Easy life, you've lived an utterly easy life.
    I have screamed and corrected the defects in your reflections.

    For you paid me back with utter dishonour.

    Taciturn soul of a deceptive whole.

    When I turn your face towards the sun,
    You burn like incandescent coal.

    What are you to your mirror hanging on the walls?

    What are you to your own self when you pass your past,
    Like one of your overalls.

    Do you ever care to be yourself?
    Take care and face the deaths, that challenges your worth,
    While you try hard to confide,
    In your good side?

    Have you ever been so ruthless to yourself?
    So unkind that you draught your pupils with electronic lights?

    Have you ever strained your eyes,
    Until it shrinks the eyelids to squint to absorb the blue lights?

    While I rectify the past,
    You, a cruel spectator try hard to pierce your heart with all that's supposed to be left behind.

    Rather than to suffer with your sight that's on its verge of going blind,

    Get yourself together,
    For the mirror is where you've found your most loyalest of friends.

    For if there is where you find your best,
    Ain't it the place where you're supposed to think once and act twice?


  • rodney 2w

    30th March, 2021.
    9:01 p.m.

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    Together, to make it through this summer.

    Together, let's hang onto our shoulders,

    We'll get through this tumultuous weather.

    Let's not surrender.

    Let's not give up on our will to conquer.

    Mustn't the life we strive for,
    Excel over the course of the year?

    Could the distance between the lines,
    Blur the path towards the end results?

    For if you can visualize your heart,
    Utilize your muscles to paint your visual interpretations
    of your goals,

    There'll always be an open door,
    To let you in,
    Into a world of its own.

    For what you have to be is certain,
    Certain, for it will be your cornerstone,
    To everything you will build - henceforth.


  • rodney 2w

    30th March, 2021.
    2:06 a.m.

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    Nostalgic reflux.

    I went through our pictures,
    Late tonight,
    I went through our smiles.

    As I laid awake past midnight,

    I remembered that the life we lived,
    Doesn't change our hearts.

    For as much as our heads went wandering around,

    I stuck my heart with your name.

    Dear everyone,

    I'm nostalgia, I've always loved you as much as the familiarity goes. I've always remained attached to your face. For without your consent, how could I have become whatever I am today?


    P.S. I lost more than I got. However, I love just the same. For whosoever believeth in my eyes, knows not to doubt my intentions.


  • rodney 2w

    29th March, 2021.
    5:41 p.m.

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    Current spilling.

    Written rhymes,
    Unabridged telephone lines.

    Smitten sights,
    Glanced over absurd mines.

    Talk to me,
    And you'll get your answers.

    Talk to my face,
    And I'll surrender my weapons.

    Instead of getting in between,
    Trying to connive and comply on my beginning—

    Cut short your eyes and its nefarious dealings.

    The man I am is not the man you say, I am.

    The man I became wasn't in my intentions to become.

    However the life that we are living,
    And the sight of past and present's weaving,

    They summarize our actual feelings.

    Before the day ends in memory of our quarrel.

    Let's settle in for a better understanding.

    Let's dance away our hot summer's current spilling.


  • rodney 2w

    28th March, 2021.
    3:04 p.m.

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    Lyrical intermission.

    Rain came down,
    Sliding down the ridges of my nose.

    Spoke no more of anything,
    Spoke honest, and I let them bury the same thing.

    Hungry in the stomach,
    Payless debts mounting like jute rugs.

    Shrugged shoulders reminds me of unfought battles in history.

    Piled with agony, loss and defeats.

    Feet strides on apathy.

    I'm lost and perpetually sucked by the absurd notions of traumatic memories.

    I use nostalgia to cure my clarity.

    Feet on the ground seems too more of a deliberate attempt to self-pity.

    I'm not egoistic,
    I'm empathetic.

    I drown in your miseries.

    I listen to your emotions more than your gossips,

    Maybe, that's why I'm all the more left behind by the critics.

    Decentralised state of lyrics,

    I'm breeding on my analogy.

    For those that dare enter inside my psyche,

    For I warn you,
    Stay behind, that's more basic than my life compiled as a lyric.


  • rodney 2w

    27th March, 2020.
    9:42 a.m.

    All chaos magic under my name.

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    Scarlet prowess.

    Wrote to make sense,
    Wound-up being bent.

    Wrote to lay my heart on shaky hands,
    Wound-up feeling them clench.

    I can still sense the stench.

    Whenever I'm at a park or sitting by myself watching them practicing their best;

    I get to leave,
    More often than I ever get to show my rest.

    I hope not everything in life was set around the idea of tests;

    Because, life itself is a mess.
    It crests up the core with its haste.

    Quick as quick silver.
    As hurting as Wanda's scarlet prowess.

    I'm underneath the shade of my distress.


  • rodney 2w

    To my dear Mirakee family here, (I don't say miraquill because Mirakee is where I started my journey) who've found a slightest bit of comfort or empathy towards my passion of writing - from the abyssal depths of my heart - Thank you.


    P.S. I've used loneliness to signify a sense of being understood - with reference to my writing.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Pending appreciation.

    Common people with common goals.
    Nefarious ideal breaks forth our unique roles.

    We study in the same school,
    Under the country adhered to common rules.

    But what happens when we grow apart,
    Love betides, evaporates and reinstates all over again?

    I'm not a sage to reciprocate wisdom.

    What I am is seldom quiet,
    When my speech requires a stance.

    While we go on an adventure to find balance.

    I seek love, and I pray that it consumes you in plenty.

    For ‘love is Godly,’ states the Bible.
    While I miss it severely,

    I try to share what I have,
    With the little bunch,
    To whom I'm indebted devoutly.

    For you make me strive another day,
    For your well wishes keeps me busy,

    For you're the reason I can do what I do.

    Although I love poetry,

    Although I'm lonely.

    In here,
    I've found a family.