XXIV “Here to Impact and not to Impress.” ®

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  • rodney 6h

    18th May, 2021.
    12:48 p.m.

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    With the lies.

    I write because my mind is loud.

    I wrote this because I've been misunderstood.

    For I'm sensitive enough to say,
    I love you.

    For I've loved you enough to say,
    You hurt me deep in my bones.

    If poetry came alive with your allegations,

    If my words came together to fight for my innocence,

    What if I keep silent and let you carry on with your life?

    Will I became a man of impoverished sight?

    Will I lose you to my choice of wrongs and rights?

    For I've lived long enough,
    Suffered enough to let go before I hold you tight.

    For I'm far more comfortable with exile,
    Than having to do anything with your lies.


  • rodney 21h

    17th May, 2021.
    10:34 p.m.

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    Talks around, yeah, talks going around.
    People are cursed with slander of their own.

    Phone on and phone off,
    I hear them talking behind the backs.

    Literally, I've been through it literally,

    I can't really remember anyone being innocent as they claim themselves to be.

    Self righteous are those that destroy civilizations.

    While I try to judge myself more than you judge my life,
    Lived without a choice.

    I give up on your tries,
    For I persevere until the end.

    I was born to persevere until the end.


  • rodney 1d

    17th May, 2021.
    11:01 a.m.

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    Ever again.

    Somebody called me arrogant the other day,

    Hey, slow up, let me define what arrogance actually means in its entirety in rhymes.

    Arrogance is when you don't try to correct yourself but find faults in everybody else.
    Arrogance is when you are too stuck on who you've become that you cannot even see what I said to your face.

    Arrogance is when you intervene with my life,
    For which you have no authority to claim.

    Oh, love is not how much you have control.
    Love is in how much you can listen than be heard by.

    Fuck this smiling face, real life, real time will etch the words that I didn't say.

    Oh, how everything good in my life is yours to claim,
    Oh, how every mistake that had its unspoken reasons brought you disgrace?

    Oh, I don't speak things behind anybody's backs,
    I let it all go, until it screws up my brain.

    Everything that I gave, I did it in vain.

    For you don't even listen, when I said, your advices are worthless as my strife.

    I let it all go,
    Let God bless you with your space.

    Grateful for the times that we had,
    I know I owe you some of it to your face,

    But constantly impeding on the notion of emotions,
    Has infested my thoughts, consuming it as toxic as mucor on bread.

    The pandemic has its own extent of spread,
    Mucormycosis has its debts.

    For I no longer can endure the toxicity you bring to my life,
    However for the sake of my life and the leash of debts that I cannot pay,

    You hold me in your palms,
    And I play nice until the day you'll never hear from me again.

    Ever again.


  • rodney 1d

    16th May, 2021.
    11:11 p.m.

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    How it is on earth.

    What do we have to call the life that we live within?
    What do you say to yourself, when you're locked within,
    Wthout being able to get out or in, and you're all alone?

    Could the things that we do actually mean anything to us?

    The career that we build,
    The life that we want for ourselves?

    Who makes it all easy for us to bear?

    Will the love that scares you,
    Draw out the people that you need in your life?

    Will it mean the same as the time you had everyone to yourself?

    Will it make a difference when you meet them,
    And, one by one they get up to leave and never recall calling you home?

    Why is life made to flow like a river?
    Will the twigs, that's carried by the leaves break down to sink below your health?

    Could trust and respect of so many,
    Having lost its synergy—
    Blame your heart in its honesty?

    Pressing on topics of centuries,
    I've found truth of everyday's empathy.

    I've lost myself trying to please somebody,
    Who never gave a dime of me entirely.

    I'll end this analogy on a positive note,

    When you make connections with people,
    In person, emotionally, mentally, physically or monetarily—

    Be advised, you don't do it unconditionally.


  • rodney 2d

    16th May, 2021.
    12:33 a.m.

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    They took it down from the start,

    I've felt no one would bother,

    In my innermost sanctum—

    I breathe autumn poems in summer.

    While the sun disappears behind the passing clouds,

    All the while, I became known to the floor of the man made structure,

    I made something artistic to leave it at the doorstep,

    For I'm just an orphan,

    A myth living just to confirm that I'm aware of my pardon.

    I've found so much common in the eyes of an unspoken stranger,

    Than the people who raised me to become someone.


  • rodney 2d

    15th May, 2021.
    8:47 p.m.

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    Dramatic change.

    Drama, more drama.

    Dilemma, more dilemma.

    I say, stay away,
    And they come again later in disguise of courtesy.

    I say, stay inclined to your own space,

    I'm satisfied with what I am.

    I don't need no one to say who I am,
    Do what I do,

    I did it for me.

    As for your arrogance is sparse,

    Everywhere like stink in drainage.

    Let me breathe out your tongues of spite.

    I seek God and all His grace.

    I seek forgiveness and all His mercy,
    As I give my all on my knees.

    I know I'm where I should be,

    I know, I love all that I have been through;

    It made me stern and adamant enough to say I'm all I have.

    Leave if you have to,

    I'm happy with me.

    On the 15th of May of 2021,
    At the midst of losses of known people,
    And the utterances of God's wisdom—

    I became aware of who really are loyal enough to say that I'm loved as I am.


  • rodney 4d

    When I say.

    Falling from the sky,
    I know I feel like I'm about to die.

    I don't like to speak lies,
    I'll let my lyrics pass through you like you aren't alive.

    I'm worn out of my lines,
    Trying to change your mind is not my life.

    Let me change myself,
    I don't care about life.

    From the place of honesty and sincerity,
    I've come here in clothes of music to free what I hide.

    I don't prefer to talk much,
    For my love is where I side.

    If today's world ended on my rhymes,
    I'd breathe life to you,
    Before I lay mine - beside.

    (If nobody was a person,
    She'd understand.

    Since, nobody is nobody,
    I'd rather let the time stand,
    Paint canvases on my way towards your land.)

    As for the people, the prospects of peace,
    The accords and all the documents in safes of treasuries—
    They lie next to country's conspiracy theories.

    For my faith lies not on human anatomy, physiology or wars fought on grounds of humanity,

    For my faith lies in Almighty.

    For if Islam speaks of God's abundant grace towards humanity,
    For if Jewish survived on Nazi's holocaust strategies,

    Why do we fight, taking sides for something so temporary?

    What's holy, if our body is defiled in Adam's ancestry?
    What's holy if innocent children's blood rain on the heads of the holy?

    If my country could live in harmony,
    With my Muslim, Hindu and Jewish friends sharing our traditions like long lost family,

    Why couldn't you be responsible for what you do henceforth,
    Than blame each other for what you did for all of eternity?

    Can a piece of land survive without someone feeding to its serenity?

    Did David kill Saul, just because Samuel anointed him instead of Jonathan?

    Did Abraham kill Ishmael, after Sarah conceived Isaac?

    Did Lord end the lineage of Cain, after he assassinated Abel?

    Didn't Akbar have all of world's religious leaders in his court of the literary?

    Why do we blame a religion,
    For what one does with his own hands?

    Why do we point fingers to each other,
    When I, myself am convicted of several?

    For blood runs red,
    Blood clots black,

    Whatever you think or pray,
    Pray that you never slay,

    In the name of God,
    Who never had a say.

    Who never had His say;
    In this matter,
    Even when you prayed.


  • rodney 4d

    Uranium 235.

    Easy life,
    I've lived for you.

    Tough times reveal what I've done for you.

    You quit before I could hold you.

    Time makes the hundred feel distant too.

    There are people that grow,
    And there are people that know.

    I fall somewhere in between the two.

    Lamp on the lampposts glimmer.

    Dust on the ground settled.

    Heroes and idols play parts that they like,

    In reality they side the wrong sides to every opposition they face.

    For the sainthood is not in your white or saffron robes,

    It is how you control your whole life with your body's testament.

    We've got saint politicians,
    Ruling like the Kings of ancient harems.

    All I can say is religion has raised patriots;
    Patriots who called their quests—
    Crusades, Jihads and mass extinction.

    Forgive me Father,
    You never entrusted any to carry out your own dominion.

    For your children have turned against each other.

    Assassinating our own nation's father with its own rebellion.

    History teaches life,
    But life lurks around the same assertion.

    The people are evolving over past ideals,

    However, the same are building peace measured using half-lives of uranium.


  • rodney 5d


    Stinks of life,
    Rots around known circles.

    Press the same buttons of right,
    For even the mockers turn to positive feedbacks.

    You can't undo what you've done mate.
    What you can do is not blame everything that happens in life on fate.

    Destiny of the solitaire lives,

    Living in exile of your mind is the best state of living your life.

    You don't need to work up your way of being nice.

    Lord says be kind,
    Not bear all that tries to rescind.

    For the love bears all things that you can find,
    Both physical and emotional of kinds.

    However to choke yourself on hatred that people shove on your face,
    Is something that needs to be discarded without any help.

    For the greatest of minds in psychology have already said:

    “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, make sure that you're not surrounded by fools.”
    -Sigmund Freud


  • rodney 1w

    12th May, 2021.
    10:26 a.m.

    Can't you see this poem is #777 ? I never realized that.
    Savings are great. We need money in case of emergencies, funds for marriage, building a house, shaping our careers, for studies and for living a comfortable life. However, acquiring too much of things never satisfies anybody, it will only make you want more. More and more!

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    Am I?

    Existential crisis should be called existentialist overthinking instead.
    All the things that we think are always under-prepared;

    The War, the pandemic, the mass gatherings and everything that created vast crisis to devour humanity.

    While the elites prepare to reach places in their PJs;
    The poorest of the population and the expanse of the working class population toil midst losing their jobs and lives of their dear ones.

    Where are those that made money,
    To make some more?

    What's happening to the world that's bygone?

    Am I the iota of human flesh that undeniably hits the grave?
    Ain't it possible for all of us to live together?

    Ain't it possible for all of us to help each other?

    While the black fungus is a rare fungal infection,
    Yet intoxicatingly kills the half of those infected,
    Why do you desire to save the money in the form of assets and gold biscuits in your lockers?

    What happens when you,
    In all your safety and precautions—

    Failed to make it through this phase of life?

    Am I a prophet of God or am I just a man,
    Whose feelings are so strong that I have to express?