I rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not.

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  • rochand 6w

    I want to say Hi, but
    I always end up saying


  • rochand 7w

    How to love

    How to love with a broken heart
    Which have been broke to thousand parts.
    Where did you made mistake
    All you wish to make other smile
    Always hurt yourself for their sake
    Then why do you end up so ill,
    When you feel it's permanent
    That thing leaves you instant.
    Love has only brought you pain,
    Will you be able to love again?

    How to love when you loss faith,
    From this world and it's people,
    When you can't trust anything
    Everything you hear seem lies,
    Do you still believe in something?
    When you got betrayed many times.
    Do we trust so that it can be broken,
    Now that you are tired and drained
    When you are finally awoken,
    Will you be able to trust again?

  • rochand 8w

    These days all I feel is pain
    Feels like my heart doesn't beat the same
    I wanna give up and but I'm stuck in rain
    In a life that I know I can not change
    I'm really lonely and feel drained
    But still keep on hurting myself for other sake,
    These things keep making me insane,
    I keep making the same mistake.

    I just sit and dwell in my trauma
    My life's full a problems
    I wish I could get a break from drama
    Tried to move on but I just can't
    I break down after break down and some days,
    I wish I could escape and run away
    And feel at ease even if it means one day
    I keep waiting for that day.

    Where did my life go wrong
    I was a happy child now I'm a teen,
    Who had been strong for so long,
    No one tell I'm drowning in my thoughts
    I'm still lost trying to find purpose
    After all of these years I'm still searching
    That my soul and body is getting dispose,
    Self love is something that I'm still learning

    Lately, I feel so depressed
    Tried to get help but I'm still a mess
    I don't ever rest, I guess, I'm stressed
    Got my head down, hands gripping my neck
    Did I take my last breath
    Did I walked my last step
    I'm alive but inside I am dead
    The world has cut me deep.

    I lie when I tell you I'm fine
    Cuz no body knows I'm struggling inside
    No one can tell what going on in my mind,
    I wish you could have given some good to remember,
    When I close my eyes and look in past
    All I see is bad memories
    Those lies, fake kindness and harassed
    And all I hear is please and I'm sorry.

    All I wanted from you that,
    you'd stand next to me,
    But you stab my back, and that
    Hurt me bad mentally
    It definitely changed me, but I forgive you
    I understand now that you had your own issues,
    That you weren't enough, for the love I would give you
    I tried, but I broke myself trying to fix you.

  • rochand 8w

    It's 3 am
    I'm tried scrolling,
    My body needs sleep,
    But my mind is not willing.

    I don't know why,
    And what I'm upto,
    But the clock is distracting,
    And my thoughts too.

    I feel like reading,
    And sometimes to write,
    But all I do is think
    While sitting quite.

    My mind become anxious,
    And start to reminisce
    Reminding me of something
    I truly miss.

    It's been hours,
    Still couldn't find sleep,
    I'm just unable, when my
    thoughts gets more deep,

  • rochand 8w

    God appear*

    God : What do you want the most, my son ?

    Me: Loss things.

    God: I'm sorry son, what's gone is gone it can
    never come back.

    Me: I know

  • rochand 9w

    When you let reality win and stop dreaming, you die inside.


  • rochand 11w

    I don't know how long, I can hold
    The tears are bursting by my cheeks
    Do people loss love when they are old,
    Why can't they agree with a speak.

    I don't know, why they have to fight?
    On something that of no use.
    And have to be wasted every night,
    Can't they see, not they but who really are abuse.

    I don't know, why they are like this and
    Why can't they be normal and fine like other's,
    When will they stop and understand
    Instead of blaming on each other.

    I don't know when my love became hate,
    Yesterday I could die for them
    Today I want them dead,
    How broke and loss I am.

    I don't know, how long I can ignore
    Something that happen infront my eyes,
    These screams I can't hear anymore
    Will they be fine, if I really dies.

    They have changed me to someone,
    I always hated, I never wish to become,
    My body and soul is not at proper place,
    My existence is being erase.

  • rochand 13w

    Happy birthday bestie

    The joy you brought with your birth,
    One day celebration is not enough,
    You must give party everyday,
    I wish I could do that for your birthday.

    I could see your beautiful smile
    And the excitement you are ready with
    I may not be around you
    I wish all the love suround you.

    May the cherish and laugh of yours
    Freeze with you till the last day.
    I wish you feel special,
    Just not this day but everyday.

    You are my best gift
    And this day is a reminder
    Of how fortunate I am
    To have you all these year.

    I thought of countless gifts,
    But the most precious is nothing
    in comparison to you,
    At last I'm left with these few lines
    And happy birthday to you.

  • rochand 15w

    People want to change the world but don't know where to begin.


  • rochand 16w


    Life is so strange
    Nothing stays the same
    Everything change
    But who to blame.

    Life is like a game,
    Where you have to lose
    Before you can gain
    To win you have to face the fearful rain.

    In life there is love
    But the more is hate
    No one decide
    They all hesitate
    And who knows the fate.

    The closest people you need, go away
    When you need them the most
    You find them lost

    Day after day
    Days go by
    People are born.. and other die

    Year after year
    No one understands
    Nothing is clear
    Nothing in our hearts except fear

    Today you walk & talk
    Tomorrow you lay in your grave
    And nothing it gave
    The money that you save
    And no use of your gold
    When it won't be sold

    Stop doing the wrong
    Stop resenting and forgive more
    Because life doesn't last long
    It will end up where it belong.