I am a Silent Secret

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  • rizla_rizla 37w


    I was staring at the sky
    Looking a way to escape....

    What am I?
    What have I become?
    What was I?
    Was there an I to even begin with?

    My roots are searching
    My leaves are falling
    Am nourished by my own body....
    When will this cycle stop?

    Alone I stand
    Alone I watch
    Alone I listen
    Alone I sing

    It's all a mess
    I know the answer is near
    But I am blinded by my own ignorance!


  • rizla_rizla 54w

    Why did I ever thought
    That I could clear the pollution in you?

    I exhale my soul for you
    You inhale my soul for yourself
    You exhale your toxic breath for me
    I inhale your toxic breath for you!

    You were chocking me
    Did you see that?

    You were addicted in Inhaling me
    All for yourself
    Leaving an ashen me
    Filled with your empty words and scars

    Am afraid that I will
    Breath out your toxic air now
    Which you lavishly
    Filled in places in me
    That even i didn't knew existed

    Am afraid that I will
    Inhale someone's soul away
    Like you so lavishly
    Inhaled away from me
    That even i didn't saw it

    But I was wise enough to cut you off
    Before you cut the tree in me
    Because even though
    I let you hurt me
    I knew what a rotten soul you were
    Because you yourself showed it to me!

    Now am smirking at you
    Seeing your craving for me
    Because you were the one
    Addicted to my soul & coveted it
    Because you knew what a rotten one you had!

    What a pity of a reason
    That you even exist!


  • rizla_rizla 54w


    I lay on your chest
    Inhaling your lies
    Oh boy your innocence
    Is a beautiful vanity
    You smile like a child
    Yet your soul smells ugly

    Oh boy how blind you are
    You don't see how I wrap my hands around your heart
    Its fluttering like a hummingbird
    What a sweet melody.....!
    Oh boy you are a fool
    You mistook me for what you crave!

    Am not love
    Am the sweetest poison on your lips!
    Am not hope
    Am the snake that's crushing your heart!
    Am not light
    Am the darkness that engulfs your life
    Am not beauty
    Am the beginning of your nightmares
    Am not lust
    Am the addiction you'll never escape

    Am just an illusion
    Which will take you apart and burn

    Oh boy remember this
    When I crush your heart
    Your hopes and dreams were
    The sweetest dessert i had

    Oh boy what a fool you are
    To trust me
    Oh boy what a fool you are
    To love me

    Because you were the one
    Who needed your love and trust
    Not me, Never me
    Because am just an illusion
    Of your own twisted heart


  • rizla_rizla 57w


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    Then Narcissus gazed...
    In to his soul
    And found out
    It was empty and Shallow....


  • rizla_rizla 58w

    You need my leaves
    To shade you from hate
    You need my branches
    To protect you from harm
    You need my spine
    To lay of your weight and be free
    You need my roots
    To hold you close and safe ....

    Yet you don't have the compassion
    To gift me a drop of water!


  • rizla_rizla 58w

    Oh dear sky !
    Where are you now?
    I miss the way you made me feel...
    Hot and Cold..!

    "We could start a thing...
    Put your lips on mine..."
    I see you when I hear it
    Because you asked me the same...

    We have drifted apart, Haven't we?
    I know you stare at the sky and think of me
    Because once we were each others sky!

    What happened to us?
    Will we have another moment like our past?

    Now we hide under fake smiles and greetings
    And I hate it ...
    When I ask you of honesty..
    You tell me to don't do this to you...
    My hands are tied!

    I want to be Selfish
    I want things to be what they were once!
    But I know then I will lose you forever...

    So dear here i am
    Playing the game in your rules
    Because if I made the move
    I don't think you could take the blow...

    Its ok to feel sad
    After taking a decision
    Even if you loose...
    The smile will be worthy!

    But ours will be always a bittersweet one,
    Wouldn't it?


  • rizla_rizla 58w

    Its easy to fall in love
    But nowadays
    Its hard to be in love


  • rizla_rizla 58w

    Anger Resentment Dissatisfaction
    Sadness irritation
    What do you feel?
    I feel all these beauties in a blink
    Is it because of you or me?
    Or the fact that you are peeling of my mask?
    Or I can't control my thoughts?

    Oh you help me...
    In making me breath easily...
    Yet you take a space in my thoughts...
    Thats not fair and it's not allowed..
    "Who says" you may ask
    Because I let you be the cunning fox

    But oh darling
    Don't open that door
    I may not control my thoughts
    But I control my actions...
    So Don't be disappointed
    When you knock on the door
    And left unanswered

    Because you my black beauty
    Is a wrong person in the wrong time...!


  • rizla_rizla 59w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Blame

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    You don't see the way I see

  • rizla_rizla 59w

    It's all an illusion My Lady!
    So let's just enjoy this sip of sin together
    Whose going to remember this
    Other than us?
    Let's just share the beauty of Sin
    And will burden the guilt later together...

    The things we say now
    It is from the heart, Yours and Mine
    The things we think
    Yes its in our mind ,Mine and Yours

    People can't judge
    What they don't know
    Lets be the secret
    Whose sin is right & beauty to only us....!