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  • riyashi 25w

    The question that always rattled me is, what is the purpose? Why am I doing whatever I am doing? What is the effect? What is the cause of this action? And this struck me out of nowhere that maybe I don't have a grand quest to achieve, I don't have to save the world and most certainly it is not necessary to save myself but maybe I just have to make a difference in someone's life even so insignificant that it can alter the course of this indefinite infinite future like a butterfly flapping its wing in Brazil causes a tornado in Texas.

  • riyashi 38w

    क्या कहना था और हम क्या कह गए,
    क्या कहना था और हम क्या कह गए,
    जज़्बात हमारे,
    लफ्जों मैं उलझ कर रह गए।

  • riyashi 55w

    I hope not to collapse into myself like a dying star.

  • riyashi 68w

    Trapped between the aftermath of miscellaneous paraphernalia and wishful thinking,
    I yearn to find myself.

  • riyashi 73w

    राह ढूंढते ढूंढते अपनी नींदे गवाई है,
    ठौर-ठिकाने तोह मिले नहीं,
    हुमसफ़रो की कमी भी सताई है।

  • riyashi 76w

    कुछ पल गुफ़्तगू ही कर लिया करो अपने पूराने यारों से,
    क्या पता वो कौनसी जंग लड़ते-लड़ते थक गया हो।

  • riyashi 76w

    I always thought that
    the fight was with me but
    now I realise
    it was with the problems
    all around me.

  • riyashi 83w

    To forget you was never the easiest task,
    But I always fought the uphill battle.

  • riyashi 85w

    Swimming in the wine
    in which you drown your sorrows.

  • riyashi 90w

    Needs some fine tuning, edits appreciated!!! #travel #life #thoughts #poetry

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