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  • ritikapeace 56w

    Are you an #introvert, enjoying this #lockdown,
    or #extrovert, hating it?

    #hope #quarantine #quotes #quote #thought #ritikapeace

    #pod @mirakee #life #poetry #thoughts #diary
    @/# ritikapeace on IG or repost at @err1585

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    It's all dainty,
    dull, and dark outside.
    While the only thing
    that goes on sparking
    even in isolation
    is a percent hope
    that could just be felt
    even from miles around.

    © Ritika Gupta | ritikapeace

    @ritikapeace on IG for audio poetry.

  • ritikapeace 56w

    Often these eyes see
    The fog, rain and sun,
    While inside the four walls,
    In a room, home #alone.

    Through the closed glasses
    I watch the light coming in,
    telling me not to think anything.

    Loosing my grip,
    I can't hold back anymore.
    Stepping towards it,
    I give unto the path
    that it glisten and shone.

    © Ritika Gupta || #Lonesome Drills #poetry #thoughts #life #love

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    Lonesome Drills

    Alone neath this creamy enclosed winds,
    I sing and hark the melody of
    Yang and Ying.

    For Audio Poetry
    IGTV - @ritikapeace
    YouTube - @err1586

  • ritikapeace 57w

    You are feeling like a leftover pedigree now,
    crawling your way somehow,
    amidst the noisome silent chaos.

    You are feeling like a used soap now,
    post-washing that scent somehow,
    almost scratching the clean skin with tangled memories aue.

    You are feeling to not to feel at all,
    holding back yourself from breaking down,
    aligning your tongue with your lip with lustful strain and forfeiting your heart yet again.
    © Ritika Gupta || Leftover Laveena

    #pod @mirakee
    #lust #heartbreak #broken #poetry #love

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    Leftover Laveena

    You are feeling to not to feel at all,
    holding back yourself from breaking down,
    aligning your tongue with your lip with lustful strain and forfeiting your heart yet again.

    To listen the audio poem
    IGTV / YT- @ritikapeace

  • ritikapeace 188w

    The nights have casted away
    Mornings have raised,
    The moon has finally said good bye
    And the sun has cheered.
    Wake up dear Mirakeeans,
    It's finally,
    A new day, and a good good morning!

  • ritikapeace 194w

    पर-एक पहेली

    पहेली ये है की
    वो है जान हमारी,
    पर हम उनके है नहीं।

    छू लेते है उनकी साँसों को दूर से ही कभी,
    पर नहीं, हम उनके है नहीं।

    पहेली ये है की,
    छोड़ना उन्हें हम चाहते नहीं
    जुड़ उनसे सकते नहीं,
    वो है भी, पर नहीं।

    गगन की तरह है वो,
    हम ज़मी तरसे उनकी राहा ताके।
    पर नहीं, हम उनके है नहीं।

    पहेली ये है की
    कुछ भी वो बोलते नहीं,
    पर हम एहसास दिलाते है उन्हें,
    है कोई, जो हर पल होना चाहता तुम्हारा ही।

    यु तोह रात को रौशनी है चाँद की पर...
    पर नहीं, हम उनके है नहीं।

    पहेली ये है की,
    वो हमारे इरादों से अनजान है,
    इश्क़ है ये,
    जो करता इबादतें सिर्फ उनकी ही
    हम उनके रहेंगे, पर वो हमारे नहीं।
    ... रीतिका ✍

  • ritikapeace 194w

    तुम बगैर इश्क़

    कैसे लम्हे है ये
    जो काट भी ना पाये हम तुम्हारे बगैर।
    ना बोल सकते ये लब की प्यार करते है तुमसे बेहद
    यु की गम का सैलाब ह कोसो दूर,
    काट रहे है ज़िन्दगी तेरे नाम से यु की
    वो जो घंटे है, काट लेते है हम तेरे बगैर।
    कैसे लम्हे है ये
    जो सवाद चखा रहे फलो का
    तेरे मिलन के बगैर।
    रास खूब है प्यार हमे।
    छाता ना ऐसा नशा हयात का
    कसम से,
    तेरे दीदार के बगैर।
    तू है हमसफ़र अनजान मुझसे
    यु सोचते है कभी अगर मौका मिले कभी
    तोह कैसे बयान करेंगे हकीकत मन की।
    पर ज़रूरत ही नहीं हमारे कुछ कहने की।
    खूबसूरत है इश्क़ हमारे रश्क ऐ कमर
    लफ़्ज़ों को चूमे बगैर।
    ...रितिका ✍

  • ritikapeace 200w

    And my this part goes to @cold_akhil .
    Guy with the green heart!
    An invaluable treasure of amazing word and voice, who I think now, everyone waits for... His comments are always encouraging. I don't know about him much. But his voice is amazing. His writes I have read, those too are just beautiful.
    Thank you sir for your encouraging remarks on almost my every post, and all the support. ��������

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    Boy With Green Heart

    The colours often express too much
    The shades of help
    Shades of love
    Shades of peace
    Shades of crime and dove

    But here comes a guy with green
    Green frond of this Mirakeean
    Has won million red hearts.
    And the person who is there always
    With his valuable remarks.

    A great voice and an amazing choice
    As he selected my writes
    To really give his comments on
    And don't know how many more
    He read, he reply on.
    How many more he encourages with his magic frond.

    So, here this,
    My longed heart for this Mirakee book,
    I dedicate this yet another poem to
    The cold play fan,

    Thank you sir.
    Your words of utter romance
    Are what you entertain us with,
    Your cursive writes
    Have become famous and inspiration for many.
    This is little token of thanks, from my side.
    Hope you like it.
    From another Mirakeean,
    ©ritikapeace aka #err1585

  • ritikapeace 209w

    Guess what's his motivation?
    For if you just need to be crazy a little bit... Somehow to make your own life better...

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    Falling in deep
    Just to comprehend you
    And that's the only reason
    Why it all finally turned out to be
    A determination,
    Assured to be triumphed.

  • ritikapeace 209w

    Where we all enjoy technology but still cry of older times and more pleasant nature, life and good air...

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    It's interesting to be a part of a age where,
    Positive is negative and vice versa
    Where destitute is actually blessed
    And rich are actually suffering
    Where murders are plotted by educated
    And an illiterate is picking up the garbage of the city
    Where criminals are freely roaming outside on the roads and innocent are behind the bars
    Where true love is excused and chase is for one who doesn't even try to bother you
    Where suicide is becoming a cool trend and those who seek like life and celibacy or saintly things are considered as some unearthly, too wise or a magician to heal everything
    Where these saintly sit quietly in meditation
    And the business minded are playing with sentiments and cheating on people
    Where children are talking like adults
    And adults want to be child again
    Where virtual space is a favourite hangout
    And the reality often becomes an irksome
    Where being online is considered being alive and no phone or internet or id's means you are dead
    Where terror and sex are converted to games and then it's said, why is it all happening?
    Where songs are selling still the stereotypes but the heart beats for breaking the structures
    Where green is not for plants but money
    Where cries are everywhere but nothing can be done much, except liking and commenting
    Where probably something can be done
    But money takes over it all, who cares?
    Burn burn!
    Like yeah! Way too cool! Lol.
    Where lot of things are happening,
    But we all hold on to something called hope still.

  • ritikapeace 211w

    #quickexp after reading posts of @strange_r �� hehe. Thanks for the inspiration... ��

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    Illuminating Inks

    It's like at the end of the day,
    I wish to run away... Not from me or my goals, or even uncertainties.
    But from those shattered boundaries, which I have long broken.
    Which had grown me but at the same it, making me erk for going back to my solidarity, which is my own kind of scent of peace and affection.
    With every step still forward, I'm going more inwards, back to my solitude, where there is innocence, bliss and jubilation. And I step forward again, temporarily. Just to go back again. Weird is human.
    Probably, that's how I'm able to make the journey a bit practical, a bit productive by now. For at last its you, your beliefs and your own ways to paint your life, what really matters. And I learned even in solitude you can't get away from beings, from your nature, your surroundings. That's the reason it is said to be more around with positive people, who also have their own negativities. But it's always worth, if we are helping each other, growing together and weaving memories.
    Sometimes you don't need to modify. It can be an innate thing, if it's from your birth. Nothing is impossible but. Whatever, however it might be, at times you need to balance it, deliberately moving forward towards luminous. And you become Michaelangelo or Mozart of your own thoughts, your own life,...crafting a masterpiece!