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  • ritika17_ 2w

    A life is an ocean
    Undergoing a salty ride
    Where broken pieces are floating by
    The time it takes to rebuild those pieces
    Is hardly available
    But the fact is those pieces actually see their shine being shattered only .
    Even if you try to stick them
    They refuse by and threaten the universe of natural disasters
    They knew it that the flow will break them again
    But the time it takes to understand is who break them ?
    Is the nature too barbaric or the human is inhumane
    The answer is still a mystery .
    But the flow continues ....
    Enjoy the beach side loviess♥️

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    Life an ocean ❣️

    A budding writer

  • ritika17_ 3w


    Ye zidd bhi kitni ajeeb cheez Hain na
    Bas Yun arz karo aur agle pal
    Vo sab miljata hain
    In sab mein Kabhi ehsas Nahi hua ki Zindagi kya hain
    Aj apna nashukrapan bahut khatak sa rha hain
    Vo to bas bukh ke liye kamata hain
    Aj use mehnat karte Dekh
    Ye ehsas hua ki bachpan to sirf
    Kuch hi Dekh pate hain
    Baki to Zindagi ke tedhe rasto par khud ko ghiste hain
    Mano , ye pyar BHI kismat Ka khel hain
    Sbko naseeb Nahi hota
    Bas jab milta hain to
    Shikayato ke dher banjate hain
    Aj vo yade nashukrepan
    Ka ehsas dilane lagi
    Bas Khair Jane do
    Fir Kabhi yad karenge

    ~Ritika ❣️

  • ritika17_ 6w

    Shield your mind for a better destination.

  • ritika17_ 7w

    Bahut esi si jagah hain
    Ki Kuch samjh to Nahi
    Bas raste dhundte dhundte bhag rahe Hain
    Kal ki chinta sawar Kar
    Aur chinta to hogi BHI
    Zimmedari Jo hain
    Bas Roz us chinta mein Kam ek bojh SA ban Gaya hain
    Kaam Zindagi Nahi bas ek zariya hain
    Kyon Zindagi jeete Nahi
    Jeena hain to Kaam ko jeete hue jio
    Bas sab bhag rahe to ham BHI bhag rahe
    Kyon Kuch alag na kare
    Zindagi apni alag banaye
    Raste Apne alag chune
    Jhumne ke naye tarike dhunde
    Aur manzil Kuch anokhe tarike se dhunde
    Kyon vo duniya ke tarike apnkar
    Roz khud ko sataye ?
    Qayamat tak rasta chunne hain
    To shukrana kyun na Ada karte Jaye ♥️

  • ritika17_ 8w

    Your time , respect and goals are far more important than the people who lure you for their needs.

  • ritika17_ 10w

    Practice overtakes talent ♥️
    Practice overtakes a sharp mind
    Practice makes a beginner a master
    There is no genius born ♥️

  • ritika17_ 13w

    Standing for your ownself is an act of courage , there are women / men who let themselves die and tormented because their pain is unbearable but it's a world of karma how will you take the journey ahead if you can't experience a piece of happiness and leave everything on god .

  • ritika17_ 21w

    An empty mind tries to handles the situation
    But every situation is an adventure
    To handle an adventure the streams of thoughts is part and parcel
    Everything looks sorted in beginning
    But the worst case is it's actually not sorted
    When you try to reverse those cases
    Everyone give you a single solution of keep working hard
    But you heart says you will find an exceptional way take a break think hard not work hard
    You saw the solution from people eyes
    That's why you never became the one you see in yourself
    Your algorithm of life will always find the worst case
    But the best case is your responsibility
    And your decision
    Nothing is wrong in become average algorithm
    Average ones always learn they never run
    Hard ones don't run for short term gains♥️

  • ritika17_ 23w


    Everyday is getting counted
    in which the search continued
    The sweat is now mingling with those tears and gleaming all the way
    reflecting the shortage of oxygen beds
    Everyone is rambling in a hope
    to save their loved one
    but how it feels like loosing the same?
    when all this ends
    what will be the new normal?
    it's just the void created that can never be compensated
    The boulevard will feel like an empty can getting crushed by the force of winds.
    The food will no longer be scrumptious
    The stars will not be getting space tk watch their loved ones who will be missing them
    Every sympathy and empathy will feel like a bulk which will be no longer bearable
    can this heart surpass those tormenting emotions and comprehend " Zindagi ek safar hain suhana yahan kal kya ho kisne jana ".
    Their walks continues.... The warrior wants to be weak sometimes don't force to be strong
    Strong is tiring.
    Hell yeah!!!


  • ritika17_ 24w

    Kahin sab Kuch bharpur hain
    To kahin ek waqt ki roti BHI Nahi
    Zindagi ke rang mein
    Kuch rang phike pad Gaye hain
    Aaag mein tapna mehnat hain agar
    To aj us mehnat ne BHI hath jod diye
    Bas harna na kehkar sab chale jate hain

    Pain of migrant labourers , I feel they are suffering much right now