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  • risonangel 3w

    Personal movie

    Deafening silence in the black night tells a story that you won’t be soon to forget.

  • risonangel 7w

    Hells gates

    Hell is clawing at the gates of my mind. I Can’t stop thinking. I can’t stop hurting. It makes me want to stop believing in hope and let the demons take over because I’m getting tired of fighting for a losing battle. Even my heart is against me. Making me cry, making me think of all the good times. I hate it. It left me in the middle of nowhere.


  • risonangel 8w

    True Words

    You will never know the worlds evil unless you face it head on stronger than the people who paved it deep in your path.

  • risonangel 12w

    This feels harder To do than I thought it would. “With you in my head I can smile and be happy for once in my life. I can feel you slipping more and more and I’m getting scared. I sleep till the after noon. I’m sorry that you’re a thousand miles away, sometimes you feel further than the moon. I’m scared that you’ll leave with everything. And I’ll be the one who looked stupid. I won’t make the first move….I hope you don’t either”

  • risonangel 12w

    Don’t be scared to help me up. Don’t look at the insides of my arms because they’re torn apart. I can’t tell you what happened from the start, they’re just too deep. And I know you’re terrified of looking at them

  • risonangel 12w

    Despite what people like to think I’m not the happiest guy in the world. I got used to the feeling of happiness that when it was ripped away I was frozen. I can only think of suicide when I’m alone and never think of trying it. But lately I’m so scared of hurting people. Now I’m just more alone with the woman of my dreams. Suicidal tendencies seem to come more often. Now that she’s sad I don’t feel safe when I’m alone

  • risonangel 14w

    My heart

    My heart is a blackhole. The love and support you give is kept selfishly in my heart. When I decide to let all of that shine through my soul with a smile, then you know I’m happy. When I’m with you I shine bright like a star in a dark night. Bright enough to pierce through the darkest clouds. So living so far apart just breaks my heart. To love someone so strongly who lives far away. But can’t live without you for a single day. I’m sure this is it. With her my puzzle piece fits. I can see it in your eye. I’ll see that sparkle every day till we die.

  • risonangel 17w

    Miles To Tears

    A Thousand miles away, true love has no distance or barriers. But sometimes I feel lonely. People say I should date closer. But I can’t see myself with anyone other than you. Late at night when you’re asleep I think of the things we would do if we ever met. Late at night I cry because I can’t hold you when you need me the most. My heart screams, my heads full of guilt. She saved me a thousand times. Each time for every mile we have between us. If we ever left my heart would shatter with me holding the pieces, sitting on the ground. I see you everywhere but in my arms. Shadow smiles plague my face without you.

  • risonangel 18w

    “Sit and Watch”

    Watch as my life changes direction.
    Watch as I try to stop it.
    Watch as I twist and turn to save it.
    Watch as I toss and turn as I sleep.
    Watch as I tell the truth
    Watch as they lie
    Watch as my mind goes blank
    Watch as I’m scared to talk
    Watch as I tell my mom I love her for the last time.
    Watch as the light flashes I’m gone.
    Watch as I’m carried out in a bag.
    Watch as they pretend to care.

  • risonangel 18w


    I covered my body to protect others. I covered my face to show no emotions. I tattooed my arm to cover the past. I grew a beard to cover the scar. I cover my personality so they don’t get scared. As soon as I lift these covers they run. All but one. It’s gonna be a hard life ahead of us.