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  • rishieee 12w


    Loving an aesthete is a crime they say,
    A crime so beautiful, i commit every day,
    Every day im guilty, guilty as charged,
    Cause prison of heart has left my soul parched.

  • rishieee 17w

    HUMAN - Heart - Brain

    Humans have brain,
    Brains do think,
    Think those things,
    You dont really mean.

    Mean those things,
    Things which are bad,
    Badder your character
    You wont even realise.

    Realise your state,
    Real eyes will open,
    Open to the slate,
    Three I's everywhere written.

    Written is past,
    Past can change,
    Change is present,
    PRESENT in its own way.

    Way you choose other wise,
    Wise won't you be called,
    Called you'll be lesser,
    Lesser in terms of being human altogether.

    Human is hard word,
    Words do mean a lot,
    Choose is wisely,
    Or that thing will pierce through someones heart.

    Heart is not only a part,
    Part of human art,
    Art is an emotion,
    Emotion completes heart.

    Heart and brain work together,
    Together they make us complete,
    Brain does overpower,
    Writing its own things,
    Heart is a pencil-ruber,
    Which erases , writes and completes,
    Completes the meaning of human being,
    Which we all are trying to mean.

  • rishieee 45w

    E = Q = U = A = L

    Today, I stood for just which mattered the most,
    a small post for a wise man who's probably a ghost.
    Wandering around thinking what went wrong,
    "Had it been different if white was the color i was born? "

    Color, Religion, caste the list just goes on...

    Its a free world they said, 80's, 90's, 00's we waited
    Free to kill? Free to bully? Free to shame?
    Its 2020 now and only violence is what we've dated.

    Technology keeps changing, building touch the skies,
    The development, the economy the growth seems high,
    Sometimes i wonder when i see the upward graph ,
    Teaching of which might be a big lie

    Its all inverted, where HIGH IS EQUAL TO LOW
    and maybe even LOW is EQUAL TO LOW....

  • rishieee 50w


    10 mins to 7 on the timepiece
    One bench two soul one issue to talk
    The biggest the baddest the craziest road, should we run on it or should we take it slow and walk.

    10 months before when the train journey started,
    Either of us weren't aware of what we were getting into
    10 months in future,one Conclusion we landed
    baby had the best relationship debut

    10 weeks before everything seemed merrier where kit kak shake Grazia and SC was regular
    10 weeks later about to complete a year
    The relationship hit a roadblock, hard from it to recover

    10 days before was the first i love you shared
    The world stopped a little when the three words were stared
    10 days later had the best new year ever
    A battle a journey a kiss to remember forever.

    10 years in future I'll be there to annoy
    10 years post that will still not reply
    10 years post that we'll probably get ourselves to wed
    If not then don't worry you'll always be robin to my ted.

    10 mins to 7 on the timepiece
    One bench two soul one issue to talk
    The biggest the baddest the craziest road, should we run or should we walk.....